Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Where Are Their Morals? Where are Their Values?

On 21 June 2009, African immigrant, Sorious Samura, wrote the following in The Independent on Sunday:

"In 1999 I witnessed a gang rape in Sierra Leone. I was forced to watch a group of rebel soldiers taking it in turns to rape a young girl in front of an audience of jeering men…

When I moved to Britain I believed I had escaped such horrific sexual violence... I was mistaken. Gang rape is happening here – and what I have found most disturbing as an African is that A DISPROPORTIONATE NUMBER OF THESE ATTACKS ARE BEING CARRIED OUT BY BLACK OR MIXED-RACE YOUNG MEN…

In December, nine schoolboys, (8 of them black) some as young as 13 at the time of the attack, were convicted of raping a 14-year-old (white) girl. She was dragged between tower blocks in Hackney where she was threatened with a knife, hit and raped during an ordeal that lasted an hour and a half – some of which was filmed on mobile phones. In January, three (black) men were convicted of gang raping a 16-year-old with learning disabilities for two hours BEFORE DOUSING HER WITH CAUSTIC SODA in an effort to get rid of the evidence…

Despite the seriousness of the crime, I was amazed to discover that NO NATIONAL STATISTICS EXIST: gang rape is simply not recorded as a separate crime category…

One of the few police forces to have begun recording the figures of reported gang rape is the Metropolitan Police. In 2008 alone, they received reports of 85 gang rapes. Using the Met's definition of gang rape – those involving three or more perpetrators – we began to look at the number of convictions. We tracked down 29 cases, from January 2006 to March 2009, in which a total of 92 young people were convicted of involvement in gang rape. One fact stood out. Of those convicted, 66 WERE BLACK OR MIXED RACE, 13 were white and THE REMAINDER WERE FROM OTHER COUNTRIES INCLUDING AFGHANISTAN, IRAQ AND LIBYA...

Sheldon Thomas, a youth worker in Brixton, said...

'These guys are like 13, 14 and 15, and their actual attitudes towards young girls – towards sex – is mind-blowing. It's actually leaving you asking: WHERE ARE THEIR MORALS, WHERE ARE THEIR VALUES?'."
The Independent on Sunday


Values? They were not imported to be be moral or to value those who gave them sanctuary here. They were brought over to destroy. The 'black or mixed race' gang rapists, those from 'Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya,' and all the rest of the foreigners imported into our world in recent times, are the footsoldiers in a world-wide war being waged by the New World Order upon the working-class communities of the white world.

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Rogues' Gallery continued...

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