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The Murder of Ashley Hedger

On 16 January 2004, 16-year-old schoolboy, Ashley Hedger, was murdered in Plaistow, London.

Ashley was with four other teenagers, two of whom were black. Apparently, one of the black youths tried to steal a mobile phone from two Asian youths. The Asians fled into a nearby mosque from whence an angry mob emerged. Ashley and those he was with were then chased by the mob. Even though he had nothing to do with the alleged theft, Ashley was caught, beaten savagely, stabbed four times and left with the murder weapon implanted in his head. He was taken to Newham General Hospital and died two hours later.

Roshan Singh, the owner of the store outside of which Ashley was attacked, said:

"A group of boys were beating this one poor lad. He had been knifed in his temple and was covered in blood. They were all Asian teenage lads and they were attacking one white boy, who is a regular visitor to my shop. He fell on the floor and I saw he had a knife in his head. It was stuck into his head near his eye, half in, half out. There was no handle, just the blade of the knife."
This is how the Black Information Link dealt with Ashley's murder:

"The cancerous neo-Nazi National Front plan to march for the second time in the fortnight over another so-called 'race attack' this Sunday. The far-right extremists plan to demonstrate and to lay a wreath in memory of Ashley Hedger, a white 16-year-old who was killed in Newham, east London, earlier this month...

The NF demo is a re-run of a similar far-right protest two weeks ago, when a group of around 30 thugs marched through Woolwich, south-east London, over the murder of white lifeguard Terry Gregory, 19, who was killed in December last year... The neo-Nazi group... also have a section of their race-hate website dedicated to alleged white victims.

However suspicion is growing that most, if not all, of their cases are bogus when it comes to a racial element involved the crimes."
Alleged white victims?

Bogus cases? Are all the dead Britons listed within this document a figment of my imagination? Perhaps they're all just digital characters in some unfashionable computer game? Were all the killers National Front members masquerading as first and second-generation immigrants just to give them a bad name?

Are we really supposed to heave a sigh of relief if an immigrant gang murders a white boy but, hallelujah, praise the Lord, they killed him because they felt like it and not because he was white? Anyway, they did kill him because he was white. You know it, I know it, they know it, the Black Information Link knows it. Everybody knows it.

You're just not supposed to say it or think it.

If you're white.

Seven people were arrested in connection with the death of Ashley Hedger, five on suspicion of murder and two on suspicion of attempted murder.

They were all let out on bail. By November 2004, Mohammed Alim, Albab Chowdhury and Amran Siddik had been cleared after the various juries failed to reach a verdict. Raju Rahman had already been discharged.

As of November 2005, Mohammed Hai, the elder brother of one of the two Muslim youths who were mugged, was the only member of the Asian gang who killed Ashley still on trial for his murder. In December, Hai told an Old Bailey jury that he had been in bed at the time of the stabbing but most of the jury did not believe him and he was convicted of murder by a majority verdict.

The one juror who didn't want to find Hai guilty was told that he and a good few more God-filled Asian worshippers had emerged from a Plaistow mosque to chase after Ashley and Hai had done so armed with a ceremonial knife. This because another Asian had, mistakenly, pointed Ashley out as one of the muggers.

After they caught up with him, the mob kicked and punched him to the ground as he begged for mercy and Hai stabbed him in the heart, back and neck before slamming his ceremonial knife through his temple and deep into his brain.

Albeit his 'ceremonial' knife was supposed to be a religious symbol, he tossed it soon afterwards and took off back to Bangladesh without it. However, the authorities, for once, managed to get the bad guy back and he was convicted.

Now, why do you think one member of the jury would want to find a savage like Hai innocent?

Politically correctness? Ethnicity? Axe to grind or just plain stupid? Whatever the reason, the rest of us have to inhabit the same anarchic sewer as that juror. Am I alone in thinking that those who would pardon the non-native criminal of any crime should, themselves, be punished?

Am I alone in thinking that those who created such a world for the British people to live in should be arrested, tried for treason and found guilty?

God help us all if I am.

This is Ashley:

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  1. Your never forgotten cuz allways in our heart and thoughts, we love and miss u very much xx RIP xx