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The Murder of Ben Kinsella

icliverpool is the web site of The Liverpool Daily Post and The Liverpool Echo.

On 29 June 2008, this was icliverpool's version:

"A teenager died after he was stabbed in a street. Scotland Yard said the victim is thought to have been involved in AN ARGUMENT WITH A GROUP OF BLACK YOUTHS prior to the stabbing in York Way, Islington, north London."

On 30 June 2008, This is London reported thus:

"THE YOUTHS WHO ATTACKED BEN WERE BLACK. Police are looking at the possibility that it was racially motivated."

On 30 June 2008, this was the BBC's version:

"Ben was attacked during A ROW WITH YOUTHS in York Way, Holloway, north London, at about 0200 BST on Sunday... Scotland Yard said it is thought schoolboy Ben had been at a party at the Shillibeers pub, in North Road, when THE ROW BROKE OUT WITH SEVERAL YOUTHS.

On 30 June 2008, this was what I thought of the censors at the BBC.

On 1 July, the BBC web site finally told its viewers that 'four black youths aged 17 or 18 were believed to be involved in the incident.'

This was the only time that the ethnicity of Ben's killers was mentioned in fourteen articles written by the BBC up to 15 July.

Moments before 16-year-old Ben was fatally stabbed, he phoned his friend, David Dugdale.

David said that he received the call as Ben was being chased and added:

"He called me on the phone and just said, 'help me, help me', then the phone went dead. He sounded petrified".
Another friend, who refused to give his name, said:
"There was a fight. I don't think Ben was involved at first but it got out of hand... Ben tried to run away but he was chased. I heard someone shout 'get him, get him', and then he was stabbed. I think he was stabbed in the back and chest and there was blood everywhere... There was nothing I could do".
Another friend, who also asked not to be named for fear of reprisals, said:

"Ben was such a great person. He was a joker, always making people laugh. He was never in trouble - he would be the one to stop the trouble. He was a straight A student. He had his whole life ahead of him. He was innocent."
Ben, who was celebrating the end of his GCSEs with classmates from Holloway School, had gone to Shillibeers bar in Islington.

They were allowed in. However, a group of black youths was not.

A young girl said:

"All the lads were meant to meet at Shillibeers for a quick drink. These other boys were saying, 'Get us in, get us in' but they got refused, while Ben and everyone went inside.

When the party was over everyone came out to get more drinks from the off licence but it was closed. As they walked back up the road the youths were still there. That's when it kicked off and escalated. They stabbed him and left him for dead."
So, a decent, young British lad was stabbed to death out of spite then.

You know, a 'you got let in, we didn't, you deserve to die' kind of spite thing.

Ben wrote this on his MySpace page:

"I GET ON WITH JUST ABOUT EVERYONE … Always trying to entertain, make people laugh, brighten up the place."

It doesn't matter, Ben.

When the animals at the top of the tree unlock the cages of the animals at the bottom of the tree even those who brighten up the lives of the rest of us are in danger. The animal does not give a damn how pleasant and friendly you are. It doesn't matter to such creatures how good you are, how much fun you are or how much you are loved by those who know you, they will attack you if they are in the mood to do so.

The animals at the top of the tree are at war with us, Ben.

The animals at the bottom are their footsoldiers.

Very soon now there will be a series of treason trials.

The people of this country will be demanding to know why the PC Crowd refused to warn the Ben Kinsellas of the danger. They will want to know why those who always knew the score kept the identity of the animals at the bottom of the tree hidden for as long as they could. They will want to know why the politically correct kept on insisting that diversity and enrichment were wonderful things when, all the time, the Ben Kinsellas were dying at the hands of the diverse and the enriching.

No excuse will do when all the FACTS are known. When the unofficial versions are all revealed many, many of the creatures, who now inhabit the uppermost layers of the canopy, will be found guilty of treason.

When the enormity of the treachery becomes known, I hope to God that the British people will show them precisely as much mercy as Ben Kinsella's killers showed him.

The following letter was written to Prime Minister Gordon Brown by 16-year-old Ben.

It was written as part of his GCSE coursework and was found by his sister Brooke, a former EastEnders actress, amongst his school books.


The knowledge that so many young people are fighting is heartbreaking. These problems are caused by lack of respect between parents and their child. PARENTS FEEL THEY HAVE NO CONTROL OVER WHAT THEIR SON/DAUGHTER DOES ON THE STREETS AND FEEL LIKE THEY CAN'T TELL THEIR OWN KIDS WHAT TO DO.

The consequence of this is mothers and fathers have to wait impatiently and restless at the door at 3am hoping their child returns alive. Parents need to consider bringing their children to parenting classes to build a relationship or else risk losing them for good.

This lack of trust between parents and their young also leads to another reason for the violent behaviour - youths staying out on the street well into the early hours of the morning. The teens feel that if they aren't pressured or being told to come home, they won't. The results of that is youths become bored, frustrated and aggressive.


It is time to build youth clubs for teens so that they have something to do and are not sitting around looking for fights on the street.

Another possibility is setting a curfew for say 10pm to all under 18s to stop late night attacks.

These solutions can be very easily carried out and there's a guarantee if they were there would be a staggering change in a short space of time".

Ben also bemoaned the fact that violence was becoming 'part of our culture,' and then, with heartbreaking irony, said this:


It proved too late for Ben on the 30th June 2008.

At 2.00 in the morning, after a night out with his friends celebrating the end of his GCSE exams, he was chased by a gang of black men and stabbed eleven times. Ben died because he and his friends had been allowed into Shilibbeer’s night club when the men who killed him had not.

On 4 July 2008, Juress Kika, Jade Braithwaite and Michael Alleyne appeared in court charged with his murder.

Even more chilling than Ben's advice to Gordon Brown was an eerily prohetic piece of 'creative writing' written just weeks before he died.

The story began:

"I've been stabbed. Three times in the chest, twice in the back. Once in the gut for good measure.

The pavement feels so very cold on my so very punctured back. Everything feels cold. Numbness persists. As I stare up at my killer-to-be he feels not the slightest measure of remorse at what he has just committed.

Instead his dark smile sickens me in ways I couldn't imagine. He holds a phone to me and clicks the button. Flash, my misery a mere picture used to broadcast the monstrosity society has become.

I can only wonder whether I deserve to die here, now. Was it all for a reason?"

You didn't deserve to die, Ben.

The elite, New World Order psychopaths, who managed your beautiful, young life with such malice aforethought, could have told you the 'reason' why you were on the list.

But they didn't.

And now you're gone.

Those who issued the invisible order, and the savages who gleefully obeyed it, they deserve to die.

When the good have nowhere left run and nowhere left to hide, they may, at long last, get what they deserve.

This is Ben:

The day after his death, sympathisers marched through Islington to the scene of the killing.

Spot the ethnic?

I can't.

In the picture above we see a banner asking why Ben died.

The answers are simple:

Ben died because armed and very dangerous, non-native men are allowed to roam the streets of England knowing that they will not lose their own lives if they kill someone.

Ben also died because a series of traitorous politicians, liberal intellectuals and politically correct activists have, for more than fifty years now, put the wants of the immigrant a long way before the needs of the indigenous population.

This same treacherous bunch of gated-community Marxists has seen to it that most are now too afraid to speak out, for fear of falling foul of the voluminous body of Brit-bashing, alien-hugging race law.

Thus, though the coverage of Ben’s killing was unusually extensive, nowhere will you find any of those close to him, who have been interviewed by the media, mentioning the elephant in the room.

No one mentioned that his killers were black.

It may be that I am wrong and Ben’s loved ones did, indeed, tell it like it is when they were interviewed. It may be that any 'racist' comments were censored.

If this was the case, I apologise unreservedly.

If this was the case, those who were censored should see it as their duty to those 16-year-olds who have not yet been stabbed, to expose the censors.

I don’t think this will happen. I'm pretty sure that the majority of the kind, generous and suicidally tolerant British people are still, for fear of offending the elephant, refusing to acknowledge its presence in the room.

I think the commentary of Linda Robson, Brooke Kinsella et al. was self-censored.

I hope I am wrong and, at some future point, I will be called upon to apologise.

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