Tuesday, 23 December 2008

The Murder of Mandy Skedd

On 23 November 2004, 30-year-old Mandy Skedd was murdered at her home in the St. Ann's area of Nottingham.

47-year-old Mark Odeyemi, the father of her five-year-old child, stabbed Mandy repeatedly and cut her throat after she told him that their nine-year affair was over. She was babysitting two small children at the time and it is thought that they both witnessed Mandy's death. Indeed, when her body was discovered, the nine-month-old boy was found to be covered in her blood.

Nottingham Crown Court heard that before the killing Odeyemi told several people what he planned to do. The court was also told that, after the killing, he left a note for her new boyfriend on her body. This read:

"Tell Eddie thank you."
Detective Superintendant Jason Caunt said that 'he was drinking and laughing in the pub' after the killing and boasting to a friend about what he had done. Caunt added:

"He was using Mandy's phone to text her family and friends beckoning them to come back to the house".
Jailing Odeyemi for life, Judge Milmo instructed that he should serve at least 21 years and 5 months before being considwered for parole. A spokesperson for Nottinghamshire Crown Prosecution Service said:

"Mark Odeyemi is a brutal killer, so preoccupied with murder that he was prepared to kill even though two young children were in the house. Leaving the children in the house with the victim's mutilated body and placing a gloating note nearby shows the heartlessness of his actions."
In a prepared statement, Mandy's family said:

"The day Mandy died will haunt our family forever. We cannot bear to think how she suffered. When Odeyemi killed our beloved Mandy he also took a little girl's mother away. We will never forgive him for that".
They also said she was a 'fun-loving person' and a 'wonderful mother' and added: 'Everyone she came into contact with loved her.'

Including Odeyemi it seems, who loved her so much, he decided that, if he couldn't have her, nobody would.

The 'love' of such brute, unfeeling psychopaths, British girls can do without.

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