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The Murder of Kate Beagley

On 30 May 2007, 32-year-old Kate Beagley was murdered in Richmond, South West London.

Her naked body was found on 4 June at South Oxhey, near Watford inHertfordshire. Karl Taylor had stabbed her 31 times on their first date.

On a girls' night out in central London, Kate went to the CC nightclub and was pestered by 'motormouth'Taylor. Unfortunately for Kate, he got her to exchange telephone phone numbers and, over the next few days they exchanged calls and texts and eventually, Kate agreed to go out with the man who would take her life.

Despite the fact that she texted several friends during the date, Taylor didn't think twice about killing her when he sensed rejection.

After stabbing her repeatedly, Taylor put her body in the boot of her car and drove through London. As he drove, he chatted on the phone to his girlfriend, Lauren Chan-Lok. When he arrived at a secluded spot Taylor stripped the body and dumped it in a patch of nettles. As he showed off his new car, Kate's friends were posting a 'Help find Kate' page on Facebook.

Her decomposing body was discovered a week later and the trail quickly led to Taylor.

On 3 March 2008, BBC News reported thus:

"Karl Taylor claims Kate Beagley, a 32-year-old manager with British Gas, killed herself on their first date in Richmond, south west London... But under cross examination Mr Taylor initially refused to show the jury how she 'prodded' herself with the knife...

Peter Clarke QC, prosecuting, folded up a piece of paper into a roll six inches long and handed it to Mr Taylor... Mr Clarke said:

'Show us how Kate was holding the knife.'

'I refuse to do that. I'm not in an emotionally fit state to do that,' Mr Taylor replied.

Mr Clarke continued: 'How did she stab herself 31 times?'

'No, it was 14 times actually. I absolutely refuse to do that. I'm not going to go into detail of how I perceived her doing it,' he replied...

Mr Taylor continued to refuse and then said: 'I'm not going to go into it extensively.'

The judge replied:

'You are not going to boss us around. You are not there to dictate terms. You are there to demonstrate how she came to lose her life.'

Mr Taylor... eventually agreed to co-operate and made stabbing actions to his own neck with the roll of paper...

Last week the court had heard that Mr Taylor... took a knife with him on the date because he himself felt suicidal, but he said that when it fell out of his sleeve Miss Beagley picked it up and started stabbing herself...

During cross examination Mr Clarke asked: 'Why didn't you save her life?'

'I stepped forward and stuck my hand out. It was an awkward situation to be in'...

'But you're a fitness instructor aren't you?' said Mr Clarke.

'Maybe I should have used all my powers. What am I going to do, use my martial arts to get the knife out of her hand?'

'Why not?' asked Mr Clarke...

'How was I going to take the knife out of her hand? What am I going to do, kick her unconscious? Your ideas are so outlandish,' said Mr Taylor.

'What is outlandish about suggesting that you try to save her life?' asked the prosecutor.

'I have already told you what I did. I stepped forward and stuck my hand out. It was an awkward situation to be in,' he replied."
On 5 March 2008, The Sun added:

"Fitness trainer Karl Taylor was found guilty at the Old Bailey today of murdering businesswoman Kate Beagley on their first date. Kate, 32, was stabbed repeatedly in the neck and found in Richmond, South West London, last year...

Driving back to London... Miss Beagley was lured back when Taylor claimed he had left his keys on the bench.

Peter Clarke QC, prosecuting, said Taylor told police he stabbed Miss Beagley during an argument after telling her: 'All I want is your car.'

He told police: 'She pushed me away. She was grabbing me and I stabbed her in the throat. I constantly and consistently cut her in the neck because she was going for my face.'

Taylor later showed off his 'new car' to friends and family. He sold Miss Beagley’s mobile phone to a friend... Taylor... claimed to have good business qualifications but switched to being a fitness instructor. He said he then worked as a personal trainer but gave it up because it was 'laborious'.

In 2002, he was given a community order for obtaining property by deception at his workplace... He was also said to have been taken off a bridge by police some years ago, after climbing on to the outside, amid fears he would jump into the Thames.

On another occasion, police broke into his flat after an incident with his girlfriend had been exaggerated, he said. In the spring of last year, he went to Charing Cross police station because he was worried about an ex-girlfriend but was 'fobbed off with the Samaritans'... AT THE TIME OF THE MURDER HE WAS GIVING UNPAID COACHING TO SCHOOLCHILDREN."
Karl Taylor was jailed for life.

Kate and the black savage who murdered her are pictured below:

Kate Beagley Killer ... Karl Taylor

It's an ordinary story this.

The PC Crowd, the politicans and the media spend 50 years insisting that anything alien is somehow better than everything indigenous and our young women fall for it.

Again and again and again.

Lovely Katie, murdered by a black psycho and the powers-that-be who brought him here to kill her.

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