Wednesday, 31 December 2008

The Murder of Ann Cook

On 9 May 2000, Ann Cook was murdered as she as she walked her dog in a Watford park.

In court, Leon Amos was said to have been 'looking for a lone female on whom he could take out his desires.'

Anne had been terrified of walking her dog alone without her twin sister, who had moved away from the area. However, she kept on walking her King Charles spaniel Elvy despite her fears.

Amos had been prowling bare-chested in the bushes for some time and had already stalked another woman before he turned his attentions to Anne.

She did her best to fight him off but, enraged by her spirited refusal to give in to his brute lust, Amos stabbed her to death.

He was arrested nine days later.

In court, Brian Escott-Cox QC, prosecuting, said this:
"She was stabbed to death by that man, a complete stranger lurking in that park with a large knife waiting for a completely random victim to come along to pounce on her with rape or murder in mind.

She lashed at Amos with her dog lead, gave him a black eye and suffered gashes to the arm and hand fending off his blows. But his plans for rape frustrated, he plunged a six-inch long kitchen knife into her chest and then fled…

The knife was later recovered from bushes on the motorway embankment. Forensic tests showed found it was stained with both Amos’s and Miss Cook’s blood."
Following a four-week trial, Leon Amos was found guilty of murder and imprisoned for life.

His brothers, Jerry and Peter, were jailed for 21 months and one month respectively for assisting an offender and perverting the course of justice.

Ann is pictured below:

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