Friday, 28 October 2011

Hardly Any Children in Islington Have Not Been Mugged!

In March 2008, New Labour MP Emily Thornberry said this in The Daily Mail:

"I suspect there are HARDLY ANY CHILDREN IN ISLINGTON WHO HAVE NOT BEEN MUGGED... It is a hidden crime. Kids are robbing other kids but you don't hear about it... YOUNG PEOPLE ARE BEING MUGGED REGULARLY. WE DON'T WANT IT TO BECOME A WAY OF LIFE."
If it’s hidden and we don't hear about it, who’s to blame for that, Emily?

Those who want such things kept quiet! Your lot!

Oh, and if hardly any children haven’t been mugged, it’s already a way of life, isn’t it?


Waqas Arshad Let 17-year-old Emily Brady Burn
Slovakian immigrant, Marek Harcar, Raped and Murdered Moira Jones
Suleman Khan Stamped on Amy Booth's Head Eight Times
Tony Proctor was killed by Gurpreet Dhillon
John Macrae was murdered by Yamine Ladghem-Chikouche
Sean Davy was killed by Ivan Weekes
Asian Mayor, Shan Alexander, charged over Death Crash
Immigrant Poles kick black man to death
Lukasz Banasik gets 5 years for killing Gavin Hustler-Brown
Cara Davenport whispers 'I love you' to the man who stabbed her brother

Rogues' Gallery continued...

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