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Alan Simpson

One of the simplest ways one can gain an insight into the attitudes and beliefs of our parliamentarians is to study their use of the Early Day Motion.

The Early Day Motion is a device which provides publicity for and draws attention to the most heartfelt views and causes to which individual Members of Parliament adhere. As such, the EDM is a great way to determine what Westminster's lesser lights really feel and think, and a close analysis of this device is just about the most effective way of determining if he is really going to do what he promised at the hustings and represent the views and concerns of the ordinary voter in parliament. Or whether, once he has been elected, the MP in question is more likely to undermine those views and concerns. For example:

Since New Labour took power, Simpson signed at least 5 EDMs sympathising with foreign women who had been raped overseas.

These told us that:

"This House notes that between 1931 and 1945 Japan systematically rounded up over 200,000 girls and young women in occupied territories and forced them to work as sex slaves for the Japanese military".
"This House is appalled by the enslavement of over 5,000 people in Ghana... notes that most of the slaves are unpaid female farm labourers working for the shrine priests, and are often raped and abused."
"This House... believes that the violence and traumatic rape of Ms Rose Najjemba by Ugandan soldiers is not just 'simple and dreadful lust'; and further believes that the decision to refuse her asylum should be overturned and she should be granted asylum or... protection from expulsion from the United Kingdom".
"This House is appalled by the continued violations of human rights committed by the State Peace and Development Council in Burma... believes that the... systematic use of rape as a weapon of war and countless violations of human rights against the Karen, Karenni and Shan people constitute genocide".
"This House notes the Human Rights Watch report 'We'll Kill You if You Cry' and commends the organisation for revealing the extent of the problem of rape in contemporary civil wars; further notes that thousands of people were brutally raped in the 1991 to 2000 civil war in Sierra Leone... and calls on Her Majesty's Government... to ensure that... rehabilitation services are made available to victims of rape".
All very commendable.

However, Simpson did not sign either of the following EDMs, which were concerned with paedophilia in Britain:

"This House notes the concern expressed by the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children on the novel, The End of Alice, about a pervert who rapes a 12 year-old girl before stabbing her 64 times; fears that the novel could encourage paedophiles to believe their activities are acceptable".
"This House condemns the Saatchi Gallery's I Am A Camera, photographic exhibition of naked children and supports the campaign led by the News of the World newspaper, parents and police chiefs to highlight the dangers that this 'art exhibition' has to the well being and safety of children in this country; deplores reports that the FreshPetals paedophile website has directed its visitors to the BBC News website to view the pictures online; and believes that... the real dangers posed by paedophiles to children in this country have never been greater an 'exhibition' of this nature is unacceptable and should be closed".
Nor did Simpson, a city of Nottingham MP, mention any of the following incidents in parliament, nor did he or sign or introduce any EDM sympathising with the plight of the victims:

On 29 October 1994, a 16-year-old girl was raped in Nottingham by Asif Massod. In October 2001, illegal immigrant, Phillip Kambeta, was found guilty of raping a woman who had a mental age of two. He was working in a residential home in Nottingham at the time. In October 2001, a 19-year-old student, a virgin at the time, was raped six times in Nottingham by Akhtar Naseem. On 4 August 2002, Ali Merbhian raped a 24-year-old Nottingham woman after she hailed his cab in the city. On 4 March 2004, a woman was pushing a pram in Nottingham when she was accosted and raped by a "dark-skinned man" in front of her child. In May, 2004, failed Iranian asylum seeker, Omid Samipour, was charged with rape. He was given bail and disappeared. In December 2004 and January 2005, the Kelly brothers, Orlando and Martin, who are of mixed race, raped two women, one of whom was 83-years-old, in separate attacks, one in Nottingham, one in Leicester. On 18 February 2005, Mohammed Sha Shabaz, an Iraqi refugee, was jailed for five years for raping a woman at a party in Nottingham.

If I had been the MP for Nottingham South I would have introduced EDMs into parliament mentioning all of the rapes mentioned above.

So why was Alan Simpson so concerned with plight of those who were raped thousands of miles away that he was prepared to sign five separate Early Day Motions expressing his sympathy for them, when he was not prepared to do the same for those Nottingham girls and women who were raped by foreigners in the city where they live and he was a serving MP?

When confronted with information like this and asked such a question, the Simpsons of this world have always said: 'Oh, but we mustn't offend the poor immigrant, they aren't all like that.' Or, more likely, they'll just call you a 'racist,' 'Fascist,' 'bigot,' 'Nazi' and call the cops.

At the same time as they are saying such things they know that, if foreigner-upon-Brit violence is compared to the reverse, the former is far more savage and prevalent than the other way around. But they have never warned us. Instead, they have done their utmost to keep such information hidden and, indeed, they have always tried to deceive us into believing that the opposite was true. If you were to look up Stephen Lawrence (murdered in Eltham in 1993) in Hansard, you would find he has been mentioned in the Commons more than 1,000 times. On the other hand, if you were to try to find the names of the many British people who have been murdered by first and second-generation immigrants since Stephen was killed, you would find that they had been mentioned less than 250 times all told!

Between 1997 and 2005, Simpson signed at least 60 EDMs sympathising with the plight of asylum seekers, refugees, immigrants and the like.

However, when an EDM was introduced which condemned the 'activities of Abdullah Azad,' a welfare worker who 'offered to supply forged United Kingdom passports for the payment of a fee and urged persons whose immigration status was in question to apply for asylum,' he did not sign it.

Simpson also signed just about all of the EDMs ever introduced which mentioned the words and phrases 'racism', 'racial hatred,' 'multicultural' etc.

Here are a few examples:

'This House is committed to multiculturalism and... supports the Government's determination to stamp out incitement to racial hatred; is concerned that extreme right-wing organisations are continuing to publish and distribute material inciting racism and anti-Semitism; and urges Government to act rigorously to take legal action against the producers of such material.'
'This House accepts the fact that the United Kingdom is a multi-racial society.'
'This House welcomes the... support that the Race Relations Bill has received throughout its passage in... Parliament; and calls on all public authorities - the police, central and local government, the NHS and others, all of whose functions will be covered by the amended Race Relations Act 1976, to seize the opportunity provided by this legislation to tackle all forms of racial discrimination.'
Simpson is not the least bit unusual in his preference for all things alien.

'Integration,' 'managed migration,' 'pluralism,' 'multiculture,' 'diversity,' 'respect for difference,' 'interdependency,' 'globalism,' these are the buzz words and phrases of hundreds of on-message Westminster MPs so much worthier than we.

Simpson also voted for a bill which, according to Stephen 'Lyers' Byers, a member of the Select Committee which tabled the new clause, 'would create a new specific offence of racially motivated violence.'

This kind of legislation is almost NEVER used to prosecute anyone other than the native Briton.

What does the MP for Nottingham South think of the homosexual community?

Well, he signed just about every pro-homosexual EDM that it was possible for him to sign, including this one:

'This House considers that homophobic discrimination… is as unacceptable… as is the expression of racial or religious hatred… and accordingly applauds the Government's decision to amend the law so that homophobic discrimination… is treated on the same basis… as racial or religious discrimination…thereby recognising homophobia as a hate crime.'
Simpson also signed an EDM welcoming the appointment of the homosexual Jeffrey John as the Bishop of Reading, hoping thereby that 'the Church of England be inspired by Canon John and move forward to a tolerant and inclusive 21st century.'

Simpson also voted on two occasions to lower the homosexual age of consent to 16; he voted to repeal Section 28, which banned Local Authorities from promoting homosexuality; he voted to allow the adoption of children by homosexual couples and he also signed several EDMs along the lines of this one:

'This House welcomes the judgement of the European Court of Human Rights in favour of Christine Goodwin's… right to marry and to found a family in relation to her status as a transsexual person… and looks forward to full rights and legal recognition for trans-men and trans-women being enshrined in British law in the near future.'
In June 2000, Alan Simpson put his name to this EDM:

'This House recognises that the cannabis battle in the war against drugs is being lost; that cannabis is neither more damaging than tobacco, nor more addictive than alcohol, and that it is no more the portal to harder drugs than a half of bitter to rampant alcoholism.'
On 2 February 2001, Simpson said this in the Commons:

'Anyone who works with drugs will say that one of the most helpful steps would be to decriminalise cannabis. Those hon. Members who warn about the slippery slope towards serious drug addiction base their arguments on nil evidence… No study has shown that cannabis use leads to dependency on hard drugs.'
In June 2002, Simpson signed the following EDMs which stated, in part:
'This House congratulates the Home Secretary on his decision to accept the advice of… the Advisory Committee on Drug Misuse, and the Home Affairs Select Committee to re-classify cannabis.'
'This House congratulates the Daily Mail for its… recognition that the use of cannabis is an everyday fact of life and that making it illegal has failed to discourage its use.'
'This House congratulates The Evening Standard for its editorial comment of 6th August 2001 that 'Sooner or later Tony Blair will have to reconsider his absolute refusal to consider changes to the drugs laws… recognises that the relaxation of cannabis laws were widely supported by those interviewed in Brixton.'
As far as I know, since becoming an MPSimpson put his name to every EDM that ever advocated the decriminalisation of cannabis, and, when a bill reclassifying the drug was introduced into the House of Commons, he voted for a it.

From the time New Labour came to power in 1997 up to February, 2005, Simpson signed more than 40 EDMs which mentioned the words ‘cruel’ and/or ‘cruelty’ with reference to the treatment of animals.

Once again, commendable stuff. However, when it came to signing EDMs which mentioned the words ‘cruel’ and/or ‘cruelty’ with reference to children, Simpson signed very few. The following EDM is just one of the EDMs Simpson did not sign.

'This House is concerned that over 200 children under the age of two are killed or seriously injured each year by their parents or carers, but that only approximately a quarter of these cases are followed by successful prosecutions and then not for murder or manslaughter… the main reason for this failure is joint enterprise, meaning that it is not possible to prove which member of a couple was responsible… and calls on the Government to incorporate in legislation at the earliest opportunity measures to facilitate successful prosecution of those responsible for killing small children.'
Simpson voted for a complete ban on hunting with dogs and signed almost all of the EDMs introduced since New Labour came to power, which signalled abhorrence of the practice. However, he did not sign a November, 2003, EDM which criticised ‘the profound suffering caused to many millions of animals every year by slaughter without pre-stunning’.

The Muslim community sometimes slaughter their livestock without pre-stunning them, the orthodox Jewish community always do. This establishment wagtail was never going to criticise either of these for being cruel to animals.

Simpson signed several EDMs similar to this one:

'This House notes that news stories, featured in the Daily Express in particular, concerning large numbers of Roma arriving in the UK from EU accession countries have been characterised by the Minister of State for Europe as a ‘rancid hate campaign’… deplores attempts to incite racial hatred against one of the poorest and more marginalised communities in Europe; and urges the Government to… address this deep-seated prejudice.'
Which is code for 'send us all your gypsies.'

In March, 2004, Simpson signed an EDM which stated that:

'This House notes that the 60,000 sentenced prisoners in England and Wales are barred from voting under the Forfeiture Act 1870… is concerned that it impedes the rehabilitative objectives of the Prison Service by failing to encourage prisoners to be active responsible citizens on release… the Government… undermines this agenda by excluding those who are already on the margins of society… Her Majesty’s Government (should) review the merits of the ban.'
In other words, let the murderers, rapists, pimps, child-molesters and drug dealers vote because creeps like them are more likely to vote for creeps like Simpson than the decent citizen is.

Here are a few more EDMs that I would have signed which Simpson did not.

'This House notes that Labour councillor, Lorraine Monk, elected in May 1998, resigned her seat due to a police investigation, following allegations of her being fraudulently entered on the electoral register; regrets the fact that the police terminated their investigations when Councillor Monk resigned.'
Lorraine Monk is black.

'This House expresses its grave concern that Brendon Fearon, one of the burglars who broke into Tony Martin’s house, is now suing for civil damages in respect of the injuries that he sustained during his criminal acts, including his loss of sexual enjoyment and an ability to practice martial arts; Brendon Fearon’s case is now being funded by the Legal Aid Board.'
Fearon is a Gypsy.
'This House looks forward to celebrating St. George’s Day on 23rd April; notes that England’s Patron Saint Day is an ideal opportunity for all English people to celebrate their country’s heritage and traditions.'
'This House notes that only 30 per cent of apples sold in supermarkets in the UK are British-grown… and calls on the United Kingdom supermarket chains to support British produce.'
'This House notes the conclusions of the latest independent inquiry into the Government’s handling of the foot and mouth crisis which accuses ministers of ‘ineptitude’, unpardonable delays in decision making’ and ‘massive dereliction of duty.'
'This House is alarmed that under the CFP negotiations in December 2002, draconian cuts to the British fishing industry were agreed by the British Government… while Holland and Denmark's industrial fishing practices which led to the mass destruction of immature white fish was virtually untouched, Spain increased its hake quota and can continue its state aid for fishing-boat construction until 2004, France and Spain received no cut in fishing in the Alantic.'
'This House notes with concern the serious increase in crime… in the last five years; (as of 2003) notes in particular the fact that violent crime has risen by two-thirds and that gun crime has doubled; recognises that detection rates for crime have fallen to less than one in four; believes that the Government has not been tough on crime.'
'Around one in 10 sexually active young women are currently infected with chlamydia… syphilis rates have increased by 500 per cent. in the last six years… gonorrhoea rates have doubled over the same period.'
'This House expresses concern that so many of those that occupy the front benches of this House would not necessarily be there had their entry to the elite universities which trained them been inhibited by a need to start their careers carrying debt burdens of up to £30,000…, to cover the costs of their education.'
'This House expresses concern that the Government's proposals for higher education funding will have a negative impact on first-time homebuyers in the UK.'
'This House welcomes the work of the Depression Alliance… which highlights the plight of the increasing numbers of children and teenagers who are affected by depression; one in five children are reported needing help for depression during childhood… reports indicate that 28 per cent. of young people have thought seriously about suicide.'
'This House regrets that the European Commission has floated the idea of abolishing the Made in Britain label in order to replace it with a label saying Made in Europe.'
'This House believes that the Government pursued a campaign to influence and intimidate BBC editors and journalists over their reporting of the war in Iraq… The need to maintain the cherished independence and integrity of the BBC is not compatible with the Prime Minister's powers of patronage in appointing the Chairman and Board of Governors.'
'This House notes with concern the number of Falklands War veterans who have committed suicide since the end of the conflict in 1982; recognises that the number of suicides amongst veterans is now double the number of those killed during the conflict; and calls on the Government to… ensure that they receive all the advice, support and help they need."
'This House welcomes the recognition of the important role played by the Merchant Navy in peacetime and in war with a designated Merchant Navy day.'
Nor was bleeding-heart Simpson’s heart bleeding when he decided not to sign the 2002 EDM which asked 'everyone to support the Poppy Appeal in remembering the sacrifices that have been made' by the British military over the years.

Here's an EDM that he was happy to sign:

'This House congratulates David Calvert-Smith QC, the Director of Public Prosecutions, on his being awarded a knighthood in the Jubilee Honours List; notes his strong commitment to diversity and welcomes the fact that since his appointment as DPP in 1998 the percentage of ethnic minority staff at the CPS has increased from 8.4 per cent. to 11.6 per 2002, a higher figure than most government departments; and asks him to continue to pursue the diversity agenda at the CPS with vigour.'
So, bearing in mind that the ethnic population comprises about 8 per cent of the total at the time, what we have here is a British MP congratulating the DPP on discriminating unfairly against the indigenous population in favour of the first and second-generation immigrant and encouraging him to behave with EVEN MORE UNFAIRNESS!

In the 23 June 2002 edtion of The Sunday Times, Sir David was reported as saying:

'It is my firm belief that British society is institutionally racist within the Macpherson definition from the Lawrence inquiry. A great deal has got to be done across the whole spectrum of British society, so I come to this with the idea that the whole of society has a problem.
Calvert Smith was the Director of Public Prosecutions between 1998 and 2003. He was the man who repeatedly refused to prosecute Abu Hamza, the militant Imam of the Finsbury Park mosque, citing 'insufficient evidence,' even though the police repeatedly put all manner of damning information before him. Three of Abu Hamza's followers took part in the 7/7 bombings in London. Mohammad Sidique Khan and Shehzad Tanweer actually lived in the Finsbury Park Mosque for a time and Jermaine Lindsay is known to have attended Hamza's sermons.

Alan Simpson also signed several EDMs calling for the disestablishment of the Church of England.

Rogues' Gallery continued...

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