Tuesday, 30 December 2008

The Murder of Brian Dodd

On 24 March 2003, 72-year-old Prestatyn pensioner, Brian Dodd, was walking his dogs along Ffrith beach when he was attacked and killed.

Paul Khan, a paranoid schizophrenic who was being treated in the community after a razor slashing six years earlier, stabbed Brian 37 times in the face and body with a seven-inch carving knife.

In 1994, Khan had been convicted of possessing an offensive weapon, being equipped for burglary, aggravated vehicle taking, and driving while disqualified.

After his release in 1996, Khan slashed student Peter Turnbull in the face with a cut-throat razor in Cardiff central library. He was treated by psychiatrists at this time.

After pleading guilty at Cardiff Crown Court to wounding with intent and possessing an offensive weapon, he was sentenced to be detained indefinitely under the Mental Health Act.

He spent three years in the maximum security Ashworth Hospital in Merseyside before being moved into the care of the Caswell Clinic in Bridgend.

And then in 2000 it was decided that it was safe to release him back into the community.

On the day of Brian's death, Khan left Cardiff in his car. Within hours, Brian's body was found with his dogs lying next to him.

Police Superintendent Peter Ackerley said:

"This is the worst attack I have seen in 30 years as a police officer."
ECRI, a health services research agency who are carrying out the review, said:

"The report that will be generated as part of this process will be rigorous, and fully independent."
Brian's widow, Enid replied:

"I am overwhelmed because it will be the top people with all these letters after their names and who are all top people in their field, and I'm just the ordinary wife of the victim. It's not right they should have all these people on the panel and not have anybody from out of the profession. I just don't want there to be a cover-up...

What I want them to say to me is that 'I made a mistake', not that it's going to bring Brian back to me, but just to have that little bit of satisfaction that somebody has admitted that they did make a mistake, and that they are very, very sorry what has happened....

I'm still angry and I still do not believe he should have been let out in the first place I think about what happened that day and how it should never, ever have happened."
After ditching his own car, Khan was arrested by Gwent Police in Rogerstone, Newport on 28 March after stealing another car in Lancashire.

He was sentenced to life imprisonment.

After Khan slashed Peter Turnbull in the face, he pursued legal action against Whitchurch hospital.

He alleged that his paranoid schizophrenia had not been properly diagnosed and treated.

Whilst the hospital did not admit liability, Khan received compensation in an out of court settlement.

He is currently suing Caswell Clinic for similar reasons.

This is Brian alongside his killer:

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