Thursday, 3 November 2011

The Sinister Machiavellians

This is how the anthropologist, Geoffrey Gorer, described the English people in 1955:

"The English are certainly among the most peaceful, gentle, courteous and orderly populations that the civilised world has ever seen."
Why, one wonders, would those we vote for feel the need to create a huge body of race law to protect the immigrant from the likes of these? Why would they call such people 'racists?' (The word 'racist' was invented, in its pejorative sense, by Leon Trotsky, in terms of power and prestige second only to Lenin at the time of the Russian Revolution) Why would the politically correct be forever doing their damnedest to demonise 'the most peaceful, gentle, courteous and orderly populations that the civilised world has ever seen?'

Eleven years before Gorer opined thus, in a 1944 essay titled 'The English People,' George Orwell wrote with affection of the 'gentle-mannered, undemonstrative, law-abiding English.' He said that foreigners were amazed by our 'gentleness… by the orderly behaviour of English crowds, the lack of pushing and quarrelling.' He also said that there was 'very little crime or violence.'

Despite the war, that’s how our world was in 1944.

By 2009, one uniquely honest Labour politician was admitting to this:

The 180 degree slide from courtesy and orderliness to a hellish dystopia where the criminal is king was created in just fifty short years by our own traitorous politicians. Those who constantly tell us what a wonderful thing mass immigration is are wholly responsible for the startlingly awful statistic cited above. The race laws were created by these same folk to keep the 'gentle-mannered, undemonstrative,' and 'law-abiding' in their box whilst their world was overtaken by a wholly different set of people.

We can't say we weren't warned. Orwell, who had fought on the side of the Communists in the Spanish Civil War, had seen at first hand what the visionaries and zealots were capable of. By 1945, he was publishing his great Cassandrian allegory, 'Animal Farm'. This was followed by '1948', with its stark depiction of the Big Brother society.

The sinister Machiavellians behind mass immigration, the race laws and the massive upsurge in criminality that Frank Field spoke of in 2009, didn't just arrive upon the scene in the 1940s.

In August 1941, Orwell was telling us this:

"What has kept England on its feet during the past year? In part, no doubt, some vague idea about a better future, but chiefly the atavistic emotion of PATRIOTISM, the ingrained feeling of the English-speaking peoples that THEY ARE SUPERIOR TO FOREIGNERS.

FOR THE LAST TWENTY YEARS THE MAIN OBJECT OF ENGLISH LEFT-WING INTELLECTUALS HAS BEEN TO BREAK THIS FEELING DOWN, and if they had succeeded, we might be watching the SS men patrolling the London streets at this moment."
According to Orwell, then, the left-wing intellectual began began trying to destroy the love most of us feel for our country as far back as 1921.

Those who foist the characters in Rogues' Gallery upon the British people, instituting at the same time a massive body of new law to intimidate and criminalise us if the 'superior to foreigners' gene ever dared rear up, are the direct philosophical descendants of this genocidally unpatriotic type.


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Rogues' Gallery continued...

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