Tuesday, 30 December 2008

The Murder of Clare Drummond

On 20 August 2001, 20-year-old Clare Drummond was murdered in Plumstead, South London.

Clare, a horticultural student, worked with Rafael Lopez a former boyfriend, at the Fleet Cars mini-cab office in Edmonton, at the weekends. Lopez and Clare had spent the day in Kent and had then gone back to his flat.

During the evening, they got into an argument, as a result of which 45-year-old Lopez strangled her, tied her hands and feet together, wrapped her body in a bed sheet and stuffed it under the bed.

At his trial, the court heard that a row broke out over Clare's relationship with a gentleman by the name of Rabih Malaki. Prosecutor, Peter Kyte QC, said:

"A neighbour heard a high-pitched woman's scream coming from upstairs. It went on and on, it was interspersed with loud thumping noises. At the end of the loudest thump of the lot, the whole floor shook and the screaming instantaneously stopped."
The following day Lopez collected Miss Drummond's wages.

For two weeks, he did his best to ignore her body and was in the process of making arrangements to visit his mother in Spain when he was arrested.

In court Lopez denied murder. He said he had been depressed, as his mother was ill. He told the police:

"I have been under a lot of pressure... All of a sudden, I just went mad and I just strangled her."
Now that's what I call an entirely reasonable explanation.

Here's another: a Spanish tw*t old enough to be her dad and a media-spun preference for everything alien.

Wake up, you Clares.

Clare is pictured below.

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