Tuesday, 23 December 2008

The Murder of Christopher Yates

On 7 November 2004, Christopher Yates was murdered in the car park of the University of East London in Barking.

Christopher, who was a former student at the University and lived nearby with his mother, had been out celebrating a girlfriend's birthday. After walking the birthday girl to her bus, he was set upon, in a completely unprovoked assault, by a gang of Asian men. He was knocked to the ground, his head 'was kicked like a football' and he was stamped upon repeatedly.

The court heard that, after the attack, Sajid Zulfigar was heard to shout:

"We have killed the white man. That will teach an Englishman to interfere in Paki business."
After eight Asian men were originally arrested and questioned, only Zulfigar, Zahid Bashir and Imran Maqsood eventually stood trial at the Old Bailey. Anthony Leonard QC, prosecuting, said the defendants had been drinking and added:

"It was on any view a ferocious attack, after he was felled to the ground he was kicked about the body and head and his head was stamped on with some force. He was kicked violently... The three defendants were stood around the deceased and began to kick him and stamp on him once he had fallen to the ground. One witness likened the noises he heard to someone playing football, he could hear kicking and stamps...

A post mortem was carried out... Severe force had been used to cause injuries to the head. The deceased had sustained extensive fracturing to the facial bones as a result of multiple stamps or kicks.

There were no signs he had tried to defend himself."
Chris' attackers, who went on to assault two other people and damage several cars before fleeing the scene, were arrested five days later 200 miles away in Pontefract.

Maqsood, Bashir and Sajid Zulfiqar were found guilty of Christopher's murder and sentenced to life imprisonment. Judge Martin Stephens suggested that the evidence did not show the attack was racially motivated saying:

"Between you that morning, you attacked people of all races, white, black and Asian. These, in my judgment, were random attacks carried out on people who had the misfortune to come across you in your drink-fuelled rampage."
Here, Stephens equates an 'attack' where the Asian gang shouted racist abuse at a black man who remonstrated with them and a minor scuffle in a restaurant, with Christopher's murder.

Detective Chief Inspector Tony Boxall, speaking after the sentencing, said:

"Whether the motivation was racial, I think only the three defendants can tell us that."
Ah, how wrong one copper can be.

I can tell you that the motivation was racial, so could everyone else who bothered to read the trial transcripts.

"We have killed the white man. That will teach an Englishman to interfere in Paki business."
Now, what should that tell a Boxall and a Stephens? It tells me that these three wanted to teach a 'harmless' English lad a lesson.

Just for being English.

Kicking his head 'like a football' and stamping on it until he is dead will teach a very definitive lesson to the English man who dares to occupy the same place on the planet as these for the time it takes to expunge his life.

In the otherworld of Detective Chief Inspectors and High Court Judges, this was merely a 'random' attack and Christopher's death was a 'misfortune,' nothing more.

In the real world, where Christophers are dying every day at the hands of those who do not belong here, there are one or two who know that there are many, for reasons of preferment alone, who are prepared to collude with the genocide of their own.

Such a minimised death remains unknown outside of the immediate family circle. An iconicised death, such as that of Stephen Lawrence and Anthony Walker, becomes a part of the national psyche.

Whether a murder is 'racial' or not, it doesn't matter much to the dead person or the dead person's family. But the slugs at the head of the slimetrail want the common herd to understand that though 'all animals are equal, some are more equal than others.'

Thus, a category of 'racially motivated' crime was introduced, so that the totality of the unreconstructed, English dinosaur type could be extra-specially vilified and punished for the monstrous behaviours of the nasty few. At the same time, every effort had always to be made to wriggle out of any possibility of labelling the murderer who was not white and British 'racist.'

Ivor Yates, Christopher's father, said that he was disappointed with the minimum sentence of 15 years.

"We had hoped for perhaps 18 or 20 years, mainly because it was an unprovoked attack, very brutal and vicious."
He added:

"Not a single day goes by without Christopher's memory being in our thoughts and in our prayers".
Prayers are not enough when Allah appears to be on the side of the bad guys, Ivor. A family statement read:

"He would never have hurt a fly, let alone another person. We could never have wished for a finer, more likeable, loveable and adorable son, brother and friend... He was full of life, always cheerful and smiling...

Tragically, Christopher has been taken away from us and we are at a loss for words at this senseless act".
"At a loss for words"?

"Senseless act"?

Is only the Nationalist who knows this stuff? Is it only us who sees the many, many elephants in the room? Are you all really as oblivious to the reality of our world as you make out?

Is there still some ultra-pleasant, hail-fellow-well-met nice guy out there, who would walk through any of the many non-indigenous no-go areas in the early hours of the morning, with a smile on his face, a song in his heart, trustfully certain that, if he wishes no harm to anyone, none will wish harm to him?

In that case, the brute conspirators, who have shepherded so many Christophers into the slaughterhouse over the last hundred years, have won and the great, white tribes of the earth will all soon be gone.

This is Chris:


  1. RIP Chris x may those bastards rot in hell !

  2. This is so sad news, I knew Chris from school and my heart goes out to his family, he was a lovely person. RIP mate.