Tuesday, 30 December 2008

The Murder of Valerie Curtis

On 2 June 1999, 52-year-old Valerie Curtis was stabbed to death in New Barnet, London.

She was killed by Turkish-born Eliya Karako, a civilian worker at Colindale police station.

Valerie had formed a slight relationship with Karako but had ended it soon after he sought help from the psychiatric department of Barnet Hospital, where she worked as a secretary.

Valerie had gone to his flat to try and finish their relationship once and for all.

Once there, however, he stabbed her through the heart and then stabbed himself.

Her daughter Nicola told police at least once before the killing that Karako had been stalking her mother and that he had assaulted her. Coroner, Dr William Dolman, also described a series of letters written to Valerie by Karako, containing barely veiled threats.

Nicola and her father formally complained to the Police Complaints Authority a few days after the murder. They believe that her mother might still be alive had officers had taken action.

Michael and his daughter claimed that officers failed to act when told that a civilian woeker at Barnet Police Station had assaulted Nicola. Michael said:

"We complained twice to police when Nicola was beaten up, once in the street when she told him to get out of the house. She ended up in hospital. If police had taken action Valerie might be alive today. Even officers who visited us after the murder told us to go ahead with a complaint. They were horrified."
A disciplinary panel found PC Alistair Muirden guilty of one charge of neglect of duty for failing to thoroughly investigate allegations against Karako.

He was cautioned and transferred to Whetstone police station.

Karako died of his injuries five months after he murdered a lovely woman.

This is Valerie:

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