Sunday, 21 December 2008

The Murder of Constables Moore and Munn

On 15 August 2002, PCs Bryan Moore, a father-of-three, and Andrew Munn, a father-of-two, died when their police car was hit by a Ford Transit on the A42 near Worthington, Leicestershire.

The two officers had been preparing a stinger device in order to try and stop the van that hit them. They were on the side of the road, one standing and the other in the car, when the van, which had been pursued through three counties, deliberately accelerated from 60mph to 85mph and it slammed into the back of their vehicle. The impact hurled it 150 yards along the carriageway and turned it into a fireball. Andrew was killed at the scene. Bryan suffered massive injuries and died later in hospital.

After getting drunk at a party, Leayon Davi Dudley had visited the home of his ex-girlfriend. They argued and Dudley left in a rage. Seeing his van being driven erratically, travelling at 40mph over the speed limit, a police officer attempted to flag him down and the 50-mile chase began.

A criminal since he was 13, Dudley had a history of violence, which included an attack upon a 76-year-old woman with garden shears and threats made to a pub's clientele with an axe. He had also attacked police officers trying to arrest him on three previous occasions. After he smashed into the patrol car, he even went to punch an officer who attempted to help him from the wreckage.

Dudley was found guilty at Stafford Crown Court in May, 2003. However, in November, 2004, his convictions were designated 'unsafe' by the Court of Appeal and quashed. In June 2005, after a retrial, Dudley's murder conviction was overturned and he was convicted of the lesser charge of manslaughter.

His sentence was thus reduced to just fourteen years. Fourteen years for the deliberate, cold-blooded MURDER of two policemen. With time off for good behaviour, as of December 2012, he will have been at liberty for almost three years.

Bryan and Andrew are pictured below:


  1. Dawn is still very missed and loved a friend that we can never forget x