Monday, 29 December 2008

The Murder of Derek Nolan

On 14 July 1998 Derek Nolan was stabbed to death whilst cycling home in Leyton, East London.

Derek was known to have been having problems with 'anti-social neighbours' and had said that he felt threatened by them. His front door had previously been slashed with a knife.

The description issued by the police of the man they wished to interview regarding Derek's death was of a dreadlocked black man.

Derek's home was burgled after his death.

The police had previously refused his mother entry and, as a result, all the most cherished mementoes of her son were lost.

Mrs Coombes told The Guardian:

"None of us has ever been allowed into Derek's flat despite the fact that the murder took place on July 14. We wanted to sort things out in his property and, at the very least, clear out the rubbish."

Derek had told her that he didn't feel comfortable in his flat and that he felt threatened by some of his neighbours. She said:

"Last summer the front door of his flat in Hollydown Way was slashed with knife marks and I was scared for his safety."
Colin Donovan was later convicted of Derek's murder.

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