Friday, 28 October 2011

Love of Country is a Vice Not a Virtue!

On 27 August 2009, Leo McKinstry, who was once a Labour Councillor and an aide to Harriet Harman, commented thus in The Daily Express:

“IN OUR MODERN AGE, PATRIOTISM IS DESPISED RATHER THAN ADMIRED. FOR THE MARXIST IDEOLOGUES WHO NOW RUN BRITAIN, LOVE OF COUNTRY IS A VICE, NOT A VIRTUE... Thanks to the predominance of MULTI-CULTURAL DOGMA, the patriotic instinct that led to national salvation in 1945 is now treated as A THOUGHT CRIME. The sense of unifying national identity that once motivated millions of Britons to defend their homeland is held to be suspect by A POLITICAL ELITE OBSESSED WITH CULTURAL DIVERSITY. We are told that OPPOSITION to MASS IMMIGRATION IS THE EQUIVALENT OF SIDING WITH THE NAZIS...

I recently spoke to a D-Day veteran... With anger and regret, he told me that HE DID NOT FIGHT IN ORDER TO END UP AS AN ALIEN IN HIS OWN COUNTRY. Even more insulting, he said, was being told by politicians that THE DESTRUCTION OF HIS SOCIETY WAS THE IDEAL FOR WHICH HE HAD GONE INTO BATTLE.”


Two Down Ten Million to Go
Kristoff Emmanual Alauya Raped, Stabbed and Strangled Grace
Irfan Salim tortured and murdered pensioner 79-year-old Ellen Portsmouth
Ginatautas Psenaska Murdered Margaret Wycherley
Russell Carter murdered Kingsley Monk
Temman Dias accused of strangling Battersea women
Alan Reilly was murdered by Kenny Cornwall
Richard Holmes was murdered by Carl Dobson and Anthony Green
Karen Hartshorne was murdered by Peter Martin
Martin Rankin was murdered by Ashley Marshall
Ron Sharpe was killed by Dr Kala Basnyat
Thomas Dolan was killed by Mathsar Hussain

Rogues' Gallery continued...

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