Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Roderick Russell's Reduced Sentence

On 24 December 1993, an 81-year-old pensioner was found locked in a cupboard when her only relative called round on Christmas Eve.

Case no. 9701827 W4 in the Court of Appeal: Criminal Division states:

"At about 4 o'clock, just before Christmas in 1993, an 81-year old woman went home. As she stepped into the hall of her flat she was pushed from behind. She then underwent the most appalling indignities at the hands of this appellant.

She was pushed into her bedroom and she was forced on to the bed. Her shopping bags were searched. The appellant then got his hands around her neck and began to choke her so she could not breathe. He stopped doing that, pushed her on the bed, lent over her and pushed down on her breastbone with both bands. He said he was said going to rape her, undid his trousers and exposed his penis.

The complainant, this lady of 81, who was yet a virgin, asked him not to rape her, but he lent over her and he tried to kiss her on the lips. He lay on top of her and she felt pain in her private parts. Having done that he told her to open her mouth. That she did and he put his penis into her mouth for a short while. Having withdrawn from her mouth he picked her up. He threw her in a wardrobe and locked the door.

She could not get out of the wardrobe. It was locked. Not only was it locked, but when a long time afterwards police officers got into the flat they found that furniture had been wedged against the door so that she could not get out.

We say 'a long time afterwards,' what happened was the following afternoon her nephew called at the flat got no answer and went away. Fortunately he returned the next day and again received no answer. Because of that he decided to take the matter further, with the result that eventually the police went in and found her, disorientated and suffering from bruising and sores.

She was taken naturally to hospital and fortunately has recovered physically. She can no longer live in the flat and is in other accommodation. The effects of that trauma that she underwent on that occasion can hardly be overestimated."
She told the police how her assailant had 'put both hands around my throat and started squeezing. I could not breathe, I thought my eyes were going to pop out. I really thought he was going to strangle me.'

After she was bundled into the cupboard:

"I could not get out. I banged on the door hoping to attract attention. I hoped my nephew would come... I lost all track of time. I did not know what day it was when I was found."
The 5ft 0in, six stone victim was locked away for two days by Roderick Russell, a 17-year old crack addict.

He was finally caught three years later when his fingerprints were taken after two other women had been viciously mugged.

Russell had previously received cautions for possession of a knife; ABH involving police officers; robberies of a 60-year old woman and a 77-year old woman, the latter having been threatened with a knife.

He was jailed for twelve years.

Subsequently, Appeal Court Judges Lord Justice Hutchison, Mr Justice Butterfield and His Honour Judge Allen decided, in their wisdom, to reduce Russell's sentence to nine years.

Great British Justice, don't you just love it?

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