Tuesday, 23 December 2008

The Murder of Ernest Meads

On 23 December 2004, Ernest Meads, a 58-year-old father-of-two from Enfield, London, was stabbed to death outside Edmonton Green train station.

He was killed by Ismail Dogan, a Turkish immigrant with a history of mental illness.

This is how events unfolded on that day:

At around half past seven in the morning, Dogan left his home in Tottenham and drove his mother's red Hyundai Lantra to Edmonton where he stabbed 29-year-old David Symes, who was on his way to work, repeatedly. David lost four pints of blood but survived after undergoing emergency surgery.

At around 8.50, Dogan stabbed Roger Levy, a 49-year-old dentist, five times in Wood Green. In Tottenham a little while later, Dogan stopped his car in front of Vicki Cann's bicycle, got out and stabbed her in the chest. In court, she said:

"I don't remember seeing a knife but I immediately felt a pain in my chest. There was a cut in my clothing. It was very quick."
She was taken to the London Heart Hospital where she underwent the emergency surgery that saved her life.

At about 9.10, 76-year-old Raymond Day was attacked in Edmonton. Ray didn't realise he had been stabbed and went on his way to the supermarket where one of the assistants pointed out that he was bleeding. He was taken to hospital and operated on. Afterwards, a surgeon described the wound Dogan had inflicted as 'life-threatening.'

Dogan then drove on to Palmers Green and stabbed 50-year-old Jeffrey Arthur. PC Kalpna Shah, an off-duty police officer, witnessed the attack and described Dogan's face as 'contorted and angry,' adding:

"He stepped towards me and I thought he was going to stab me. He got about two feet away and I put my left hand up and said 'Whoa!'. He turned around and got in his car and drove off."
A little while later, back in Edmonton, Dogan walked up behind Ernie Meads and stabbed him in the back. When Ernie fell to the ground, Dogan climbed on top of him and stabbed him repeatedly. He died in hospital a little while later.

The police were waiting for Dogan when he got home.

At the Old Bailey, he admitted Ernest's manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility but denied murder and the attempted murder of the others. The court heard that Dogan had told the police that he was happy with what he had done and would do it again if he got the chance. He also described hearing voices from God, a bird and a dog.

These voices told him to kill English people.

His barrister said that he had been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia in 2000 and, before he killed Ernest, his behaviour was causing concern. Apparently, he stopped taking his drugs in June 2004. This had led to a 'severe abnormality of mind.'

Dogan came to Britain from Turkey when he was 12-years-old. He had a history of mental illness and was discharged from St Ann's Mental Hospital in Tottenham three years before he went on the rampage.

He was made the subject a care in the community order upon his release but was eventually released from that as well.

When the Tories and the Labour Party colluded in the closure of the old asylums and tossed the insane onto the streets in 1991, they knew that Care-in-the Community would have a devastating effect upon the rest of us.
But they did it anyway. It wasn't ever going to be the leafy suburbians and the gated-community folk who were going to bear the brunt of the predictable surge in lunatic criminality. Almost all of the nuts would cluster around the poor in the towns and cities. It was them who destined to terrorised, raped, stabbed and eaten.

The Tories passed this terrible law for profit. They got to sell off the buildings and the grounds, wash their hands of the care of these folk and pocket the loot. The Labour Party, at an official level, did it for love of the poor loonie. Behind the scenes, of course, those who had our worst interests at heart were fingering the calculators and sniggering at the figures in the minus column. Having a deranged and unpredictable weirdo living on the other side of the bedsit wall was always going to have a demoralising effect on the rest of us.

Trust me, ladies and gents, the Big Brothers and Sisters who own and run the politicians, the media darlings and the PC activists, tick off the obituaries and grin every time an Ernest Meads meets his maker at the hands of a psychopath on the mean streets of England. Especially when they realise that it was one of their immigrant footsoldiers that shuffled him heavenwards.

Ernie is pictured below:

One last thing.

Once upon a time, not so long ago, if the average British citizen saw someone being attacked in the street, most would have rushed to help. The proper blokes, the young married women, the Chelsea Pensioners, the old grannies, the grammar school lads, the Teds, the drunks and even the crims would all pile in.

And if an off-duty police constable saw some Turk running amok with a carving knife, he'd be in like a shot. If that Turkish nutcase had an axe, a gun or a bomb, he wouldn't have thought twice about piling in.

It was his duty, you see. It was what was expected. It was his job to protect and serve the public and, if that meant putting his own life on the line, well, that's what the bobby would do.

These days, however, the off-duty constable is just as liely to put his hands up and say 'whoa,' when he thinks a mad Turk might stab him.

And, when the armed nutcase, who has just tried to end a British citizen's life in front of your very eyes, turns around, gets in his car and drives off to try and kill one or two more, some members of our oh-so modern constabulary will heave a sigh of relief and live to fight another day. Or say 'whoa' once again and not bother.

At least she will if her name is Kalpna Shah.

In October 1997, PC Nina McKay led from the front as she and several male colleagues went after a dangerous illegal immigrant.

Her bravery cost her her life.

In November 2005, PCs Sharon Beshenivsky (nee Jagger) and Teresa Milburn ran to confront a gang of black and Asian criminals who had just held up a travel agency in Bradford. They were both shot and Sharon lost her life.

In January 2006, PC Rachael Bown was shot by a black criminal whom she was trying to apprehend. She, too, almost died.

So it's not the fact that they are female that prevents some of our finest from getting stuck in these days.

I wonder what it could be?

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