Sunday, 21 December 2008

They were surrounded by up to 60 youths... mainly black

On 5 August 2002, two 15-year-old girls were gang-raped by up to 10 youths on a council estate in Roehampton, London.

A third girl was indecently assaulted. The following day's Evening Standard told the story:

"They were attacked after being surrounded by up to 60 youths... Scotland Yard said the attack happened after the group of mainly black youths, aged 12 to 18, gathered on the Alton estate at around 10pm and started chatting to the girls on the pavement.

Most were believed to have been either from the estate or from the local area. They were drinking and offered the girls alcohol. Later the group split into three and each gang took one of the girls with them...

One was raped in a stairwell in Highcross Way and another was attacked at a children's play area in Holybourne Avenue. Police were called to the estate by residents complaining about noise from the gangs. Officers found one girl sitting beside the road, still conscious but in shock. She said she had been raped by up to 10 youths. Police then came across another girl who said she had been raped by around five youths...

The two girls were taken to hospital and released after treatment. A third girl later said she had been assaulted."
Anyone out there remember reading about this in a mainstream newspaper?

Anyone see it on the nine o'clock news or Crimewatch?

Sometimes the bad stuff is so obvious, the powers-that-be find it impossible to keep it in the background. Most of the time, however, they don't.

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