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The Killing of Claire White

On 7 December 2004, Claire Chakudunga (nee White) died in hospital.

Claire died from the injuries she received when the car she was in smashed into a tree on 27 November in Ravenshead, just outside Mansfield in Nottinghamshire.

She was married, just seven weeks before her death, to Vimbai Chakudunga, a Zimbabwean immigrant. Her husband, who had been drinking heavily, was driving the car. He had previous convictions for drink driving. In July 1990, he was given 60 hours' community service for driving with excess alcohol and was disqualified for two years. In August 2002, he was sentenced to 140 hours' community service and disqualified for three years for failing to provide a specimen.

After he crashed the car, Chakudunga, who was relatively unhurt, pushed his unconscious wife out of the car with little thought for her welfare. One witness wept as she told Nottingham Crown Court how Chakudunga flatly ignored her pleas to stop moving his stricken wife. In court, the prosecutor said others 'saw the man in the driver's seat lean across to push open the passenger door. It opened, and a female fell out of the car. He climbed out and dragged her out of the car before placing her on the ground, with her head next to the wheel. One of the couple told him to stop because he may damage her. But the advice was ignored.'

When the police arrived Chakudunga insisted his wife had been driving. The court heard that he failed a roadside breath test and refused to give doctors a blood specimen.

Claire's father, Tony White, (the policeman who captured Donald Neilson, 'the Black Panther,' in 1975) said that he had utter contempt for Chakudunga. He said he would often disappear for days on end from the matrimonial home without telling Claire where he was going and that he had mistreated his daughter. Tony also said that he believed he had only married her because he wanted a visa to stay in Britain. He added:

"I saw her half an hour before the accident. She said she had made a mistake and she was going to divorce him...

He is not a man, he is vermin."
Passing sentence, Judge John Burgess told Chakudunga:

"Despite the overwhelming evidence you pleaded not guilty. You have constantly done everything you could to get away with this."
Recommending that the Home Office deport him after his sentence was served, Judge Burgess jailed Chakudunga for just six years.

And what was Chakudunga's job at the time he was pushing his wife out of the car?


Well, this is where we are now. This is what the politicians and the PC Crowd have been topping up our country with, against the protests of the rest of us, for more than fifty years now. And none of them appear to feel the least bit guilty about it, do they? If anyone were to ask them what the likes Chakadunga was doing here, they'll tell you he was a one-off. And, if you were to quote this article, they'll say I'm a 'bigot' or a 'Fascist' whom you would do well to ignore. This to deflect your attention from the fact that they and those who own them are wholly responsible for the destruction of so very many young and lovely girls like Claire during this time of great betrayal.

Do you never wonder when, if ever, their mass immigration policies are going to change? Do you never wonder when, if ever, they are going to stop importing animals like this into our country? Are they never going to realise what tremendous damage their love of everything alien has done?

Whoever asks these questions will, of course, be missing the point. The kind, tolerant, decent and fair-minded British people are the enemies of those who bring the Chakadungas here. It is they whom the creatures in the shadows wished to defeat, to do away with, to destroy.

Well, they're almost there. The destroyers have almost won.

As for you who vote for them, despite the enormous body of evidence which ought to have had you declare them traitor long ago, when did tolerance become cowardice in you? When did kindness become wagtail subservience to everything alien and patriotic pride morph into a paralysing inablity to speak up for your own? When did the Britons who 'never, never, never shall be slaves' become a brainwashed herd of hell-bent lemmings intent on self-destruction?

If you can vote for those who visited the Vimbai Chakudungas upon us knowing that such as he would speed up the destruction of our nation and peoples, you are a traitor to your tribe. Your ancestors would be deeply ashamed of you. Did they work so hard, sacrifice so much and die the deaths in all the wars just so that you could give it all away to animals like this?

If you would look away and change the subject when someone asks a question like this, if you would switch off, close your mind and reach for the remote control, compared to those who went before, you are a pale and contemptible disgrace.

In 1968, I was working in a factory in Worksop, Nottinghamshire, and a young man told me why he wasn't quite as jolly as the rest of us.

A little while before he had lost his girlfriend, just before they were due to be married. She was driving his car when the lorry in front of them braked suddenly. The car smashed into the back of the truck and half the car's upper body was sheared off. It was the half with his girlfriend inside it. With tears in his eyes, he told me that she had pulled hard on the steering wheel at the last moment so that he would not take the hit. If she had not done what she did, she would, probably, have survived and he would have been killed.

Chakadunga would never have made a similar decision.

Am I right? You can bet your bottom dollar that the PC activist won't want you to think I am. In fact, such as them would, probably, want me prosecuted for daring to pass such a 'racist' comment.

An English girl whom the politically correct fashion of the times seduced into believing that her life and love should be entrusted to the creature alongside of her is pictured below:

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