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The Murder of Ross Parker

On 21 September 2001, 17 year-old Ross Parker was murdered in Peterborough.

Ross, known as 'half-pint' to his friends because he was so small, was making his way home with his girlfriend from the Solstice pub, where he had a part-time job, when he was attacked by between eight and twelve Asians and stabbed to death. Only four of them, Shaied Nazier, Ziaraff Mahrad, Sarfraz Ali and Ahmed Ali Awan were ever brought to court.

This is what The Peterborough Evening Telegraph had to say on 6 January 2003:

"Ross Parker’s girlfriend Nicola Foot has today spoken for the first time about the night the teenager was murdered in a racist attack…

On the fateful night they were both due to finish work at 2am, but the pub closed early because it had been a quiet evening. They were due to stay with a friend of Nicola, who lives in Bourges Boulevard, and Nicola suggested they walk there to save money… As they rounded a corner… Nicola heard the chilling words:

‘Better start running’ from someone standing to her right. She said:

‘Ross squeezed my hand to reassure me that everything was going to be all right. He told me to move out of their way and I kept hold of his hand… Just as they got in front of us, one of them sprayed Ross in the face. He put his hand to his eyes and then the person who had sprayed him punched him in the stomach. That made him double over and then fall over. He pulled his hand away from mine so he could use it to protect himself. I was scared but I just couldn’t comprehend what was going on, so I just stood there in shock.’

Powerless to help and rigid with shock, Nicola stood on the path for what she believes was about 30 seconds before deciding to run for help…

Nicola ran to the nearby Esso garage, on Bourges Boulevard, where she saw two men filling their car. She screamed at them that Ross was getting beaten up by a gang, and one of the men gave her a mobile phone to call police.

She said: ‘When I was on the phone at the garage I heard Ross cry out a couple of times. It sounded like he was in pain. I knew he had broken his leg twice before and it was quite weak, so I was a bit concerned that he might end up with a broken leg. That was the worst I thought might happen.’

By chance, she then spotted a police car being driven along Bourges Boulevard by PC Kate Brown. Nicola, now frantic with worry, got into the car and led the officer to where she had left Ross. Nicola Foot and PC Kate Brown were faced with an horrific sight when they came across Ross Parker’s crumpled body. Nicola said:

‘I went running over to him. I was hysterical. You could tell just by looking that he wasn’t conscious. I checked for a pulse on his neck and couldn’t find one, and assumed I was doing it wrong. I leaned over and tried to listen for breathing or feel his breath on my cheek. I put my hand on his chest, and that’s when I felt the blood on his shirt.’

Then, to her horror, she saw Ross had been stabbed in the neck. PC Brown tried to drag Nicola away, but she insisted on staying. She said: ‘I wanted to stay with him because I still didn’t believe completely that he could be dead I hadn’t been gone that long… There was a policeman stood with me, and I remember saying to him ‘He’s dead, isn’t he?’. He said he didn’t know. I was thinking Ross couldn’t be dead. There were lots of things going through my mind and I was thinking I must tell Leanne (Ross’s sister). Deep down I knew what was happening, but I dealt with it by acting as if it wasn’t happening to me. It was like an episode of Eastenders and I was watching it. It was as if it had happened to someone else and not myself.’

As detectives arrived, stunned Nicola was taken to Thorpe Wood police station where she was comforted by officers and where several hours later she was told her boyfriend was dead".
When the attack on Ross began he was sprayed with mace.

After this he was kicked repeatedly, stabbed three times with an eighteen inch hunting knife and, before his attackers were done, they smashed in his skull with a panel beater’s hammer.
During the trial, Asian immigrant, Ahmed Ali Awan, was variously described as 'Mr Big', 'the big man,' and a 'gangster' who had a 'fantasy for knives,' who thought of himself as 'something special.'

The court heard that 'the big man,' who stabbed Ross to 'show his superiority as managing director of the gang,' had bragged to a fellow inmate of the events of that evening whilst he was being held on remand. However, this particular gangster was also a police informer.

Adeel Rehman, who turned queen’s evidence, said that after the attack, Awan held the murder weapon up to him and said: 'cherish the blood.' He also told police that Awan owned a collection of Samurai swords, knives and replica guns.

Shaied Nazir, the third of nine children, whose father came to England from Pakistan in 1965, had his first brush with the law in March, 1999, when he was cautioned at King’s Lynn police station for using threatening behaviour.

In court, Sarfraz Ali said that Awan had 'wound' him up like a 'clock-work mouse' and this was the reason that he had lied to police on Awan’s behalf.
The deputy mayor of Peterborough, Councillor Raja Akhtar, provided Ali, whose father plays a major role at a city mosque, with a character reference. Councillor Mohammed Choudhary added:

"I have always found Sarfraz to be honest and trustworthy and not a troublemaker".
However, the court was told that Ali’s wife had left him in the middle of the trial because she was afraid of him and his family.

Ziaraff Mahrad was found not guilty of murder and freed.

The other members of the gang were never brought to court.

On 21 September 2001, the BBC reported thus:

"Police said the dead youth and his girlfriend were white and the youths wanted for questioning were said by a witness to be Asian. A spokeswoman stressed that THERE WAS NO REASON TO BELIEVE THAT THE ATTACK WAS RACIALLY MOTIVATED... Detective Superintendent David Hankins said: 'There does not appear to be any motive for this senseless attack'."
Do you see what we're up against, folks?

'No reason to believe that the attack was racially motivated.' There was no 'motive for this senseless attack.'

The motive, Superintendant, was this: a gang of Asian slimeballs wanted to kill a harmless, little, white lad and they did. They did it because it was easy, they did it because it was fun and they did it because they could.

Just in case you're a moron, Superintendant, and just in case the police spokeswoman is also a moron, let me spell it out: These ASIAN KILLERS wouldn't have done what they did to another ASIAN. They did it to a WHITE lad because he was WHITE.

I guess a jobsworth has his career to protect. There wouldn't be any more slithering up the greasy poll if he'd said that this racist attack was a racist attack, I suppose. Remember what they said at Nuremburg? 'We were only following orders.' You jobsworths should remember that.

What would you do with the four members of the Asian gang who murdered Ross, between the time of their arrest and their trial?

You would hold them on remand, right? You wouldn’t release them on bail, would you? Guess what was done? Really, you could not make it up.

When Ross’s parents, Tony and Davina, realised that those who killed their son were to be released into the community pending their trial, they were so incensed they felt compelled to write to the Home Office and complain.

The Home Office replied:

"The decision to release people on bail is entirely up to a judge, and it’s not for the Home Secretary to intervene".
Helen Clark, who was booted out of parliament in 2005 by the Peterborough electorate, was the only MP who ever raised the question of Ross Parker’s death in Parliament.

However, she never told the House that the men who murdered him were Asian. She also told the House that Ross was murdered 'by three young men,' when in fact he was attacked by an eight-strong gang and, for those who might be aware of the racist nature of Ross’s murder, she couldn’t resist attaching an on-message platitude to the end of her commiserations when she posed the question:

"Will Ministers also join me in congratulating the Peterborough community in general, the police and the Jack Hunt school led by Chris Hilliard, where Ross was a student, on the tremendous way in which they have worked together to overcome the divisive effects of that tragic incident?"
The sentiment in this last statement is interesting. Clark is commending the various organisations cited for playing down Ross’s murder in order that as little outrage as possible be communicated to the wider British community. However, Clark has no such inhibitions herself when it comes to expressing outrage in Parliament on behalf of the immigrant community.

Helen Clark voted to decriminalise cannabis usage and possession. She also voted for criminal behaviour to be punished with more severity if that behaviour be ‘racially’ or ‘religiously’ aggravated.

She signed an EDM expressing outrage at the deaths of Damilola Taylor and Abdi Hamza. This EDM implied that the British system was to blame, whereas both boys were murdered by gangs of first and second-generation immigrant teenagers.

She also signed an EDM commenting on the 'suspicious death' of Asian, Ricky Reel. The police, however, do not believe his death was 'suspicous.' They believe he fell into the Thames whilst urinating.

Clark also signed another noting the death of black man, Roger Sylvester, who died in custody. She also signed two EDMs sympathisng with another black man, Rocky Bennett, who died in mental hospital custody and has spoken extensively about his case in the House of Commons.

She signed another EDM sympathising with black men, Shiji Lapite, Ibrahim Sey and Brian Douglas and signed another condemning Feltham Young Offenders Institution as 'institutionally racist,' and sympathising with the family of Zahid Mubarek.

She also signed a good many Early Day Motions specifically sympathetic to asylum seekers and immigrants. However, she did not sign an EDM, which was critical of Abdullah Azad, of the Welfare Centre, Manchester, who had offered to sell UK passports to those whose immigration status was in question.

She also signed an EDM sympathising with the death of PC Kalawant Sidhu. However, she never saw fit to sign an EDM which named any of the 80 or so police officers of ethnic British origin who were killed, some by immigrants, in the line of duty.

She also mentioned the phrase 'institutional racism' several times on the floor of the House and signed five EDMs sympathising with the death of Stephen Lawrence.

However, Clark never thought fit to sign an EDM commemorating her own constituent, Ross Parker. And she never called for the Asians who murdered him to be 'punished with more severity' for the racist nature of the crime they committed.

This is Helen Clark:
As you can see, in complete contrast with the way she thought news of the circumstances of Ross’s death ought to be handled, Clark was, in common with so many of those we routinely vote for, happy to broadcast as damning a picture as possible of the native, white 'racist' inhabitants of this country. Indeed, if you had only Clark's parliamentary contributions to go on, you could be forgiven for believing that the British people had behaved with routine brutishness towards the lovely, fluffy foreigners, over the last fifty years or so. Whereas, of course, the immigrant had always shown the host population due deference, respect and good fellowship.

As they did on 7/7'2005. As they are seen to do within the pages of Rogues' Gallery.

Clark doesn't seem overly worried about the 'divisive effects' that her constant criticism of the indigenous, white population might cause, does she? Nor does she seem the least bit interested in playing down the deaths of the non-white people featured in the EDMs she signed. In these instances she appears not to want anything hushed up at all. You know, so that the various communities might 'work together to overcome' the possible 'diversive effects' of such 'tragic' incidents?

Do you never wonder why so many British parliamentarians, where White-on-Black crime is concerned, seem to be entirely happy to stoke up resentment in the heart of the immigrant against the indigenous? And yet their response to Black-on-White crime is precisely the opposite? Once upon a time such anti-British behaviour would have been considered treasonous and the traitor who committed that treason would have been executed.

Unfortunately, in these politically correct times, he who would try to alert the general public to the actual state of affairs is the enemy and such a body can be criminalised and imprisoned for seven years under existing legislation. Simply for telling the truth.

It is interesting to note that those who signed the EDM which mentions Zahid Mubarek are not shy of revealing the name of the white 'racist' who killed him. This contrasts markedly with the fact that, of all of those many hundreds of foreigners who have violently ended the lives of British people since Stephen Lawrence’s death, I have only ever come across a couple whose alien status was acknowledged in parliament and none were ever cited in any Early Day Motion whilst Blair and Brown were in charge.

John Denham, New Labour MP for Southampton Itchen, also mentioned Ross Parker in the House of Commons.

He too applauded those who saw to it that news of Ross’s death was hushed up.

"I pay tribute to Ross’s parents for their clear commitment to ensuring that that tragic event should not prove to be a divisive event in Peterborough… A huge effort has been made in Peterborough to prevent that event from being even more damaging".
No other MP ever mentioned Ross in the Commons, none ever signed an EDM commemorating him and no MP ever called for the Asians who murdered him to be 'punished with more severity' for the racist nature of the crime they committed.

This is Ross:

After losing her Peterborough seat in the 2005 General Election, New Labour MP Helen Clark defected to the Tories.

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  1. Great article. Ross Parkers murder deserved as much media attention as Damilola Taylor. But yet again the left wing liberal media were not interested because he was white.

    Ross's murderers are pieces of shit and I hope someone murders them one day. Thats the only fitting justice for them.