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Our Dead Must Tell No Tales!

On 6 July 2007, 52-year-old Keith Brown was pronounced dead on the front lawn of his garden in Normacot, Stoke-on-Trent.

On 17 July 2007, Habib Khan, Keith’s next door neighbour was charged with killing him.

The police, The Stoke Sentinel and the local TV and radio reported that Keith had died as the result of 'a dispute between neighbours.' No further details were given about the attack.

The upset first began when Keith’s Muslim neighbours decided to knock down the two properties next to Keith and replace them with one large house. During this process, the Khans decided to move the fence that divided their property. By the time they had finished they had edged a foot or so on to Keith's land.

He did everything he could to get the council’s legal team to stop his neighbours building on his property but, despite being advised that he was 'in the right' on several occasions, nothing was done.

It wasn't long before the police were called in. Amazingly, it was Keith who found himself dragged before the courts. A charge of 'racism' was levelled but his West Indian neighbour appeared as a witness in his behalf and the case was thrown out.

Some time later, Keith’s eldest son was imprisoned for trying to prevent a physical assault upon his father.

In 2006, the brake pipes of Keith’s van were cut and he narrowly avoided a serious accident. Not long after this, his English bull terrier was poisoned and his Alsatian puppy disappeared.

On several occasions, Keith and his partner had asked if they could be moved into a new council house, well away from the Asians next door, but, despite having been on the housing list for a good few years, nothing was done. In desperation, Keith fitted a CCTV system to his house and, subsequently, a physical assault was captured on camera. Councillor Steve Batkin asked for a meeting with the police to hand over a DVD of the assault and to discuss Asian drug dealing in the area. However, the Asian officer to whom Steve addressed Keith's concerns refused to take the DVD and dismissed his complaints out of hand, saying she 'knew who he (Keith) was.'

She did say she would look at the narcotics issue but told Steve on another occasion that the 'alleged' drug-dealing was no more than 'private hire drivers falling asleep in their cars.'

On the day of his death, Keith had just returned from picking up his three youngest children from school when he was confronted by a gang of Muslim men outside his house. Whilst he was remonstrating with them, Habib Khan crept up behind him and stabbed him in the back. The gang then turned the violent attentions upon his 19-year-old son, who was hospitalised as a result.

Most of us will never get to hear about Keith's death and the manner of it.

Want to know why?

Keith was a BNP activist.

The BBC currently have a huge number of news articles at their site in which Stephen Lawrence's name is mentioned. Keith is mentioned in just three.

Before Habib Khan's trial began, The Guardian mentioned Stephen in 2061 articles; The Independent in 500; The Telegraph in 460 and The Daily Mail mentioned him in 191 that can be traced through their search engine.

The Mirror, The Express, The Star, The Times and all of the Sunday papers have all mentioned Stephen Lawrence countless times. Not one of the national newspapers cited above ever reported Keith Brown's death before the trial began.

Actually, this isn't quite true. Keith was mentioned twice in the Have Your Say section of The Daily Express and once in a Sun blog. But only because I introduced the information myself.

Nowadays all reportage of Keith's murder (there was never very much anyway) has been removed from the pages of the online version of his local newspaper, The Stoke Sentinel.

Do you get it yet, folks? THEY would, probably, tell you that Keith has been officially forgotten for fear of causing racial tension in the area. Funny how THEY never seemed to worry about such things when they were introducing all those Habib Khan types into our peaceful British neighbourhoods against our wishes, isn't it? Funny how THEY never seem to worry about causing racial tension when they bang on and on about Stephen Lawrence, don't you think? I mean, when they are constantly being reminded of what nasty people all we white types are, is it any wonder that, once in a while, one black and three brown Muslims will get all racially tense and seek to relieve their tension by blowing up 52 Londoners?

Let me tell you what the plan always was, ladies and getlemen.

The plan was to GLOBALISE everything. To mix us all up. To melting pot us and to turn us all into 'coffee coloured people by the score.' There's a hell of a lot more profit for those who rule our lives if the writ of the rulers runs everywhere, if one size fits all, if the common herd is predictably similar and, thereby, easier for our managers to manage.

To have this happen, the Globalists needed to take your neck of the woods from you and hand it over to Abdul. Sambo, Sanjay and Suleiman have to feel just as much at home in your back back yard as you do. In fact, if they felt even more at home, so much the better.

Thus, in a MORI poll conducted for the BBC and published on 17 April 2008, we find that 'two-thirds of people in Britain fear race relations are so poor tensions are likely to spill over into violence,' and '60% said the UK had too many immigrants and half wanted foreigners encouraged to leave.' You can bet your bottom dollar that most of the fearful 'two-thirds' were indigenous, white Britons and not the recent arrivals they wanted 'encouraged to leave.'

No one wants to be colonised. No one wants to be ethnically cleansed and 'white-flighted.' So it helps if you've got a ton of race law to back up the globalising process. It also helps if no one but their immediate family and friends ever get to find out what happened to all the Keith Browns.

Whilst their kids are being force-fed Stephen Lawrence from cradle to grave.

By the way, though my 'globalist' reasoning fits most of the conspirational jigsaw quite nicely, I have to admit the 'one size fits all... common herd' thing is a bit off. You see, when we white types have been shuffled off and all that's left of us is the khaki hodge-podge, there'll still be untold billions of black, brown and yellow folk carrying on much as they always did way beyond the molten confines of the melting pot.

Anyway, ladies and gents, somewhere in the middle of a mixed-race Nirvana and 'get Whitey,' the truth awaits.

On 18 April 2008, the day this essay was entered at my web site, Gordon Brown said this:

"I want to describe not just the WORLD ORDER that is - but the NEW GLOBAL SOCIETY that we can become. We must consider REFORM OF OUR INTERNATIONAL RULES AND INSTITUTIONS".
In order to bring about such anti-national visons as these, those who 'fear race relations are so poor, tensions are likely to spill over into violence,' and think 'the UK had too many immigrants' must, at all costs, be prevented from knowing what the anti-national vision is costing the native inhabitants of this country. If the full horror of what has happened to us at the behest of the global visionaries ever became known, the game would be up and our carefully cultivated multicultured country would be lost to them.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is why our dead must tell no tales.

On 13 May 2008, The Stoke Sentinel reported thus:

"The devastated son of Keith Brown has given his account of a violent incident which led to his father's death.

Mr Brown, a 52-year-old father of seven, of Uttoxeter Road, Normacot, received a fatal stab wound outside his home on July 6 last year. Ashley Barker, aged 20, this afternoon told a jury at Stafford Crown Court there had been a number of arguments between his family and the Khan family over an access road.

Habib Khan, aged 49, denies Mr Brown's murder. He and one of his sons Azir Saddique, aged 24, of Trentham Road, Longton also deny wounding Ashley Barker. Another of Khan's sons, Khazir Saddique, aged 26, also of Trentham Road, Longton has admitted wounding Mr Barker and has been remanded on bail.

Today Mr Barker... told the jury he was on the settee in the front room when he heard his mother screaming.

'I went to the front door and saw my dad on the floor, I think he was on his back in front of his van on the pavement. I saw two lads. One was leaning over, one was against my dad's van. I did not really think. I just ran out and grabbed hold of them. I was trying to get to my father. Then I was hit on the head. I have no idea what with or who hit me. I went to the ground. I can't remember much. I tried to crawl across to my old man. That is when house bricks were coming to my head.'

Prosecutor William Davis QC asked, 'did you see what was happening to your father.'

'No,' replied Mr Barker.

He said there had been numerous arguments between the two families over an access road to Khan's house.

'Our window was smashed a couple of times. We have been threatened in the past. Khan reversed his car into my dad's leg and my brother had a brick chucked on his head,' he said.

Khan's council Anthony Barker QC said:


'I have got an Asian mate,' replied Mr Barker WHO ADMITTED THAT HE HAD DONE SOME LEAFLETING FOR THE BNP and confirmed the party's leader Nick Griffin attended his father's funeral."
Oh yes.

If you're a white Brit in Britain today and an Asian murders you, the defence counsel will try to make out you are a 'racist' and deserved to die. If you 'HATED THEM BECAUSE THEY WERE PAKISTANI' and not just because they were tw*ts, you never know, your Pakistani murderer might just get away with it. Especially if it gets pointed out that your son 'HAD DONE SOME LEAFLETING FOR THE BNP!'

On 13 May 2008, The Times added this:

"The deadly end to a long-running feud in the heart of Middle England happened one afternoon last July when Habib Khan emerged from his home and hit Keith Brown... with a knife handle, before stabbing him with the blade. Mr Brown’s son, Brandon, 14, watched as his father was killed.

Another witness saw Mr Khan hand the bloody weapon to an Asian woman in ethnic clothing who disappeared towards the family home. THE KNIFE HAS NEVER BEEN FOUND.

The bad feeling between the Khan family and their next-door neighbours in Stoke-on-Trent was outlined by David Jackson, prosecuting, at Stafford Crown Court.

'These two families had lived effectively next door to each other for five to six years prior to the events,' Mr Jackson said. 'Over much of that time there had been problems between the families.'

Mr Brown, 52, and his partner, Julia Barker, mother of his children, lived in adjoining homes in the Normacot district of Stoke. The disagreements arose after the Khans built a house on the plot next door...

After Mr Brown was killed, police seized footage from the Khans’ computer. It shows at 4pm on July 6, 2007, Mr Brown coming up his garden path and standing at the gate. Mr Khan’s sons, Azir Habib Saddique and Khazir Habib Saddique, in their 20s, can be seen getting out of a car and a struggle begins with Mr Brown.

Mr Khan then appears to leap over the garden fence and rush towards the fighting men.

'Mr Brown sustained a stab injury,” Mr Jackson said. 'Mr Khan had no lawful excuse for the attack. His intention was murderous.' Mr Brown suffered a single stab wound five inches into his back. Mr Khan told police under interview: 'I PUSHED THE KNIFE A LITTLE BIT INTO MR BROWN'.

Mr Brown’s son, Ashley Barker, 19, emerged from his house when he heard the uproar. He needed stitches to his head after being beaten with a metal bar by one of Mr Khan’s sons, the jury was told.

A videotape was played to the court showing Brandon Barker being interviewed by police the day after his father was killed. The boy said that he saw Mr Khan’s sons start attacking his father. He then saw Mr Khan approach carrying the sharp kitchen knife, used for cutting meat.

'There were three Asians there,' he said. 'They were all around him'...

Mr Khan pleads not guilty to murder."
"I pushed the knife a little bit into Mr Brown."

"He insisted that his neighbour had fallen the rest of the way on to the blade."

Right. He fell on to the carving knife with the 8-inch blade. Listen, Abdul, it might happen in Bollywood but...

I was just about to say something really silly. I was just about to say 'but it doesn't happen here!' But, of course, it does. Check out Two Down Ten Million to Go here. And Someone Who Will Strike Again here.

Oh yes, in the nightmare world created by our PC betters, anything can happen.

And, these day, it often does.

On 14 May 2008, The Times reported a police interview of 18-year-old Bianca Barker, taken two days after her father was murdered.

This is was a tearful Bianca said:

“I went outside to my dad and I asked him if he was all right but he didn't answer. There were a lot of Asians standing in Mr Khan's yard. A GIRL STARTED LAUGHING AT ME... THEY WERE ALL HAPPY, PROUD OF WHAT THEY HAD DONE. THEY ALL SEEMED TO BE LAUGHING AND CHEERING.”
The Times added:

"Asian women neighbours laughed as she tended to her father as he bled to death on the pavement. Miss Barker said that female members of the family next door appeared to take pride after Mr Khan plunged a meat-cutting knife five inches into her father's back."
The Times then gave us a bit of a clue as to why Khan thought he might, quite literally, get away with murder.

"A father of seven ALLEGEDLY stabbed to death by his Asian neighbour was A BRITISH NATIONAL PARTY ACTIVIST who had subjected the family next door to years of RACIAL TAUNTS, THREATS AND VIOLENCE... Keith Brown's family had HELPED THE FAR RIGHT PARTY in the local elections in Stoke-on-Trent and Nick Griffin, THE BNP LEADER ATTENDED HIS FUNERAL...

Mr Brown and his family, NONE OF WHOM WORKED, were said to have been JEALOUS of their INDUSTRIOUS PAKISTANI NEIGHBOURS and to have INFLICTED... ABUSE on them...

Mr Khan's barrister told the court that Mr Khan's family had amassed their wealth through running a kebab shop. Mr Khan had bought the plot next door to Mr Brown and built A GRAND HOUSE on it. Mr Brown had objected to planning permission but it was granted.

During construction, Mr Brown parked three scrap cars in an access lane to prevent the builders reaching the plot. One morning, Mr Brown and Ashley Barker rose early and tried to knock the building down. They were prosecuted for attacking it with hammers. After all that failed and the Asians' home was completed, Mr Brown shouted to Mr Khan's wife 'that she was a PAKI BASTARD, he was going to SMASH HER and her home up,' Mr Khan's barrister said.

Once, when Mr Khan came out of his house, Mr Brown made SLASHING MOVEMENTS WITH HIS FINGER ACROSS HIS THROAT. Another time, Mr Brown shouted “F***ING PAKI” at him. Mr Brown broke windows in the Khans' conservatory. Mr Brown and Ashley Barker were charged with RACIALLY AGGRAVATED HARASSMENT but the case was dropped."
So, Keith was a real bad egg who deserved to die.

According to Khan's brief, he was a workshy, abusive, taunting, threatening and violent BNP racist who was 'jealous' of his 'industrious Pakistani neighbours.'

And where did Khan's barrister get almost all of this information from?

From the Khans.

Ladies and gentlemen, the unscrupulous law officer knows that, nowadays, if he plays the race card, a murderous alien might just be found not guilty of the crime he committed, no matter how incriminating the evidence happened to be. He might be found not guilty, despite the fact that, as a British man lay dying, the non-native family 'were all happy, proud of what they had done. They all seemed to be laughing and cheering.'

That's why the back-stabbing killer pictured below pleaded not guilty to murder.

In another 14 May article, The Times said this:

"An Asian man accused of stabbing his white neighbour to death after a long feud had previously threatened to kill him, a court was told yesterday. Habib Khan had once tried to knock over Keith Brown and the Khan family had been filmed invading Mr Brown’s property and trying to attack him, it was alleged.

Giving evidence at Stafford Crown Court, Mrs Barker (Keith's wife) said:

'People forget when Ashley was threatened to be burnt and his body would never be found; Keith [was] threatened to be killed by Mr Khan. That’s what you seem to forget.'

Mrs Barker said that the couple’s ten-year-old son, Conor, had a brick thrown at him last year. Mr Brown had told her that Mr Khan tried to knock him over. He had a video disc that showed the Khan family coming on to his property trying to attack him, she told the jury...

Mrs Barker described the afternoon when Mr Brown was stabbed. She said that she had struggled to keep her screaming children indoors as their father lay on the pavement and Ashley Barker tried to escape from the Khans by hiding under a car. Witnesses described seeing Mr Khan’s white clothing stained with Mr Brown’s blood from waist to foot.

Steven Oultram, a passer-by, said in a statement that a river of blood appeared to pour from Mr Brown as he lay face down. He also noticed Mr Barker wandering about in a daze with “two large holes in the back of his head that were bleeding.

The jury has been told that Mr Barker was hit with bricks and a metal bar in an attack by two of Mr Khan’s sons."

On 14 May 2008, The Stoke Sentinel reported thus:

"Motorist Michael Sharpley told the jury... 'I saw two white men emerge from the house together. As they came out the Toyota was just setting off. It had been parked on the side of the road. The Toyota drove towards a red van and stopped. One of the white men was in his 50s, the other I thought was in his 30s. The Asian men were both in their 20s, one in his early 20s, one in his mid 20s.

I could not see what was happening between the four people at the front of the van.

I then saw an elderly Asian guy come out his house and go towards where the fighting was going on...

At that point I lost view of the elderly Asian. I saw him emerge from the house and a few seconds later he was covered in blood with a kitchen knife in his hand. The knife had blood coming up the blade. I thought he gave the knife to one of the Asian girls outside the house and I thought she put the knife into the boot of a car. The older Asian male went back into his house. I could see a guy lying on the floor covered in blood'."
On 16 May 2008, Simon Drew, Khan's Defense Barister, cross-examining pathologist, Dr Peter Acland, tried to get him to subscibe to the allgeation that Keith had fallen on to the knife that Khan was holding.

This was how he put it:

"The suggestion is Khan prodded the deceased with the knife, but only a prod, and that then shortly afterwards he prodded him a bit harder, causing the knife to penetrate the clothing. Then the deceased came back towards Khan and at that stage he did so with some force and the knife penetrated Mr Brown. Would the injuries you saw be consistent with what I have outlined?"
Dr Acland replied:

"In general terms it's impossible to say whether the knife has been deliberately put in the body or the body has moved into the knife, or a combination of both together...

However, if there has been some movement - falling over, two-stage penetration - I would suggest you are more likely than not to see some other irregularity around the wound, some notch, or bruising or other features, and NONE WERE PRESENT.

It would be fully consistent with A DELIBERATE IN-OUT and whilst I can't exclude the scenario, I comment I would usually expect some other features."
On 16 May 2008, The Stoke Sentinel reported thus:

"In his first six interviews with detectives Khan said he had used A WHEEEL BRACE to hit Mr Brown, because the neighbour was holding Azir Saddique by the neck. But then, Khan said, the wheel brace penetrated the victim as they both fell to the ground. But in his seventh interview, on July 8, he admitted using a meat knife taken from his kitchen. He said he gave the knife to someone, but could not say who, or what they did with it. He first said:

'I came out and heard a noise. I saw Mr Brown holding my son Azir by the neck. I told Mr Brown to leave him alone. Mr Brown said he was going to kill him. He did not release him so I hit him with a wheel brace. I was afraid my son would be suffocated. Myself and Mr Brown fell to the ground, he was half on top of me. The wheel brace penetrated his body.'

In later interviews he said that his only intention was for Mr Brown to release his son and told officers of the troubles between the two families for several years. In the seventh interview, two days after the death, he admitted using a knife.

'Where we have been mentioning wheel brace, it was not. I used a knife... I showed Mr Brown the knife and told him to release the boy. I pushed him in his back just a little bit. He released the boy and fell on his back. When I took the knife out, I felt it had penetrated quite a bit... My intention was to frighten him...

I gave the knife to somebody. Someone in the house has the knife. Maybe they thought I would be punished.' The officer asked:

'Bearing in mind the knife has gone, why go and get the wheel brace out of the car?'

'I did not hit Mr Brown with the wheel brace. I put his blood on it. There was so much blood. I put the wheel brace on the blood'."

In his closing speech, prosecutor William Davis QC said this:

“To suggest what happened on July 6, 2007, was the culmination of a nightmare or four years of hell is an exaggeration, and if we are right about that you'll have to consider why it should be that Khan and his son seek to exaggerate…

If you find he stabbed him in the back so this knife went in five inches, you won't have much difficulty concluding that, at that moment, he did intend some really serious harm.

Or is it possible that Khan is right, that he simply prodded him in the back a little bit and Mr Brown fell on the knife, so the real damage was accidental?…

You can judge what a man has done by what he does afterwards. Khan must have known he had done something terrible, but it was an accident, so what would you do? Do you make your way back to the front of your house, hand over the knife to a lady who remains mysterious, and immediately fetch another weapon which within a minute is being used to attack someone else?…

Khan never denied he caused the injury to Mr Brown, but literally for hours asserted it was caused by the sharpened end of a wheelbrace, which was rubbish. His repeated lies on that issue are not of a worried man, they are lies of a man who knows he's done wrong and is trying to get out of it."
On 22 May 2008, The Stoke Sentinel told us this:

"Trial judge Simon Tonking yesterday told jurors the issues were whether the act was unlawful and whether Khan intended to kill or cause serious harm or injury. As well as considering the charge of murder, the judge gave the jury an option of finding Khan guilty of a lesser charge of manslaughter - either by reason of lack of intent, in that it was an accident, OR BY PROVOCATION."
Or by provocation?

What does this mean? If you call an Asian a Paki, he can stick a kitchen knife into you, end your life and claim provocation? What about us? Can we stick a kitchen knife into an Asian and claim provocation because he lives in the council house next door, owns and runs the corner shop, the paper shop and the laundry and we can't stand the smell of curry?

How about if he and his brothers are found naked in Keighley with my 12-year-old daughter, would that be provocation enough? How about the fact that when the Queen was born there were just four mosques in this country whereas now there are over a thousand? Is that not provocation?

How about the fact that a bloke with a foreign accent gets to lord it over me in council chamber and parliament? Am I not supposed to be provoked by that? If I stick a knife into an Asian MP, will I really get away with murder?


In this day and age, an immigrant can stab me and tell the jury that I behaved in a 'racist' way when I didn't and he will be believed. I'll be lying on a slab and he'll be out there celebrating his freedom.

If the roles were reversed, where do you think I'd be?

The law is for them, not for us.

On 23 May 2008, Habib Khan was found guilty of Keith Brown's MANSLAUGHTER!

He stabbed him in the back. He lied about it. One member of his family hid the murder weapon after Khan gave it to her.

If the immigrant murders you in Britain today that immigrant may not get done for murder. It helps if your brief tells the jury that you're a racist.


It's better than nothing at all but it was murder. Everyone knows it.
Especially Habib Khan. We await his sentence with interest.

On 24 May 2008, The Stoke Sentinel reported Zahid Mahmood, as saying this of Habib Khan:

"He is an honest gentleman, non aggressive and somebody who would help if you approached him. He is a peace loving man who is balanced and sensible in any situation."
What your average Muslim regards as honest, non aggressive, peace loving, balanced and sensible is, clearly, at some variance to what your average Brit might think. It would seem that the two, very differing, moral standpoints are not taken into account in a British Court of Law.

One wouldn't expect an establishment as anti-British as ours currently is, to do so.

This was how Khan presented himself to the jury:
Ah, the holy old, Allah-fearing, bearded look. A religious gentleman if ever I saw one.

Bit of an improvement on the nasty-faced character pictured above, don't you think?

On 29 August 2008, Khan was sentenced to just 6.5 years for killing Keith Brown.

He got a further eighteen months for wounding Ashley Barker after stabbing Keith. Julia Barker said this after Khan was sentenced:

"There has been no justice done, we knew it wasn't going to get done. Mr Khan had a panic button put in, Mr Brown didn't. Both should have been treated as equals. When it was our family, nothing was done. The police let our family down. The Khans can get on with their life, me and my children will never be able to forget what happened that day. It is a disgrace."
One of Khan's sons, Khazir Saddique, who admitted bludgeoning Ashley with a wheelbrace, was also jailed for two years.

Judge Simon Tonking echoed a treacherously sympathetic media when he said:

"Both Mr Brown and his son were involved in acts of racial aggression towards members of the Khan family, one of which led to Ashley Barker being convicted of an offence of assault causing actual bodily harm against Mr Khan in August 2006.

It should be said that the jury's verdict was entirely respectable and understandable on the evidence."
Yes, Simon.

I guess in an Orwellian world, where some animals are more equal than others, such a sentence would, indeed, be 'entirely respectable and understandable.'

As regards the 'evidence,' the system encouraged the jury to pay special heed to that provided by the Khans, whereas that supplied by Keith's family was treated with scant respect or credence.

I'll tell you what, Simon. If the ghosts of all the lads who died in two world wars, thinking that they were fighting for their own, had suddenly materialised in your courtroom when you were saying what you said, I bet you wouldn't have said it with anywhere near as much conviction.

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