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Two Years for Chopping up a Whole Lot of White People

On 28 November 1999, Eden Strang walked into St. Andrew's Roman Catholic Church in Thornton Heath, entirely naked, and attempted to kill everyone inside with a Samurai sword.

After he was finally subdued, 11 parishioners had been seriously injured.

Strang injured an elderly nun and 10 parishioners during the attack. One victim needed a transfusion of 40 pints of blood.

A psychiatrist at his trial said:

"You can't get much madder than this."

Strang lived in Maryhill, Glasgow, with his mother, before he moved to England. He has said that he was the victim of racial taunts in Scotland. Which means, of course, in this oh-so modern society of ours, that eleven English churchgoers deserve to be chopped up in order to make everything better.

On 29 June 2002, BBC News Online reported thus:

"In June 2000 an Old Bailey jury found Glasgow-born Strang not guilty, through insanity, of attempted murder, but ordered him to be detained indefinitely at a psychiatric hospital under the Mental Health Act. But the 29-year-old was released from hospital in March of this year, and has since been living in a hostel in the local area, being monitored by a public protection panel...

The Sun newspaper claims police only knew Strang was free after he was spotted on the streets by chance...

A psychiatrist at his trial said he was a full-blown paranoid schizophrenic."

Glen Smyth, an Inspector with the Metropolitan Police and the Chairman of the Metropolitan branch of the Police Federation, said:

Incredible, Glen?

Only if you are one of the very many who refuse to acknowledge the elephants in the room. Only if you are still pretending that the elite are NOT at war with the rest of us.

On 24 July 2002, in answer to the question: 'to ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department what role his Department has played in the (a) release and (b) post-release arrangements of Eden Strang; and if he will make a statement,' Hilary Benn, replied:

"I regret that because of AN UNFORTUNATE ADMINISTRATIVE ERROR in the Home Office, authority for his detention as a restricted patient lapsed on 2 August 2000... Since his discharge, the Home Office has liaised closely with the local Multi Agency PUBLIC PROTECTION PANEL and established what the arrangements are for his SAFE CARE AND SUPERVISION IN THE COMMUNITY."
The 'community', Hilary, would have been much safer if Strang had been strung up.

You know it, I know it, he knows it, everybody knows it. Unfortunately, in a world where the 'lunatics are running the asylum', the safety of the public is the last thing those who make the 'administrative errors' and man the 'public protection panels' give a damn about.

On 5 July 2002, The Croydon Advertiser, reported thus:

"A Home Office blunder meant Samurai sword attacker Eden Strang was freed from a high-security mental hospital without the agreement of Home Secretary David Blunkett, it emerged yesterday. Vital papers for Strang, 29 to be detained indefinitely on the orders of his trial judge were not signed. This would have meant he could only be released under the direction of the Home Secretary or mental health tribunal.

Instead, the error allowed Strang to be released in March on the advice of medical staff at the hospital.

A spokesman for the Home Office said it had been a regrettable oversight.

This week Strang's victims were shocked to learn he was living only seven miles away in a Sutton hostel, just 21 months after the attack on their Thornton Heath church.

He was cleared of seven counts of attempted murder and six assaults on the grounds of insanity. But he was ordered to be detained indefinitely."
A spokeswoman for the Department Of Health also said:

"A multi-agency public protection panel has considered this case and is taking measures to ensure both the public and Mr. Strang are safe".
Marjorie Wallace, the Chief Executive of SANE, the mental health charity was reassuring:

"People with schizophrenia can live safely in the community provided they receive consistent care and treatment and a quick response if their condition deteriorates. Eden Strang was obviously extremely tormented and disturbed at the time of the attack. He shouldn't be doubly punished by having this illness and being detained indefinitely. It is safe for him to be released if his condition is stabilised and he is supervised by skilled staff... As long as somebody is having treatment they are as safe as anybody else."
Ms. Wallace neglects to mention that, when somebody declines to have treatment, they are not safe at all.

However, Tom Bowden, one of those who over-powered and disarmed Strang during the attack upon the church's parishioners, had no such inhibitions.
"He could, tomorrow, just flatly refuse to take his medication and we are back to square one."

What follows is Paul Burstow's question and the remarkable answer to it offered by the future Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, both of which were both heard in the House of Commons on 24 July 2002:

"To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department what role his Department has played in the (a) release and (b) post-release arrangements of Eden Strang; and if he will make a statement."


"Mr. Strang was MANAGED as a VOLUNTARY NATIONAL HEALTH PATIENT. His pre-discharge and discharge plan was IN LINE WITH THE CARE PROGRAMME APPROACH which in general terms involves a multi-disciplinary assessment of health and social care needs, including RISK ASSESSMENT, and AN APPROPRIATE CARE PLAN."

So that's all right then.

Chop up a bunch of churchgoers and what happens in post millenium Britain?
You get taken off to hospital. Not the nuthouse hospital, the regular one with the pretty nurses and the wards with beds full of sick people who have just been chopped to bits by some mad, black Scottish psychopath.

Who just happens to be sitting on the next bed, staring at you.

"Don't I know you from somewhere?"
He wonders.

Malcolm Wicks, MP for Croydon North, said he was 'shocked and horrified' by the attack, adding:

"It's church I know well, in the heart of our community, a well-attended church. I'm terribly shocked by it. Our thoughts are with the injured and with their family and friends and with the parishioners who were involved. It's predominantly a residential area, and I think the whole community will be shocked by it."
Wicks said this outside of parliament, inside it he said nothing. Not a dickie bird. Never once mentioned what happened in the church, much less who did it. And he certainly never bothered to introduce or sign an Early Day Motion sympathising with those churchgoers who were terribly injured by the madman pictured below.

Nor did he introduce an EDM criticising those who allowed such a creature out on the streets so soon after his psychopathic rampage.

Apart from those mentioned here, no other MP ever mentioned Eden Strang in the House of Commons.

Here's a picture of a murderous, black nutcase who spent just two years in jail for chopping up a whole lot of white people:

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