Saturday, 12 November 2011

The Rogues' Gallery

The tiniest fraction of those first and second-generation immigrants who have killed, raped and otherwise violated British men, women and children in Britain, is represented in the following pages.

All of them committed the crimes cited since Stephen Lawrence was killed. We've all heard of Stephen. How many of these were you aware of before you saw them here?


VIDEO: Unheard of Murder
Mass Murder in London
The murder of Constables Moore and Munn
The murder of Richard Whelan
Behold the face of a monster!
NHS chiefs withheld a damning report into cannibal killer
The murder of the Day family
The murder of Hannah Foster
The murder of Nina Mackay
They let Nina's killer out! Cops warned NOT to approach him!
The murder of Ernest Meads
Another serial killer you've never heard of
The murder of Bernard Hegarty
Bernard Hegarty's killer, Chris Olokun, charged with Margaret Muller's murder
The murder of the Trant family
The murder of Lucy, Sarah and Eileen Lowe
The murder of Ian Jenkins
The murder of Colette Magee
The murder of Hilda Ashdown
Triple murderer demands thousands from prison staff over 'breach of human rights'
The murder of Ted Rowe
Jospeh Corbett murdered Melonie and Marlene Kirk
Daniel Keats was murdered by Tyrone Thomas
Dwayne Coleman murdered Alan Musgrove
Fabio Pereira murdered John Goodman
The Murder of Kyle Mutch

Rogues' Gallery continued...


  1. fantastic site I will push it to all my contacts...

    1. Well, it's not easy for the PC Crowd to dismiss. Mind you, if too many folks check it out I wouldn't be surprised to see it disappear overnight.

      Anyway, AP, thanks for the kind words.


    2. Really? They'll simply see these upright citizens as psychologically traumatised victims of white racism

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. As I'm sure you're aware, JC, THEY have managed to get the most gullible members of white society world-wide thinking along 'upright citizens as psychologically traumatised victims of white racism' lines.

      THEY are at war with us. The immigrant criminal is THEIR footsoldier. Political Correctness is THEIR principal Weapon of Mass Destruction.

  2. Why were these women killed?

    Was it because they could not control their lusts?

    I cry inside that these smiles will no longer brighten the earth.

  3. They were killed because the traitors we vote for are at war with us. Immigrants are their pet footsoldiers. Soldiers kill.

  4. Immigration is the Zionists chosen tool to destroy our society from within.We are all Goyam as far as they are concerned

  5. No matter how much proof or how compelling, the jewsmedia and the press will always dismiss it. If, as we are so often told, blacks make up such a small percentage of our population, then how do they account for such a high percentage in our prisons? The reason must surely be that they are a lot more likely to commit crimes than we are. The worst kept secret that nobody dares to discuss. Will the ignorant masses ever understand what is happening under their noses? Maybe when it it too late huh?

  6. I think these cases are just an example for who is undergo from this disease.thanks john.! I would like to share one other site who is inspiring you to overcome from this can see this site also. please take a look on it

  7. If a black or Asian man is born in Britain, then he is just as British or English as you are. Most of the cases featured here are of foreigners who are non-white or their off spring born and raised here, presumably as some sort of riposte to the Stephen Lawrence case and the attention it subsequently received. But the SL case was about racism within the police force which denied SL's family justice. Crime is crime whoever commits it, and black men born in your country are by default your fellow countrymen.

    1. Bullshit! Race is real and these scum are not my countrymen! "Crime is crime whoever commits it", is another pathetic liberal attempt to misdirect our attention away from the criminal and onto the crime. Obviously the crime in a crime you moron, the point here is that these blacks/Arabs and other assorted non-whites have been brought into our country and afforded the protection of the state while they continue their rampage of war on our race our culture and our people.

    2. black men born in your country are by default your countrymen... Let me let that sink in for a minute. So if a horse is born in a cows stable that makes it a cow by default? or if a sheep is born with help from a goatherder its by default a goat?

  8. Fascinating chronicles.I can't help but to enjoy the true irony in the blog spot here in the US of the same name.While what I see here is a history of truly horrific Rouges.
    Where in the US a "Anrti Racist" organization known as the 'One People's Project' who maintains a "Rouges gallery" of verios Pro-Whites and their private personal info. For example emails,phone #, home addresses and work info.All this is done so their life is severely effected.

  9. Spot on. We are the White superior race.Aryans. Send those niggers jews and scum back. Or we should just kill them. Reading THIS makes me wanna do just that.

  10. This is one of the many ways the Bolshevik left are killing us off.
    Meanwhile, the Govt, police and media cover it up.

  11. Golden u sir dagaal hubs m aad u badan. Waxaan rajeyneynaa inaad na siineyso wax dheeraad ah. Dagaal ayaan ku jirnaa Mawduucyadaada cusub. Bourne-weynta Soomaaliyeed
    Bourne-weynta Soomaaliyeed

  12. No white British rapists?
    How many 'immigrants' are among the hordes of white British child killers, paedophiles, cannibals and necrophiliacs in British jails?
    Neilson, Hindley, Brady, Huntley, Whiting, Fred West, Rose West, Etc......
    Not too many 'coloured' or 'immigrants' among that long list.
    All British creatures!

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