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Mass Murder in London

On 13 July 2005, Nick Griffin, the leader of the British National Party, repeated a prediction that he had made 18 months before, saying:

"Sooner or later THERE WILL BE AN ISLAMIC TERRORIST ATTACK IN BRITAIN. And when it comes the terrorists will turn out to be either asylum seekers or SECOND-GENERATION PAKISTANIS, probably from somewhere like Bradford."
Griffin then added:


So, 18 months on, it emerges that I was nine miles out, and that, by not predicting that the terrorists would be suicide bombers, I under-estimated their fanaticism. But AS A PIECE OF PROPHESY IT WAS SURELY BETTER THAN YOUR AVERAGE WHITTAKERS ALMANAC, AND STREETS AHEAD OF ANYTHING FROM ANY OTHER MODERN BRITISH POLITICIAN, WITH THE HONOURABLE EXCEPTION OF ENOCH POWELL...

The crucial question, however, is whether I should face seven years in prison for making that prediction? For that is the situation in which I find myself. Next Thursday, 21st July, I must answer bail at Leeds Crown Court on charges of using words intended or, having regards to all the circumstances, likely, to incite racial hatred."
What do you think?

Was Nick Griffin right to warn the British people of what he believed certain sections of the Muslim population had in mind? Or do you think the powers-that-be were right in seeking to imprison him for daring to issue such a warning? For those of you who think the powers-that-be were right, you must answer this question as well:

How would you explain your reasoning to those whose loved ones died on 7 July 2005?


On 7 July 2005, four suicide-bombers killed and injured more than a thousand passengers on three underground trains and a London bus. Tony Blair, with, presumably, the encouragement of Ian Blair, the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, had given the go-ahead for the national threat level in the UK to be lowered from ‘severe, general’ to ‘substantial’ just before the bombers struck.

Dewsbury resident, Mohammad Sidique Khan, was married and had one child. His family described him as 'a kind and caring member of our family'.

Hasina Khan, who was pregnant with his second child at the time of the bombing, is a teacher. Khan, himself, had been a teaching assistant at Hillside Primary School in Leeds since 2002. This despite the fact that he was known to be a petty thief.

During its last Ofsted inspection in 2002, the school's learning assistants had been singled out for special praise. Sarah Balfour, the wife of the New Labour MP, John Trickett, is the head teacher at Hillside Primary and was, presumably, responsible for offering him employment at the school.

In 2004, Khan had been the subject of an MI5 'threat assessment'. Officers decided that he posed no threat at that time and no action was taken against him.

Interestingly, the writer and terrorism expert, Charles Shoebridge, a graduate of the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst and a former Metropolitan Police detective with 12 years experience, told BBC's Newshour that he was reasonably certain that Khan must have been actively working for British intelligence. Shoebridge said:
"The amount of information coming out and the quality of information coming out. The fact that that has been so consistently overlooked it would appear by the security service MI5, to me suggests really only one of two options... Either we've got a level of incompetence that would be unusual even for the security services bur possibly, and this IS a possibility, this man KHAN MAY EVEN HAVE BEEN WORKING AS AN INFORMANT FOR THE SECURITY SERVICE. It is difficult otherwise to see how it can be that they've so covered his tracks in the interim."
It is known that, not only had Khan heard the militant Imam, Abu Hamza, preach at the Finsbury Park mosque, he had also lived in the mosque for a time.

Mohammad Sidique Khan killed himself and six other passengers on a circle line train in the Edgware Road bombing.

A resident of the Holbeck area of Leeds, Hasib Hussain’s family describe him as 'a loving and normal young man who gave us no concern'.

This despite being a 'tearaway' during his early teens who would start fights with fellow pupils at the Matthew Murray Secondary school in Leeds.

In July 2003, he left Matthew Murray without attaining a single GCSE. Around this time, he was sent to Pakistan to visit relatives. He also went on the Haj pilgrimage to Mecca, grew a beard and began to wear robes. However, despite becoming devoutly religious, he was arrested for shoplifting in 2004.

On 7 July 2005, he boarded the no 30, double-decker bus in central London and blew it up, slaughtering himself and 13 others in the process.

Shehzad Tanweer was born in Bradford but lived most of his life, as had Mohammed Sidique Khan before he moved to Dewsbury in the Beeston area of Leeds.

His father owns a fish and chip shop in Leeds, one of more than 100,000 high street businesses now owned and run by Asians in Britain. His uncle, Bashir Ahmed, 65, said:

"His parents were loving and supportive. He was a very kind and calm person. He was respected by everyone… He was proud to be British."
In 2004, he was arrested for disorderly conduct and cautioned. In 2005, he went to an Islamic study camp in Pakistan. It is known that, not only had Tanweer heard the militant Imam, Abu Hamza, preach at the Finsbury Park mosque, he had also, like Mohammed Siddique Khan, lived in the mosque for a time.

Shehzad Tanweer detonated a bomb on a Circle Line train between Aldgate and Liverpool Street stations which killed six people and injured over 100 more.

Jamaican immigrant, Germaine Lindsay, spent his teenage years in Huddersfield, moving there in 1999 with his mother and sister, before he left for Aylesbury in 2003.

Like his fellow bombers, therefore, he spent most of his teenage years in West Yorkshire. During this time he changed his name to Jamal Lindsay and began attending after-school classes to improve his knowledge of Islam.

A statement issued by his relatives said Lindsay 'had a kind, caring and calming presence about him. He was a good and loving husband and a brilliant father.'

Lindsay got married to a middle-class, university drop-out called Samantha Lewthwaite, in October 2002, after meeting on the internet. After her conversion to Islam, Ms Lewthwaite had been keen to find a Muslim husband and was 'delighted' when she met Lindsay at a Stop the War march in Hyde Park. In an interview with The Sun, Ms Lewthwaite said:

"He was an innocent, naive and simple man... He got involved in mosques in London and Luton and became a changed person... He was always a peaceful man who loved people... He was so angry when he saw Muslim civilians being killed on the streets of Iraq, Bosnia, Palestine and Israel... He kissed our child goodbye and then crept off to blow up King’s Cross... All good Muslims have to fight against evil."
She says that because of her husband’s 'love of people', she could not believe what he did and added:

"He was a loving husband and father... He would never have killed himself and left me alone to bring up our children."
Thing is, Samantha, whether he realised that he was going to blow himself up or not, what cannot be denied is that your 'loving husband and father' was quite prepared to leave a great many other wives to bring up their children alone. And just as happy to leave a great many children fatherless.

Lewthwaite is, now, living in a safe house with her children Abdullah and Ruqayyah.

On 8 August 2005, The Huddersfield Daily Examiner reported thus:

"Former addict Juliet Davidson has revealed how she used to buy heroin and crack cocaine from teenage bomber Jermaine Lindsay in Dalton. The single mother - who has been free from drugs for three years - said she was shocked to discover her former dealer was at the centre of the London terrorist attacks. Lindsay was the terrorist who carried a bomb on to a Tube train at Kings Cross on July 7, killing 26 people. Juliet said:

'I was absolutely gobsmacked. I could have understood him attacking someone, but not a bomb. I never thought he would have killed himself like that.'

Juliet, 26, first met Lindsay - known to her as G - five years ago outside a row of shops in Harp Inge, Dalton. He was just 14 at the time and a student at Rawthorpe High School. She said: 'He used to hang around and when I was going there to score one day he asked me to get my drugs off him. I used to get heroin and crack cocaine off him every day for about two years. I saw him change a lot in the last year I was scoring. When I saw him wearing his Islam outfit I thought what's he up to? He was always going on about racism. He thought all white people were trash and said he was going to get them all on drugs to kill them off. I don't think he was into anything more himself than a bit of cannabis.'

Juliet, formerly of Rawthorpe, said Lindsay also became more aggressive as time went on... 'He started getting arrogant and snapping at anything. He once badly beat up someone I knew for just a fiver. He looked down his nose at everybody. I can't understand why people are saying he was a nice person. He wasn't... He thought all white people were trash and said he was going to get them all on drugs to kill them off."
Is there anyone out there who thinks Lindsay is the only immigrant in particular and non-white person in general who ever entertained such a thought in recent times?

When Tony Blair was saying that we need another 200,000 legal immigrants entering our country every year, he was well aware that some of them would be thinking thoughts like this before and after they got here. When the PC crowd were assuring how beneficial immigration would be for all of us dinosaur Brits, they were well aware that many of the immigrants that they were promoting and ecouraging up to the hilt would, once they got here, turn upon those who had given them sanctuary.

Why didn't such knowledge give Tony Blair and the PC crowd pause for thought? Because they are at war with us, ladies and gentlemen. When the 'white trash' get 'killed off' by drugs or suicide bombs, THEY are winning that war.

Lindsay, who also heard the militant Imam, Abu Hamza, preach at the Finsbury Park mosque, murdered 26 people in the Kings Cross bombing and injured hundreds more.

Khan, Tanweer and Lindsay attended Abu Hamza’s sermons at the Finsbury Park mosque.

Perhaps they heard him state the following and took it heart:

"You don't have to travel thousands and thousands of miles to become a shaheed. (Martyr/witness) You can be shaheed RIGHT ON YOUR OWN DOORSTEP. May Allah open our eyes for what's good for us, so we don't waste our Muslim blood far away."
On 29 December 1998, as a result of a bungled rescue attempt by Yemeni security forces, Ruth Williamson, Margaret Whitehouse and Peter Rowe were killed.

They had been kidnapped by Islamic terrorist along with thirteen others.

The catalyst for the abduction was the arrest of ten British Asians by the Yemeni authorities, who were suspected of planning terrorist attacks. The kidnappers demanded the release of the would-be terrorists, who included in their number the son and stepson of Abu Hamza.

On 11 February 2006, the BBC revealed that the kidnap gang had been in touch with Abu Hamza, himself. Recordings of satellite phone conversations were compiled by GCHQ and made available to the security services. At the same time, Tony Blair was supplied with a dossier on Abu Hamza by the President of the Yemen. Thus, Blair was aware of Abu Hamza's links to militant Muslim groups responsible for the deaths of British citizens a full eight years before Hamza was found guilty of terrorist related offences at the Old Bailey.

Hamxa's eventual arrest only occurred as a result of an American request that he be extradited to face terror charges. If they hadn't wanted him, he might well be free today. This, in spite of the fact that an enormous body of damning evidence was held by the authorities, which detailed numerous incidences of his inciting his followers to murder.

In February 2006, Abu Hamza al-Masri was jailed for seven years after being found guilty of 11 of the 15 charges of inciting murder and race hate. Here are some of the things that he is known to have said in Britain, whilst Tony Blair's government sat on its hands and did nothing.

After 9/11, Hamza said:

"Many people will be happy."
"Bin Laden is a good guy. Everyone likes him in the Muslim world."
"The real weapons of mass destruction are the desire for martyrdom. Millions of you are ready to be shaheed. Half a million martyrdom shaheed is enough for Muslims to control the whole of earth forever. IN THE END OF THE DAY, ISLAM MUST CONTROL EARTH."
"You must know the cause of Allah and you must help that cause in fighting… When you fight you kill, you don't fight just to negotiate or to show off or to make videos or to make audios, fight to kill not fight to tape."
"The Jews will be destroyed, the state will be destroyed."
"The Jews will never leave Palestine. The Jews will be buried there… The tunnels that they dug underneath the al-Aqsa mosque will be filled with their skulls and their bodies and whatever they corrupted with their wealth... It is decreed that it will be the biggest Jewish graveyard in the world."
"We do not want the Jews to pull away from Palestine, but we want them to be buried there. This is God's decree."
"We hate them for their corruption on earth. A Jew cannot look a Muslim in the eye, or pass him, knowing they have oppressed a Muslim. So the nation of Muhammed must regain their dignity and this dignity will not be regained unless with blood."
"If he comes and says I'm a sheikh or I'm a Muslim and my country is oppressing me and I come here for your protection, then he cannot steal or kill anywhere. But if he comes as a secular person, then if he comes with a different name in a false passport, call himself, for example Simon... and he's Muhammed in this, then HE CAN, HE CAN, HE CAN KILL, HE CAN STEAL, HE CAN EVERYTHING."
The Blairs, Tony and Ian, almost certainly knew most of this stuff for years before four suicide bombers killed 52 people in London. Abu Hamza wasn't responsible for the deaths in Yemen and London. Tony Blair, those who own him and the moral detritus that tags along behind him, were responsible.

On 1 November 2005, three months after the bombings, a memorial service for the dead was held in St. Paul's cathedral.

Sean, the father of Ciaran Cassidy, one of the 26 victims of the Russell Square blast, said this to a BBC reporter:

“The government could have come to us a little bit earlier... This is the first time we have had contact... The government were having contact with the Muslim community within 24 hours of the bombs going off. Why didn't they come and see some of us? We were the ones that were suffering.”
They didn't come and see you, Sean, because they don't give a damn about you and your suffering. The Blairs only gives a damn about those who can help them slither to the top of the greasy pole and those who can keep them there. Tony Blair cares about Big Brother, Big Business, Big America, Big Israel and the topmost elite of the global village, the movers and shakers of the New World Order.

You and your lad, as far as the likes of him are concerned, are just part of the dumb herd, cannon fodder in time of war, slaughterhouse fare in time of peace.

When such as yourself break out of the corral and speak as truthfully as you did here, you can cause embarasssment. But until outrage and mobilisation replace the bewilderment that most feel at the monumental 'mistakes' that every shade of government keep on making, things will never change.

Until the British people wake up, look around, and admit what the powers-that-be have done to them, until it finally dawns on them that the the bad guys are at war with the good, that it is the law-abiding whom the CCTV cameras are pointed at, that it is the decent the Tony Blairs want held back, held down, imprisoned, tethered, tortured and, eventually, disposed of, the Ciarans will continue to die.

After a tragedy such as that constructed by the Muslim suicide bombers, you might have expected some of the most PC in parliament to rein in their horns a little.

After all, is their encouragement and promotion of everything alien led directly to the deaths of the fifty two victims. However, in the days that followed the bombings, only one parliamentary EDM could be said to have been in any way critical of the government's immigration policy. This said:

"This House, following the recent statement of the Prime Minister that several hundred individuals had left the UK to train in terrorist camps abroad and had then been allowed back into this country, calls upon the Government to take swift action to prevent such individuals being able to return to the UK and continue to go about their business as free agents in society."
On the other hand, there was a plethora of EDMs, introduced in the fortnight following the bombings, whch demonstrated concern for the 'minority communities', 'ethnic minorities' 'the Asian community', 'asylum and immigration', 'refugees', 'refugee families' 'race Relations', 'foreign students', 'discrimination', 'inclusiveness and diversity' and 'the diverse and multicultural character of the UK'.
One of these EDMs said this:

"This House is concerned at the proposal... to end the practice of granting indefinite leave to remain in the UK... it is a retrograde step since it reverses the policy of granting indefinite leave... without any evidence either that problems have arisen as a result of the current policy."
Do you get that? 'Without any evidence… that problems hve arisen as a result of the current policy'. Fifty two people were dead, nine hundred more lay terribly injured, and those we vote for were still insisting, less than a week after the bombings, that our asylum system is perfectly OK and shouldn't be amended in any way. No matter how many people have to die we must not hurt the feelings of the immigrant under any circumstances, even if they are preaching hatred and mass murder in the mosques.

Another EDM said:

"This House... notes... the reports of over 100 separate racial attacks against members of the British Asian community since 7th July; and urges the Government to do everything in its power to ensure that those responsible are dealt with immediately so that nothing imperils the diverse and multicultural character of the UK."
Yep, we should definitely do everything in our power to catch those who call the non-white with the knapsack naughty names, all right! We don't want such darling types rushing off back to Pakistan or Jamaica in tears, now do we? I mean, if they did, it might just 'imperil the diverse and multicultural character of the UK!'

Another EDM said:

"This House fully supports the 120 vice-chancellors of UK universities in their objection to the plans to tighten visa rules for foreign students."

Yep, those foreign students bring a bit of dosh and intelligence into the country, don't they? And the fact that they bring a lot of other stuff, which might not be quite so nice, well, who cares? It's only the racists and the Nazis who are bothered about bombs and diseases and rape and murder and ethnic cleansing anyway.

Another EDM said:

"This House... following the London bombings on 7th July, condemns all the subsequent attacks on minority communities... recalls and condemns the several attacks suffered... by minority communities following the New York atrocity of 11th September 2001; and so urges the Home Secretary, chief constables and local authorities to take very seriously... any such attacks."
I don't disagree with this. It's pretty obvious stuff. If someone behaves unpleasantly towards someone else, sort 'em out! That's what is supposed to happen. Why bother making a meal of it? Instead of stating the bleeding obvious, why did you not bother, you PC types who signed this EDM, to criticise those who disintegrated 52 people whom they'd never even met? Why didn't you have a go at them for once in your life?

One might expect, especially at a time when certain members of the immigrant community had expressed their hatred of the native population in the most extreme way possible, that the parliamentary PC crowd might demonstrate a little compassion towards us for a change. You might imagine that some of those who signed these latter four EDMs might just have been tempted to sign the one that called 'upon the Government to take action to prevent' the bad guys from returning to the UK and continuing 'their business as free agents in society'.

Well, one or two of them did but most did not. What follows is a list of all those MPs who signed any of the last four EDMs quoted, who did not sign the first one. The figure in brackets denotes the number of EDMs signed.

Conservative Party: Peter Bottomley, (4) Peter Luff, (2) John Randall (1).

New Labour Party: Diane Abbott, (2) Clive Betts, (1) David Borrow, (2) Richard Burden, (2) Martin Caton, (3) Michael Clapham, (3) David Clelland, (1) Harry Cohen, (1) Jeremy Corbyn, (3) Jon Cruddas, (1) David Drew, (2) Clive Efford, (3) Louise Ellman, (1) Helen Goodman, (1) Neil Gerrard, (4) David Hamilton, (1) David Heyes, (1) Jimmy Hood, (1) Eric Illsley, (1) Glenda Jackson, (3) Piara Khabra, (1) Sadiq Khan, (1) Mark Lazarowicz, (1) David Lepper, (1) Tony Lloyd, (1) Andrew Love, (2) Khalid Mahmood, (1) Shahid Malik, (1) Rob Marris, (3) Robert Marshall Andrews, (1) Chris McCafferty, (2) Ann McKechin, (1) John McDonnell, (3) Alan Meale, (1) Julie Morgan, (3) Sandra Osborne, (1) Greg Pope, (1) Joan Ruddock, (3) Mohammed Sarwar, (1) Alan Simpson, (4) John P Smith, (2) Peter Soulsby, (2) Desmond Turner, (1) Keith Vaz, (2) Betty Williams. (2)

Liberal Democrats: John Barrett, (1) Tom Brake, (2) Annette Brooke, (3) Vincent Cable, (3) Sandra Gidley, (2) Nick Harvey, (2) Paul Holmes, (3) David Howarth, (1) Simon Hughes, (2) John Leech, (3) Greg Mulholland, (1) Paul Rowen, (1) Andrew Stunell, (3) Jo Swinson, (1) Sarah Teather, (3) Mark Williams, (1) Stephen Williams. (2)

Social Democratic and Labour Party: Mark Durcan. (2)

Plaid Cymru: Elfyn Llwyd, Hywel Williams. (2)

Respect: George Galloway. (1)

Scottish National Party: Mike Weir. (1)

Ulster Unionist Party: Sylvia Hermon. (1)

So, Peter Bottomley, Neil Gerrard and Alan Simpson were quite happy to sign all four immigrant-fondling EDMs that were introduced in the wake of the mass murder that took place in London on 7/7. And yet, they were not moved to sign an EDM which might have made it a bit more difficult for those who had 'left the UK to train in terrorist camps' to get back into the UK.

I say these creeps are traitors to their tribe.

What do you say?

On 6 September 2005, the BBC reported thus:

"Families of the 7 July suicide bombers should be allowed to attend the national memorial service for the victims, according to London's mayor. KEN LIVINGSTONE SAID THEY SHOULD NOT BE TURNED AWAY from the 1 November mass at St Paul's Cathedral for the 52 victims...

Speaking at his weekly press conference at City Hall, Mr Livingstone said: 'They have to decide if they want to come and share the grief of Londoners and celebrate the lives of those that were killed on the day. IT WOULD, I THINK, BE PARTICULARLY OFFENSIVE TO TURN PEOPLE AWAY."
How much more offensive would it be to have the mothers of the mass murderers sitting next to the mothers of those they murdered? Ladies and gents, if you don't realise by now, what manner of men have been ruling our lives for the last forty years, look no further than this politically correct directive from Red Ken Livingstone. In my world, the real one, where the blood of red-blooded Englishmen still boils, such dreadful creatures as this fatuous tw*t are hated with every bit as much fury and righteous fervour as those who killed so many in July, 2005.

Speaking of fatuous tw*ts, just after the bombings occurred, the Deputy Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Brian Paddick, said:

"We are content that the security level was appropriate."
Which, you have to admit, was a pretty stupid thing to say. The day after four Muslims killed 52 people and injured hundreds more, he said something even more stupid. "Islam and terrorism don't go together," he said.

Thus spake the bloke who was, at the time, three from the top of the cop shop in London. This was what was protecting us from the bad guys. If you want to know a bit more about a Lib Dem Mayoral candidate who was once the Met's most openly homosexual bigshot, go here: Lambeth People Tend to be More Forward Thinking

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