Tuesday, 23 December 2008

The Murder of Linda MacDonald

On 20 October 2004, 53-year-old Linda McDonald was murdered at her home in Buckfastleigh, Devon.

She was bludgeoned to death by her husband, Hibiekoun Hien, an African witch doctor. He had only been in the country for a few weeks.

Linda met him after she went to Burkina Faso to learn about traditional healing. Despite the fact that they did not speak each other's language and could only communicate through sign language, she fell in love.

In August 2004, they were married in Africa to ensure that he would have the right to join her in England. However, once he had set foot on English soil, one argument was all it took for him to lose control and kill her.

He smashed in her skull with an iron bar as she lay on the sofa.

At Exeter Crown Court, the tribal witch doctor said, through an interpreter:

"I did not want to kill her. I hit her but I did not know what was in my head".
He also seemed to think the court would show leniency if he said that he feared she was planning to trade him in for a car. As it happens, he was right, his plea of manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility was accepted and he was sentenced to just five years in prison.

The judiciary and the few media outlets that bothered to deal with this story, did so with incredible sympathy for the killer. The courts, for example, seemed to be hell bent on deporting him rather than have him serve a minute more jail time than absolutely necessary. The BBC said this:

"The court heard that Hien was so disorientated by moving to a country where he knew nobody, and could not speak a single word of the language, that he became mentally ill."
I've been to countries where I knew no one (at least Hien had his wife) and didn't speak the language but it never crossed my mind to bump somebody off. The Scotsman told us that:

"He was remanded in custody, and the case was adjourned for three weeks to enable Hien to be served with a deportation notice, and for Foreign Office inquiries to be made about the future situation in Burkino Faso, his west African home country."
Which means he's off back to his mud hut just as soon as the bleeding-hearts can arrange a first-class flight, UNLESS Burkina Faso happens to be a dangerous place for a witch doctor to live, in which case he gets to stay here forever.

Linda wrote the following just before her death:

"Long before I went to Burkina, Hiebiekoun had been told about me by his kontomble, the Other World beings that work with him. It was foretold that a woman would come from the West who had been born with the same gifts, abilities and spirit helpers as him. It is not surprising that we also deeply love each other".

It was a pity his 'kontomble' didn't tell your pet witch doctor that he would end up doing you in if he accompanied you to jolly, old England, wasn't it, Linda?

It was also a shame that your 'spirit helpers,' which, apparently, were exactly the same as his, decided not to help you stay alive or, for that matter, help him control himself.

The words 'hippie,' 'sad' and 'lemming' do come to mind. And if anyone out there thinks I'm being a bit harsh, bear this in mind:

If I was the boss, Linda would not have been educated in a world full of PC propaganda and spin, and she would have known that, if our ancestors once thought that black Africans were savages, once in a while, they were right. And an obviously decent English woman would still be with us.

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