Monday, 29 December 2008

The Murder of Lorna Stewart

On the 10 September 2002, Lorna Stewart was murdered at her west London beauty salon in Chiswick, West London.

Rena Salmon's mother was a prostitute, her father, Tathar Uddin, was Bangladeshi. He disappeared before she was born.

In court, Salmon's sister, Sabeya Uddin, said that their mother had called them 'little black bastards' and scrubbed them with bleach when they were children.

At thirteen Salmon was boasting about her sexual exploits and her teachers described her as 'wild.' A school friend said:

"If anyone crossed her she would take revenge without any thought for the consequences."

Salmon met her husband Paul whilst they were serving in the Army. They became friends with Lorna and her husband after moving to Great Shefford in Berkshire. However, after a while, Paul and Lorna started an affair and set up home together in Iver, Buckinghamshire.

After she realised her husband would not be coming back, Salmon tried to persuade her children, both under 14 at the time, to commit suicide with her.

On one occasion, she took morphine washed down with a bottle of port as she sat in her Mercedes and then drove round to Lorna's house, where she threw the bottle through a downstairs window before passing out. She also threatened Lorna many times and, on one occasion, physically attacked her.

She was seen parked outside Lorna's salon up to three times a week and, in May 2001, it burned down. Salmon was the chief suspect but nothing was ever proved.

Three days before the killing, Salmon said Lorna had told her that she and Paul were getting married and intended to have children. On hearing this Salmon said that she would shoot Lorna in such a way that she would not be able to conceive.

The jury at Salmon's trial heard how she took her husband's shotgun to Lorna's beauty salon and in a fit of 'anger and revenge,' shot her twice in the lower abdomen. Lorna died almost immediately. The child she was carrying was also killed.

Peter Clarke QC suggested Salmon was as 'cool as a cucumber' when she murdered Lorna. He accused her of exaggerating her past for the psychiatrists. He said:

"I suggest you have gone back to your childhood to find an excuse for your filthy temper."

Judge Neil Denison told Salmon:

"You know that there is only one sentence I can pass for the offence of murder and that is the one I do pass, life."

Salmon's niece, Saedia Bibi, said:

"We had thought that things were looking good for her. We knew she would be found guilty but thought she might have been convicted of manslaughter. She will not be able cope with this sentence."

Rena Salmon's nephew, Imtiaz Hussain, the son of her sister, Sabeya Uddin, is also serving a life sentence.

In January 2000, he murdered Iain McKay.

Lorna is seen below alongside the woman who killed her:

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