Tuesday, 30 December 2008

The Murder of Brian Bennett

On 27 July 1994, Newham grandfather, Bryan Bennett, was murdered at a day care centre in, Stratford, East London.

Stephen Laudat, a schitzophrenic who had previously been imprisoned for armed robbery, stabbed Bryan 82 times because he thought his victim was the gang leader Ronnie Kray.

Laudat was released from Kneesworth psychiatric hospital in December, 1993, just seven months before the killing. In October and November 1993, the ward manager warned in writing that Laudat posed a 'potential and threat of violence to both males and females,' adding:

"I fear he may well relapse in the future if he remains medication-free, increasing potential for re-offending, a danger to himself and others."
Nevertheless, at a meeting on 25 November, it was decided that there were insufficient grounds to warrant his detention beyond the end of the restriction order (6 December) and that he had to be released.

Thus, Laudat was released because his prison sentence expired and not because anyone thought that he was ready to re-enter the community.

He was released because staff felt that there was no alternative but to release him despite their doubts.

Laudat was discharged into bed and breakfast accommodation in 1994 without medication. Neither of the doctors had responsibility for him attended the discharge meeting. No date was set for a review of the after-care plan. At this time he began to attend the day centre where he would later kill Bryan.

A consultant psychiatrist with Newham Community Health Services Trust and her junior have left their posts since Bryan's death and Kneesworth psychiatric hospital has said that it is appointing an ethnic development officer.

Kim Bennett, Bryan's daughter said:

"CARE IN THE COMMUNITY IS NOT WORKING. How many more murders do we have to hear about? How many more families will have to suffer?"

Oh, that's an easy one to answer, Kim.

We will have to hear about an infinite number of murders and an equally infinite number of families will have to suffer. Things will never change until the British people vote someone into power who cares about them. As long as we keep choosing the worst people in the world to run our lives then we will remain at the mercy of the worst people in the world forever.

As a wise man once said:

"If you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got!

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