Saturday, 20 December 2008

Nine Free Turks

On 2 June 2002, Tony Else was attacked in Orpington High Street and died in hospital an hour later.

He was walking along Orpington High Street with his girlfriend when, suddenly, according to detectives, a 'nine-strong group of Asians,' stormed out of the Best Kebab Yet fast food shop and accused him of breaking a window.

In short order, Tony was punched and kicked to the ground. He got up and ran but, bleeding heavily, he was soon overcome by his injuries and collapsed. He died a little while later.

Eight Turkish men were arrested for the attack and Adam Hussein, aged 40, Hasan Kebene, aged 35, and Hassan Burunlu, aged 25, all kebab shop assistants, were later charged with murder at Bromley Magistrates' Court.

They were all bailed and only Hussein and Burunlu stood trial, the charge being reduced to manslaughter.

Neither Hussein and Burunlu gave evidence but their barristers told the Old Bailey they had not thrown the first punch. Rock Tansey QC, defending Hussein, also told the jury that Tony had been the aggressor in the brawl. He also said the prosecution's main witness, Daniel Howard, was lying when he said he saw one of the defendants punch Tony.

Hussein and Burunlu were found not guilty.

So, in a British court of law, one lone, white chap is 'the aggressor' in a 'brawl' with a 'nine-strong group of Asians.'

Even when it's him that ends up dead.

It doesn't matter if detectives tell the jury that the nine-strong group of Asians 'charged out of the kebab shop and attacked him.'

Nor does it matter what murderous things that nine-strong group of Asians did to Tony after the brawl had started because, according to a barrister who wasn't there, none of them threw 'the first punch.' Nor does it matter what an eye-witness says if that same barrister assures the jury that the eye-witness is a liar. Even if it is the job of the barrister in question to do and say just about anything to ensure that his clients do not end up in jail for a crime they DID commit.

Listen up, England, here are the unadulterated facts:

Tony Else is dead. Tony is dead because nine Turks kicked and punched him to death. Now, let's see if you can work this one out.

Question: What does one murdered Englishman equal, if he is white?

Answer: Nine free Turks.

Wake up, England.

This is the Englishman whom nine free Turks murdered:

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