Tuesday, 30 December 2008

The Suicide of Susan McDonald

In November 1997, Milton Brown was found guilty of two counts of rape and one of false imprisonment.

He was jailed for 16 years. The BBC website reported thus, on 6f May 1998:

"Judges in rape trials are being told they must intervene to stop abusive questioning by defendants of their alleged victims. The Lord Chief Justice, Lord Bingham, told judges they had a duty to minimise the trauma suffered by witnesses in lengthy and humiliating cross-examination.

A defendant was entitled to ask questions, but if he deliberately prolonged the process, the judge should call a halt or even take over the interrogation himself to save the complainant from avoidable distress. He said: 'The problems are magnified one hundred-fold where the defendant is motivated by a desire to obstruct the proceedings or to humiliate, intimidate or abuse anyone taking part in it.'

He added that the judge could order a screen between defendant and alleged victim. Lord Bingham was giving judgment refusing Milton Brown leave to appeal against his conviction and 16-year prison sentence for twice raping a woman and indecently assaulting and falsely imprisoning another.

At his Knightsbridge Crown Court trial last November, Brown, 44, sacked his defence team, conducted his own defence and subjected his victims to merciless cross-examination. He paused between questions for up to 10 minutes and made repulsive suggestions to them. Brown's rape victim, who waived her right to anonymity, said Lord Bingham's ruling did not gone far enough.

Mother-of-three Sandra Summers, 38, was subjected to a humiliating cross-examination by Brown. Mrs Summers said: 'Alleged sex attackers should not be allowed to question their victims at all. The ordeal is too terrible. I do not think most women could cope'."
The charity Victim Support agreed and said defendants should be banned from cross-examining rape victims.

"No one is guilty until proven so, but on the other hand when it's down to judges' discretion, the fear that a case might be overturned on appeal might discourage judges from implementing the guidelines,' a spokeswoman said."
In May 2004, Susan McDonald's parents found her decomposing body on the floor of her kitchen in West Norwood, London.

Her body was covered in flies and was surrounded by empty pill bottles.

Coroner Selena Lynch, recording an open verdict, said:

"She may have died from an accidental overdose, there is nothing to suggest suicide."
Speaking outside Southwark Coroner's Court, Susan's mother, Sandra said:

"We are not satisfied with the verdict. Susan never recovered from what happened to her, she was never the same. I am very angry about that."
Stephen Harris, her stepfather, said of Brown:

"It is outrageous. When he comes out he won't even be on the sex offenders register."
Earlier, Sandra had said that her daughter had been abandoned by the justice system as soon as the case ended. She said:

"Susan would be alive now if she had had help. She just couldn't block out the terrible things that happened to her. Her mental scars never healed."
The News of the World reported the above story thus:

"The sad and grisly end of a ruined life. Susan Macdonald, victim of one of the most horrific rapes in British criminal history, has died of a suspected overdose, we can reveal today.

Six years ago the story of Susan's savage three-month rape and torture at the hands of her ex-lover Milton Brown appalled the nation. The grinning fiend even sacked his lawyer and cross-examined her himself in court. Her ordeal there was so harrowing no accused rapist has since been allowed to put his victim through the same agony.

Multiple rapist Brown, now 50, imprisoned her for three months in his crack house hovel in Walworth, south London. He raped her again and again and beat her horrifically, hacking at her with a rusty pick designed for cleaning horses' hooves and leaving her with an 11-inch scar on her arm.

After the court case, Susan, who bravely waived her right to anonymity, said: 'I was at his mercy. I was his prisoner and his sex slave. He would rape me on the floor. I'd scream and fight but he punched me into submission.'

The most vicious assault came when he attacked her with a pool cue. When that broke he continued beating her with a thick piece of wood studded with nails, before throttling her until she passed out."
Milton Brown was the type that the politicians, the press and the politically correct love to understand and feel sorry for.

The type that the politicians, the press and the politically correct love to encourage gullible young British girls like Susan MacDonald to hook up with. Oh, I hate Milton Brown alright, but I hate those mentioned in the previous two sentences even more.

Why don't you?

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