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Two Down Ten Million to Go

On 28 December 2003, 19-year-old Terry Gregory was murdered in Woolwich, South London.

Terry was with his girlfriend Louise and friend, Sammy Nelson, after a night out. They had just alighted from N1 night bus opposite the Waterfront Leisure Centre when Terry saw what he believed to be a discarded umbrella and picked it up. A woman climbing on board the bus was heard to say:

"Dad, he's got my umbrella."
The man whose daughter made this comment remonstrated angrily with the three teenagers, accusing them of stealing his daughter's brolly, and a scuffle ensued. Terry quickly overpowered him and the man got back on the bus.

However, he got off a few stops later, armed himself with a large knife, and went looking for the three teenagers. He found them outside the Albion pub in Woolwich, where, without any warning, he stabbed Sammy. Terry put himself between his friend and his attacker but, in saving Sammy's life, he was himself stabbed nine times.

He died a little while later in hospital.

His mother, Sue said:

"Terry intervened because he was much bigger than his friend and knew his pal needed his help... He will never be here again, I will never see his smiling face, never see his wedding or grandchildren, someone took that away from us... I can't believe my son died over an umbrella. It's so trivial. I feel as if my stomach has been ripped out."
On 18 January 2004, the National Front demonstrated in Woolwich, in memory of Terry Gregory.

They were heckled and jeered along the route of the march by a group of Anti-Nazi League supporters. The marchers did not respond. A passing motorist slowed down, wound down his window and was heard to say:

"One down, ten million to go."
The motorist was black.

Before the protest took place, London Mayor Ken Livingstone condemned the National Front and asked the police to ban the march, saying:

"This is now the second National Front demonstration in London in less than a month. (Terry was the second British lad to be murdered by a non-native in a fortnight) There is now a systematic campaign by the National Front to work their way around parts of east and south east London like a cancer with the intention of whipping up race hate. As I have argued throughout, these are not political marches protected by the right to demonstrate in a free society - they are acts of provocation and intimidation designed to incite racist conflict."
For more on Red Ken Livingstone, go here: Truth: Livingstone-Style

On 29 December 2003, George Edwin, a 65-year-old black man, was charged with Terry's murder.

He was also charged with wounding Sam Nelson.

Describing Edwin's reaction to his having been 'overpowered' by a white teenager, Detective Chief Inspector Lee Catling said:

"Being overpowered could have stirred many emotions in this father, some of embarrassment, humiliation and some of rage. In some respects IT IS UNDERSTANDABLE THAT THIS MAN WAS ANGRY but to arm himself with this knife and stab the victim seven times was utterly DISPROPORTIONATE."
Do you get what PC Plod just said?

"It is understandable that this man was angry... To arm himself with this knife and stab the victim seven times was... disproportionate."

Angry? Disproportionate? A brutish immigrant stabs an English lad to death and this is 'understandable?' And his behaviour is merely 'disproportionate?'

Wake up England.

In court, Edwin admitted pulling a knife on Terry but insisted that:

"To my knowledge I never stabbed that boy. I am not a murderer. I am not a killer."
Those who heard the case must have taken this last statement to heart because, in November 2004, after a second jury failed to agree whether Edwin was guilty of murder or manslaughter, the Crown Prosecution Service said there was not enough evidence for a third trial and the black man who stabbed Terry Gregory to death was released.

Oh and both juries also cleared him of causing Terry and Sammy Nelson grievous bodily harm.

If you ever thought the lunatics were still in charge of the asylum, ladies and gentlemen, I don't see how they can be when they all appear to be out here with us.

Having just seen Terry's killer get away with murder, his mother, Sue, said:

"A man walks out of court having stabbed my son nine times. He has admitted in court to carrying a knife and is now free to do it again. My son was not a racist thug as was implied in court. My family has always maintained this was not a racist attack and we objected strongly to the defence counsel stating Terry had lived in the same borough as Stephen Lawrence. Both young men lost their lives in violent circumstances and that is the only similarity. I'm in the same position as Doreen Lawrence."
You're wrong there, sweetheart.

Doreen Lawrence is black. You're not.

Listen up, Sue, let me tell you the way it works in Britain today. If you're black and your name is Stephen Lawrence and you get stabbed once by one member of a white gang in a random encounter, your name will be mentioned over a thousand times in Parliament and around 400 backbench MPs will sign 19 separate Early Day Motions commemorating your death.

If you're white, however, and your name is Terry Gregory, and a black bloke stabs you nine times, even if the jury is made aware that man who stabbed you armed himself and then hunted you down and killed you quite deliberately, even if the man who killed you is caught red-handed, even if the knife, still red with your blood, is found upon his person, two separate juries will find that black man innocent of any crime.

Even if he stabs your pal as well.

Of course, it does help if the defence barrister implies that the white lad, who got himself murdered by a nice, old, black grandad, was a 'racist.'

As for your being given a bit of a mention in Parliament, well, not one MP and not one member of the House of Lords, will ever speak your name in that godawful place.

Sue posed the question:

"How can someone be stabbed nine times and no one be found guilty?"
Terry Gregory was an English man. The man who killed him was not. For those who would know the truth, Sue, and have the guts to face it, that's your answer.

A black savage murders a decent, young English man and tries to murder his friend.

British justice subsequently finds the savage guilty of no crime.

If you think of the George Edwins as the footsoldiers in a war being waged upon the white world by the global elite, such institutionalised lunacy makes perfect sense.

This is Terry:
On 24 December 2005, whilst he was out celebrating the Christmas festivities, Terry's older brother, Billy, was stabbed in the throat with a broken glass.

He died in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Woolwich, the following day. Without any warning, Thuvan Nguyen, a Vietnamese immigrant, had attacked him in the lavatory of the Earl of Chatham pub.

No MP ever mentioned Billy in parliament either.

Billy is pictured below:
Two down, ten million to go.

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