Monday, 29 December 2008

The Murder of the Trant Family

On 12 October 1995, Sophie Trant, a nurse and Sunday school teacher, her 16-month-old daughter Amina and Sophie's parents, 71-year-old John and 58-year-old evry member of the Trant family was murdered in Islington, north London.

Morrocan immigrant, Ibrahim Aderdour, Sophie Trant's husband, cut the throat of his wife, because she refused to raise their child, Amina, as a Muslim.

Then he killed his daughter. Then he killed Sophie's mother. Then he waited for Sophie's father to come home from work and, when he arrived, he killed him too.

He also killed the family's dog.

When Amina was born, Aderdour 'was determined that Amina should be brought up as a Muslim and he resented the fact Sophie would not change her religion,' said Orlando Pownall, prosecuting. He added:

"Her parents were both devout Christians and he believed that they had a bad influence on their daughter and grandchild."
When the marriage broke up because of his violent behaviour, Sophie moved back to live with her parents. Aderdour refused to stay away from them, however, and Sophie was forced to take out court order. He ignored it.
Several court orders later he telephoned her and said:

"Have you got your throat ready because I am going to cut it."

The police were contacted one last time via a 999 call. All that the operator could hear was the sound of screaming. When the cops eventually turned up they were all dead.

After he killed them, Aderdour fled to France and thence, eventually, to his native Morocco. Dutch police apprehended him in the Netherlands on Christmas Day 1998, as he was about to make his way back to the UK on board a ferry to Newcastle.

At his trial, the Judge said Aderdour 'was one of the most manipulative and dangerous men he had ever seen.'

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