Tuesday, 30 December 2008

The West End Rapist

On 8 March 2000, The Times had this to say about Benarsko Gaisey, a Ghanaian asylum seeker dubbed 'The West End Rapist' by the media.

"A rapist who boasted of having casual sex with 100 women was jailed for 14 years yesterday.

Benarsko Gaisey worked in the kitchens of West End restaurants frequented by celebrities. After work he picked up women and lured them to his flat for sex. He also had two regular girlfriends.

He was found guilty last month of four rapes and an indecent assault on three women - a student, a literary agent and a marketing executive - at a flat where he lived in Stoke Newington, North London, in 1997...

Gaisey, 34, came to Britain from Ghana as an asylum-seeker in 1995, but fled after committing the rapes in the summer of 1997. He was extradited from Ghana last year. Baroness Mallalieu, QC, for Gaisey, told the court:

'He is a man of little sophistication and when he came to this country, he found a considerable number of girls who were willing to go back to his accommodation and have sex with him.' But he had obviously gone too far in the cases of the three women, she said.

'There has been a great change in the public perception of rape in recent years. What might have been acceptable a couple of years ago is now totally unacceptable.'

Police took the unusual step of issuing a photograph of Gaisey who was labelled the West End rapist, featuring his red beret and short dreadlocks in the summer of 1997. They wanted to warn women that he was extremely dangerous after one victim, a 17-year-old Italian student, suffered serious injuries when she fell 45ft trying to escape him after being raped twice. The court heard that the publicity campaign to locate Gaisey resulted in two other women coming forward to complain about sexual offences committed by him."
So, Baroness Mallalieu, no less, in defence of her client, was prepared to imply that what he did to the 17-year-old Italian girl quoted in the article above 'might have been acceptable a couple of years ago.'

Not where I come from it wouldn't and not where the Baroness came from it wouldn't either. However, it might be acceptible, even now, in Ghana. Which is where the West End Rapist' came from.

You know, just because someone is a Baroness, just because someone is a QC, doesn't automatically qualify them to be a decent human being. In fact, as the legal profession spends half its working life doing its best to see that the criminal fraternity do NOT get their just desserts, I would suggest that a good many of them, compared to the vast majority of ordinary folk, are really pretty indecent.

I may be wrong. Maybe they're not just a bunch of overpaid Freemasons slithering up the greasy pole. Maybe there is a good apple or two left in the barrel.


Maybe not.

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