Tuesday, 30 December 2008

The Murder of Mark Sharp

On 30 August 1995, Mark Sharp died in hospital in Luton, Bedfordshire.

He had been attacked three days earlier by a gang of Asians.

Mark was driving his car in Luton and was forced to brake sharply when another car driven by Abdul Shahid stopped suddenly in front of him. Mark overtook, making a rude gesture as he did so. Shortly afterwards he parked his car in High Town Road. The other car pulled up beside him and four Asians got out and confronted him.

These were Abdul Shahid, Jomir and Forid Miah and Abdul Tahid. Even though it was four to one, Tahid felt it necessary to telephone for reinforcements

Subsequently, Abdul Abbadin and Rejan Uddin and two others arrived and they came armed.

A Mr. Tatham, who owned a nearby laundrette, witnessed the attack. From inside the laundrette he saw a man hit out at Mark who then fell. He heard someone shout: "Stab him!" and added:

"When Mr. Sharp was in a crouching position they all converged. They were fighting to get one in. There was kicking and everything, hitting and kicking. When Sharp was lying down the group was hitting and kicking."
Another witness, a Mr. Harper, described how four or five Asians were arguing with Mark:

"They were pulling things out of their sleeves and started to hit him. They looked like poles and bars. I think they all had a weapon like a chrome bar, looked like, and one looked like a wooden bar about two feet long...

They started hitting the man, pushing him to the floor and beating him. I could see all the blood. I thought about five were involved in the attack...

All of them started pushing him about, knocked him to the floor and kicked and beat him... He had no chance really. He tried to defend himself, but did not get much chance."
Ian Smith, a ten-year-old boy, was watching from the window of a flat.

He saw one of the 'reinforcements' take part of a snooker cue from his sleeve and watched as he attacked Mark with it. He said:

"He didn't make him go down and the white man turned and looked around. Then another Asian kicked him. He banged off the railings of the church and fell down. Then all of them just started hitting him, stamping on him and kicking him. All the men who came down the road had sticks as well. These sticks were all the same as the first stick that I just described.

When the white man fell to the ground, the Asians with sticks hit him with their sticks. Others were stamping on him and kicking him. All of them were attacking him. No-one was trying to stop what was happening."
The gang carried on kicking and beating him even when he was lying lifeless on the ground. At some point Mark was also stabbed in the head.

Nevertheless, Mark hung on for three days.

Then he died.

On 11 July 1996, Rejan Uddin and Abdul Tahid were convicted of murder and sentenced to life.

At the trial, the Judge explained to the jury how they could consider PROVOCATION as a defence. This might reduce murder to manslaughter if they considered that any of the accused had been caused to lose their self-control by things that Mark had said or done which might have been 'ENOUGH TO MAKE A REASONABLE YOUNG ASIAN MALE ACT.' He added:

"If the answer is yes then HE IS GUILTY OF MANSLAIGHTER (not murder) BY REASON OF PROVOCATION."
Jomir Miah, Abdul Shahid and Forid Miah were acquitted of murder but convicted of manslaughter.

Forid Miah and Abdul Shahid were sentenced to four years imprisonment.

Jomir Miah was sentenced to four years detention in a Young Offenders Institution.

Abdul Abedin fled to Bangladesh. A warrant for his arrest was issued but a Bangladeshi High Commission spokesman said:

"We have no extradition treaty with Britain. It can only be done on goodwill now. It depends on how serious the British government is."
On 26 April 2004, the BBC website reported thus:

"Abdul Abedin, 31, fled the UK following the death of Mark Sharp, 37, in High Town Road, Luton, Bedfordshire. Mr. Abedin is believed to have been held in Bangladesh for 43 months awaiting extradition before he returned to England and turned himself in."
Yet another foreigner who would rather be banged up in Britain than at liberty in the land where his ancestors are buried.

On 12 May 1998, the convictions of Abdul Shahid and Forid Miah were quashed. Luton Crown Court was then told that:

"The murder charge had been substituted by one of wounding."
So, if you put two fingers up at an Asian who almost causes a traffic accident with his dodgy driving and, subsequently, he aand his mates punch you and kick you and bludgeon you repeatedly and stab you in the head, he and his mates may expect to be charged with manslaughter instead of murder, and, thereafter, sentenced to just four years.

Because such a gesture towards a 'reasonable young Asian male' might just 'provoke' him. Indeed, it might just be 'enough to make a reasonable young Asian male ACT.'

Better get down on your bellies and crawl lads.

"Ooh, I'm having the shit kicked out of me by some reasonable Asian males. I'd better not tell you to f*** off and leave me alone, it might just provoke you to even more violence. It might just make you 'act' even worse!"
Personally, I hope all the Asians who took part in the killing of Mark Sharp get stuffed in an oven at some point in the future.

You think that makes me a 'racist?'

I don't know about that. You see, I would like to see the very British judges who treated the murderers of Mark Sharp so fondly baked in the same Aga.


  1. Typical of the perverse British judicial system cowering to the dirty animal Islam threat. Cowardly scum that shall get their comeuppance, hopefully. Sick!

    1. Lets make that happen there is more of us than them, at the moment anyway. the way they are multiplying that's gonna change soon. better do something sooner rather than later.

      we really need to do summat about our so called leaders, they are a big part of the problem. we should do like the French did and chop they're bloody heads off.

    2. I have been following the so called 'far right' & have always voted labour. This is f^^^^^g DISGUSTING, Consider me then far right. You perverse authorities are pushing for a VERY bleak future in this country.....VERY bleak, & you will share in it's misery unless you take better care of it.

  2. This makes me sick to the stomach i hate these muslims more now than eading this than i did seeing the terror attack in london2days ago.. My heart goes out to mark and his family i can start to understand how they feel.. I hope Mark haunts them every night in there dreams and drives them mad i also curse these people i curse tgem with every fiber in my body and from my heart i curse them and the fuking poxy judge who let them out i bet hed think diffrently if he had to live next door to the cunts x

  3. It is appalling that justice does not operate with equality depending on the fact that are a member of a medieval death cult and you are probably the result of generational inbreeding. So white judges have to give you extreme leniency because your brain in no better than a pitbull's. These Muslims are gutless cowards. They never engage the enemy when the numbers are fair, they are part of a bullying culture that has been murdering others for 14 centuries, nothing indicates that is going to change. They all need to be forced to assimilate or piss off back to the run down stinking shitholes they have created back in the homeland. Remove all benefits for anyone with more than two kids too. England is screwed. It is already too late to reverse the rot and it will only be a matter of time before there is full on civil war, just like it happens everywhere that Islamic cancer shows up. I hate that ideology to the bottom of my heart. But there is hope. They are still outnumbered and we have the Sikhs and Hindus who both understand how bad Islam is.

    1. There may be a way OTHER than violence. It involves the silly fools in this country who can not see where we are going REALISING SOON & using DEMOCRACY while we still can.

  4. I'd like to know why Muslims (Whatever crime ) they commit, are dealt a better deal than British offenders, even managing to have their sentences reduced. Very sad state of affairs in this country.
    I bet Mark Sharps family didn't get the GoFundme brigade rally round after them like the asylum seeker.

    This happened in Peterborough to a lovely guy who walked home from work, a racist murder by illegals quickly covered up and tiny publicity as to not stir racial tension, I bet no one reading this knew of this murder, similar and same time of Stephen Lawrence murder, but Lawrence became a hero

  5. The killers got 4 years out in 2 years and back into circulation around Luton.... British justice is a joke.

  6. Asians... Excuse me? Is that what their calling Moslem terrorists now?

  7. Thank Tommy Robinson fit bringing this to my attention. I find it unbelievable that a judge could assume that someone's actions could cause their murder by a gang of young Muslim terrorists. My heart goes out to Mr Sharp's family. As a person who's brother was murdered in the streets here in the U.S. I know that the pain & horror never goes away. God bless those fighting against the Islamic terror going on in our countries.

    1. I hope Tommy Robinson himself will not be put back in prison by England's corrupt legal system on 4 September 2018. I fear the Muslims will kill him in prison. He knew this victim Mark Sharp's son. Sorry to learn of the sad death of your own brother in the USA. Another terrorist attack today in Westmintser parliament in London today. Islamic terror just goes on and on and on....

  8. They are fucking dirty murdering bastards

  9. Just watched the Tommy Robinson speech @ Oxford and heard about this senseless murder, 4 years ! Wtf, burglars get that not murderers. Tommy for Prime Minister, get this country back on track. R.I.P Mark Sharp. Fuck the terrorist rapist dirty fucking.

  10. Absolutely the biggest miscarriage of justice this country has witnessed in a long time surely how is it these stories are not exposed to the greater British public is a joke the country, justice and media coverage or lack of it is appalling the backbone of our public is gone to the dogs I'm no racist but this is down right despicable

  11. The judges will reap the whirlwind for their CORRUPTION.

  12. The caliphate.....consider it DEAD already.

  13. just watched tommy robbinson and i couldnt believe it. rest in peace mark sharp.. i hope those cowards die of cancer along with the judges

  14. Fucking scumb Rob Sharp brother

  15. Great work always Mr Robinson