Monday, 29 December 2008

The Rock of the Family

On 28 November 2003, 97-year-old Gorton resident, Evelyn Jackson, opened the door of her flat to a violent robber who inflicted the injuries which led to her death 12 days later at Manchester Royal Infirmary.

Before she died Evelyn was able to tell the police the following:

"I know he smashed me in the face and down I went. That must be when he broke my hip. I fell on the floor and he started kicking into me. I was screaming and I felt a right bump coming up on my face. He kicked me like a football."

After punching and kicking Evelyn repeatedly, the robber stole her handbag and ran off.

Evelyn's granddaughter, Diane Monks, said:

"She has always been there for us and I don't know what we will do without her. She was a very, very independent woman who has always been the rock of the family. She had even paid for her own funeral many years ago so that we would not have to worry when the time came...

We have been totally overwhelmed by the response that we have had from the general public. We have received cards, cheques and letters from Ireland, Dorset, an ex-police officer from the 1940's and a 71-year-old woman even sent £50 of her pension. I would like to thank everyone who has been moved to contact us after finding out what happened to my Gran, I know that it had been a great comfort to her."

Detective Chief Inspector Glynn Silcock, of the Greater Manchester Police, said:

"We have to remember that this was a 97-year-old frail lady. She had lost her left arm in her teens, she had survived cancer and a heart attack and had survived two World Wars. It is totally and utterly disgusting and outrageous that a thug can force his way into her own home and use her like a football and that she has died as a result of this...

We have received many calls and letters from well wishers which I know has been a tremendous support for the family but it does not help our investigation. What we need is information, someone out there knows who is responsible for this and is keeping quiet. We need whoever it is to come forward and to tell us what they know."

In expressing his outrage, Chief Inspector Silcock was being ordinarily disingenuous.

Very early on in the investigation it was known that the man who had attacked Evelyn was black.

And yet, he did not see fit to mention the most distinctive feature of his appearance. Such are the constraints that have been imposed upon the policing of our nation these days.

On 7 June 2011, The Machester Evening News published a little article 'sympathising' with Evelyn.

Unsolved Murder: Evelyn Jackson died days after being battered

Even, then, seven-and-a-half years after she died, THEY weren't telling the general public that the man responsible for her death was black.

This dear old lady is Evelyn Jackson:

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