Wednesday, 31 December 2008

The Death of Brian Twohey

On 21 of February 2003, 57-year-old father-of-three, Brian Twohey was taken to St Mary's Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival

Brian died because two lap dancers were not prepared to pay an £11.50 taxi fare.

Sharon Roberts and Liane McPherson hailed Brian's black cab, after downing £100 bottles of champagne in two West End nightclubs. They then went to the Home House club in Portman Square which was hosting a private party for 'celebrities' coming on from the Brit Awards.

However, they were turned away at the door and barged past Brian, who had followed them demanding payment, against iron railings as they disputed the fare.

Nevertheless, both women got back into his cab. Brian subsequently locked them both in the back seat whilst dialling 999 to report their refusal to pay. He also told the operator they were trying to smash his vehicle up.

Before he died, Brian told two police officers that they had threatened to kill him.

Under cross examination, Roberts denied she threatened to shoot Brian. However, she did claim that McPherson had tried to break the cab's glass partition with her stiletto and had said:

"Open this door. I will kill you. I will shoot you."
Brian took them to a cashpoint but as soon as they got out they ran off again.

After the police arrived, he followed them in his car as they retraced the route he had taken. He spotted them and they were arrested. Almost immediately, he became ill and collapsed.

McPherson taunted him, saying he was drunk and play-acting.

He died on the pavement at this time.

The women were eventually tried on charges of affray, common assault and making off from a taxi cab without payment, Judge Kenneth Zucker ruling there was insufficient evidence to try them for manslaughter.

McPherson, who earned up to £500 a night at Secrets, a London lap dance club, was found guilty at Wood Green Crown Court of threatening to shoot Brian. She had denied the charge but admitted not paying her taxi fair.

She was jailed for 5 months.

Roberts also admitted not paying and was sentenced to community service.

Speaking after the verdict, Carol Twohey, Brian's wife said:
"The medical evidence says the events of the incident undoubtedly caused Brian's death. We are devastated that, under the judge's direction, the question of manslaughter was never put before the jury.

How frightening it must have been to have a fight and argument going on in such a confined space, as well as being threatened to be shot by Liane McPherson. We heard in court how appalling their behaviour was - all he wanted was payment for his job...

He was an honest, hardworking, loving and devoted husband, dad and grandad. His family were his life and he was ours, we now have a great big void in our lives that can never be filled."
Judge Zucker said:

"Had it not been for the stress, Mr. Twohey would not have died. But neither of you could possibly have been aware of Mr. Twohey's condition."
He also said:

"It's quite clear the criminal conduct of these two defendants, particularly, McPherson, placed him in such stress his heart failed but they are not legally guilty of his death."
So, if another taxi driver has a heart attack and dies when you threaten to shoot them and refuse to pay the fair in the future, as long as you didn't know he had a dodgy ticker beforehand, you can carry right on behaving like a tw*t.

This is a photograph of a young woman named Lian McPherson, who, at the time the picture was taken, was describing herself as an actress and model.

This Liane was a Sky Sports 'soccerette' and a 'Spurs supporter' the same age as the Lian McPherson described above.

A box of chocolates for the 'soccerette' if she is not the Lian McPherson who caused Brian Twohey's death.

A box of dogsh*t if she is.

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