Monday, 29 December 2008

The Murder of Paula Injai

In January 2001, Camberley resident, Paula Injai, was murdered in the Woking bedsit of her estranged husband.

Paula married Ireneu Injai in 1999 but, after they were separated in August 2000, he was forbidden by court order from going within 500 yards of her house.

On 7 January 2001, Injai told a work colleague that he could not afford child support payments and would be leaving work. When asked what he meant Injai replied:

"Never you mind. Listen to the news or read about it."
The following morning Paula went to Injai's home with her son to tell him she now had a new partner.

Neighbours heard a woman screaming and a baby crying at this time.

Police found her body under a bloodstained duvet on a bed at Injai's flat later that evening. She had been stabbed repeatedly and bite marks were found on her neck and shoulder. In all, she had more than 60 injuries on her body.

Judge Stewart described the attack on Paula as, "merciless, ferocious and vicious."

After killing her, Injai ripped the wedding rings from her fingers and left his home with his two-year-old son, who had witnessed the killing.

Injai pleaded guilty to manslaughter only at the start of the trial, claiming provocation.

However, the jury found him guilty of murder and he was jailed for life. Detective Chief Inspector John Cox said:

"Our sympathies in this case go particularly to Paula's three children who have been deprived of their mother by this horrific act."
Paula's daughter from a previous relationship said:

"My mum was a beautiful, loving and caring person who had a heart of gold. It is impossible to describe the tragedy he has caused our family."

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