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The Rape and Murder of Mary-Ann Leneghan

On 7 May 2005, 16-year-old Mary-Ann Leneghan was gang-raped and murdered in Reading, Berkshire.

Her 18-year-old friend was also gang-raped, shot in the back of the head and left for dead. Miraculously, she survived to raise the alarm and testify against those who had tried to kill her.

Adrian 'Redz' Thomas went to Reading to deal drugs. However, when he was attacked and robbed by a local gang, he blamed Mary-Ann and her friend for 'setting him up.'

He recruited Michael Johnson, Jamaile Morally, his brother Joshua, Indrit Krasniqi, Llewellyn Adams and one other and the gang set out from South London seeking revenge.

Mary-Ann and her friend, who had expressed their concerns as to what might happen before they were abducted, were soon found. The gang bundled them into a car and took them to a hotel where they were repeatedly raped, burned with cigarettes and scalding sugar water, poked with knives and beaten badly. The gang also cut their hair off and told them that they were going to die.

After a three-hour ordeal in the hotel, pillowcases were tied around their heads and they were taken from the room where they had been so horribly abused, stuffed in the boot of their torturers' car and taken to Prospect Park.

Once there, Adrian Thomas, the creature who had set the terrible events of that day in train, prepared to kill Mary-Ann. However, the tough guy lost his bottle at the last moment and couldn't go through with it. Seeing this, Michael Johnson snatched the knife out of his hand and began to stab the terrified teenager. Mary-Ann begged for mercy and tried to protect herself but Johnson just kept on slicing and sticking.

In the end, tiring of the sport, he cut her throat and left her to bleed to death. When the police arrived they found that she had more than 40 individual knife wounds.

After being forced to watch as Mary-Ann was butchered in front of her, Jamaille Morally, asked her friend if she was ready to die? He then shot her in the back of the head.

After sentence had been passed and Morally was being led from the court, he whooped triumphantly and waved his fist in the air.

Something to celebrate, eh? The gang-rape and murder of a naive, little girl who'd never done anyone any harm.

Crack dealer, Joshua Morally, cut off the hair of Mary-Ann's friend and struck her with a metal pipe.

He also raped both girls and grinned as he told them that they were going to die.

Indrit Krasniqi, a Kosovan Albanian, confessed to stubbing out cigarettes on them whilst they were in the hotel room and pricking them with a knife.

With a forename like Indrit, Krasniqi will, almost certainly, be a Muslim. A Kosovan Muslim. You know, once of those on whose behalf we bombed the Serbs a little while back?

Llewellyn Adams drove the gang to Reading, transported the girls to the hotel and took them both to the death site.

In court, his brief said he was nothing like the others. A nice boy then. He would never have gone along if he'd known what was going to happen. Of course, he never bothered to tell any of his pals to stop what they were doing and he never said 'No, I'm not doing that' at any point. I suppose that qualifies him for a 'nice guy' certificate in these terrible times.

Myron Hiliaire was, originally, charged with the possession of a prohibited weapon in relation to this case but, curiously, the prosecution seemed to lose him along the way.

With the exception of Krasniqi, all of those who were found guilty of rape, attempted murder, murder, and aiding and abetting the aforesaid crimes, were all brought up in parts of London that have been partially cleansed of their indigenous inhabitants in the last fifty years. Four of them were out on parole when they were raping and killing English girls in Reading.

The Home Secretary, Charles Clarke, said:

"I deeply regret the tragic death of Mary-Ann Leneghan and my thoughts and sympathies go out to Mary-Ann's family and friends as well as to the other victim in this dreadful case... It is always disturbing when a serious crime is committed by offenders under supervision in the community.

It is vital that we learn any lessons we can from these cases and take any steps necessary to ensure that offenders are properly managed and the public are properly protected...

Public protection remains my absolute priority and it will continue to guide this government's policies and practices."
Which is bulls***, of course.

Asked on BBC2's Newsnight whether there was any limit on the number of skilled migrants the country could accomodate, David Blunkett, the previous Home Secretary, said this:

"No, I SEE NO OBVIOUS LIMIT!... It is a crowded island. We've always been a crowded, vigorous island... A NET INCREASE OF 200,000 PEOLE PER YEAR IS PERMANENTLY SUSTAINABLE!"
Which doesn't exactly sit comfortably with the 'public protection' thing, does it? Seeing as how, overall, your immigrant tends to behave quite a bit more criminally than your native Brit.

Ask Mary-Ann's pal if you don't believe me.

Adrian Thomas is the cousin of the Morally brothers.

In court, the jury was told that Jamaile Morally's mother, Veveth, had disowned him. The court was not told whether Veveth had disowned her other son. Nor was the court told whether she will be sent back where she came from this side of a revolution.

Tony Thomas, a 'trained counsellor,' who moved out of the family home when his son was just four years old, was in court to support his son, Adrian.

At the age of ten, his son was sent to a school for emotionally disturbed children. The Morally brothers and Michael Johnson attended the same school.

Susan Harris is the mother of Mary-Ann Leneghan.

After Susan and Tony Johnson were seen sharing a consolatory hug or two on camera, she said:

"I feel no anger towards Tony. He is not at fault for what his son did... There is no point in blaming the parents. I feel sorry for him. He has also lost his child in one sense."
She wasn't inclined to express such a charitable view towards the BNP and the National Front, however. She felt they had used her daughter's death for their own ends and denounced them thus:

"It's disgusting that the BNP and NF put Mary-Ann's story on their websites. It was never about race."
She hasn't yet gone so far as to blame the BNP and the NF for allowing Mary-Ann to 'mix with the wrong crowd.' Actually, she was good enough to own up to this particular parental error herself. I guess the fact that the wrong crowd were mostly black had nothing to do with the wrong crowd's wrongness.

All of Susan Harris's grandchildren are, in her own words, "mixed-race".

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