Monday, 29 December 2008

The Murder of Sasha Davies

On 24 June 1998, The Sun informed us thus:

"Drunken Anthony Volney threw his little grand-daughter to her death from a seventh-floor balcony, a jury heard yesterday.

Three-year-old Sasha Davies screamed in terror before Volney allegedly picked her up and dropped her over the edge... moments before she was dropped a neighbour heard Sasha crying hysterically and pleading 'I want to go home'. But every time she spoke Volney swore at her.

Mr. Lovell-Pank told the Old Bailey: 'There was one last scream, then he saw the defendant pick up the girl in both hands and drop her over the edge'.

Witness Stuart Leveridge said he looked up and saw a man on the top floor. He addded:

'This thing was slung over. I heard one big thump. I walked over and it was a child'.

Volney, 59, was looking after Sasha for his daughter Nadia Davies, 21, but the prosecution said he was angry after being told to leave a local club for causing trouble...

Another witness saw Volney shove Sasha so hard her head smashed against a wall. She heard the impact 40 yards away, said Mr. Lovell-Pank.

Volney told police he fell asleep and Sasha could have climbed over the balcony."

I reckon there might be one or two somewhat unsavoury white granddads knocking about in this country.

However, I must confess, I've never heard of a nasty, white old-timer doing what Anthony Volney did. Nope, no matter how hard I rack my brains, I just can't bring such a case to mind.

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