Sunday, 23 October 2011

I Hate England and the F***ing People!

On 30 June 2010, The Sun informed us of a Blackberry message sent by Chelsea defender, Ashley Cole, just hours BEFORE flying out to England's pre-World Cup training camp in Austria.

Cole posted the following as HIS STATUS MESSAGE, allowing all those designated as his friends to see it:

Thus spake a bloke who earns in one English week what most of the 'the f***ing people' would be lucky to earn in five years!

Well, Ashley, we, 'the f***ing people' do not hate you. We just wish you, and others who feel as you do, would address your feelings in a logical way. If you don’t like England or the English, common sense suggests that you should relocate to some place else, where 'the people' are more to your liking.

I mean, the £120,000 or so you pocket every week would certainly allow you to set yourself up in style anywhere else on the planet, now wouldn’t it?

Anyone out there think this hate-filled black chap is going to heed my advice? Of course he's not.

Our World Cup 'flop' (The Sun's epithet) is having far too much fun in jolly old England biting the hands that feed him.


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