Sunday, 21 December 2008

The Murder of Dawn Thrussell

On 25 August 2002, 22-year-old Dawn Thrussel was knocked down outside the Goose and Carrot pub in Croydon.

She died two hours later.

On 23 January 2004, ic South London reported thus:

"Geraldine Kelly said Marvin Audain just smirked as she screamed at him to slow down... Audain, 27, who was almost three times over the limit, had been drinking at Edwards, in High Street, Croydon. Miss Kelly was in the bar with her cousin to celebrate a wedding earlier that day. She began chatting to Audain and he bought her a drink before they left at 2am. She said:

'The driver and his friend came out and we got talking to them. He used a remote control to open the car. I thought we were just going for a spin.'

Audain climbed behind the wheel of his Vauxhall Calibra 16-valve coupe with Miss Kelly in the passenger seat and Karen Larkin in the back seat. She said:

'It was uncomfortable the way he took off. We just went straight to the traffic lights.' At a set of traffic lights, Audain stuck his middle finger up at another motorist before roaring away, the court heard. Miss Kelly said:

'We were going at high speed. The car was just flying at this stage, overtaking, weaving in and out of traffic really fast. We were screaming at him to slow down. He just kept going. He paid no attention to us. Just kind of smirking to himself as if he did not care.'

Miss Kelly said two people started to cross the road in front of them near the junction of St James' Road with Wellesley Road... 'I saw the two people just about to cross the road, stepping off the step. I said to the driver: 'Watch the people'. Then I looked at him and he just said:

'I'LL KNOCK THEM DOWN!' The last I saw of her she was just about to step on the traffic island. I heard an awful bang on the windscreen.'

The car continued across the road junction and collided with a telegraph pole. Miss Kelly said she got out of the car and ran to Miss Thrussell, from Putney, but Audain tried to pull her away.

Audain, of Birbeck Road, Beckenham, has admitted causing death by dangerous driving, but denies murder, manslaughter and causing grievous bodily harm with intent".
Audain, who was three times over the drink-drive limit, was found not guilty of murder. His plea of causing death by dangerous driving was accepted and he was sentenced to just five years in jail. Dawn's father said:

"You hear about robbers getting 10 years. Our daughter is dead and he has got five."
A Judge and a jury may have found this creep not guilty of murder.

You and me?

"I'll knock them down."

Guilty as charged.

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