Thursday, 3 November 2011

Racism Doesn't Begin to Describe It!

On the 9 August 2004, Shaja, a British born Pakistani living in the Burchill's area of Walsall, was seen saying this in the Channel 4 programme, Who You Calling A Nigger:

"For years IT WAS A NO-GO ZONE FOR WHITE PEOPLE, black people, anyone, man... If you ain't a Paki, you ain't comin' in Burchills' man. You come fuck with us, YOU'RE DEAD, MAN...

Twenty years ago, there was no Pakis 'ere, no one was doin' nothin'. But now the Pakis have made a stamp, man. Now, think 20 years ahead, fuck knows, man, THIS IS GOING TO BE PAKISTAN, NOT ENGLAND, PAKISTAN! THEY'RE ALL FUCKING SHIPPING OVER, know what I mean, man, fake passports...

I don't like Jews. IF I HAD THE CHANCE, I'D DO ONE OVER, I'd break 'im, man. Jews are my enemies. Israel, man, the motherf***er! Why do WE HATE JEWS? Jews smell, the motherf***ers!"
Now that's what I call racial hatred!

Unfortunately, the 'incitement to racial hatred' law was devised purely to keep the nice, kind, tolerant, decent, fair-minded Brits cowed and in their place whilst the Shajas of this world took over. No British boy in blue is ever going to cart Shaja off to jail. There'll be no seven years for him, by Allah! Oh, no. Shaja's doing a grand job, so he is.

For the New World Order.

Who You Calling a Nigger was written by the West Indian journalist, Darcus Howe.

During the 4 June 2006, edition of Dateline London, the host, Gavin Essler, posed this question:

"What's wrong with white guys, by the way?"
To which Yasmin Alibhai-Brown replied:

Racism doesn’t begin to describe what Alibhai-Brown said back there in June 2006, does it?

What word, I wonder, might sum up the feelings she expressed towards we white folk upon that occasion? What word might adequately depict a hatred so fundamental that it would see a whole race disappeared in 'a hundred years?'

Would 'genocide' be that word? Might we be forgiven for thinking that Ms Alibhai-Brown is genocidally inclined towards us? I mean, that IS what she said, isn't it? She wants us gone! Disappeared. A 'lost species in a hundred years!'

Have the British media have ever broadcast a more quintessential exposition of racial hatred than this? Even the 'behead those who insult Islam' protesters didn't appear to be preaching mass extinction. And yet, Alibhai-Brown was never interviewed by the police or reprimanded by the BBC's moral guardians. Indeed, unless Auntie neglected to mention it, she wasn't even taken to task by the viewers for wishing the white race gone!

As previously stated, it was only ever us THEY wished to subdue, you see. The race laws were never intended to keep the opinions of a Brit-loathing Muslim under wraps. Oh, once in a while, for public consumption, the odd non-native wrist might get slapped but the seven-year maximum sentence for 'incitement to racial hatred' was designed purely to prevent the indigenous Briton from speaking out too strongly as his world was overrun by others.

In 2001, the Ugandan-Asian immigrant pictured below was awarded an MBE 'for services to journalism.'


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