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Crime: August 2011

Sonit Shringi and Kukesh Chawda plotted to defraud Museum of London of £600000 allegedly
Disabled mother 'beaten unconscious' by Wayne McCatty
Nutcase Kashif Baig stabbed his ‘beautiful, ambitious’ wife to death
Sham marriage rumbled after Elmira Umajewa couldn't spell husband Amjad Javid's name
Travellers invaded my village a year ago and it's sheer hell
30% locked up in our biggest youth jail in 2010 were foreigners!!!
Have-a-go hero tries to stop a thug fleeing stab scene
African immigrant, Elizabeth Addo, jailed for benefit fraud
Tell the truth: Scotland has been indulged for too long
Cab driver Shamraz Akhtar walks free after sexually molesting passenger
Thousands of career criminals spared prison in Coalition's first year
Agripina Gheorge gets Asbo for begging in Cardiff
Police hunt knife-wielding Carnival thug
RIOTS: Jah-Kiel McDermott charged with car attack on police
Woman sexually assaulted by Jamaican
RIOTS: son of London Assembly member Len Duvall (Labour) arrested!
Graeme Jarman wanted in connection with the murder of 77-year-old Judith Richardson
Why is the 'The Beast of Sligo' free to roam the streets after being jailed for 238 years?
Rapist John Ssewaggudde claims he musn't be deported as he's gay!
Man's jaw broken - Premier League’s Nile Ranger arrested
Six arrested after three girls, all 15, 'gang raped' in Ipswich flat
Jersey deaths: Damian Rzeszowski charged
Oxford Street stabbing: Jerome Odigie charged
Johvan Chevi stabs good Samaritan Dorian Davies
Polish immigrant Mateusz Guzowski rioted 2 days after arriving in England
Drunk driver Mandeep Singh Rai tried to blame crash victims
Property baron, Sly Malik, jailed for claiming benefits
Benefit cheat Chiedu Ikenma fraudulently claimed £5,180 - No jail time
Asian sought after sex assault on train - CCTV
Three teenage girls, all 15, 'gang raped' in Ipswich flat
CCTV catches children aged FOUR and SIX sent into store by their mother to shoplift
Hated rules that benefit terrorists and rapists
Convicted rioters victimised by other prisoners
RIOTS: 'Naked Greed' wrecked model Mohima Khanom’s dreams
Outrage at payout for Algerian crook we can’t kick out
Teenager who urged Facebook friends to 'kill a million police' is jailed
London: Riot arrests reach 2,000, Met Police says
Nattalie Muir stabbed to death on the orders of spurned teenager
Turkish immigrant and rickshaw driver, Murat Durmus, raped a female doctor
3 Asians carry out “cowardly and shocking” attack on an 87-year-old lady
Jawaid Iqbal guilty of causing death by careless driving - He did not stop to help Lisa Saville!
The grisly moment Yousseff Wahid struggled through Heathrow with a body in a suitcase
Wealthy Russian students gang-raped fellow pupil at exclusive private college
She's big, black, smokes, likes chicken burgers! The only things Mojeed Bello could tell cops about bride-to-be!
Police hunt 30,000 rioters: More than 3,200 crimes were committed in 4 days of violence
Criminals let out on bail responsible for one fifth of burglaries
BLAIR: England is NOT in moral decline, blasts Blair
Boy, 14, charged with murder of teenager
Extent of riot crimewave revealed
UK riots: The end of the liberals’ great moral delusion
London riots: Almost 3,300 offences investigated
UK riots: It’s not about criminality and cuts, it’s about culture
Recep Cetin murdered Marion Graham and Kathy Dinsmore
More than 150 people caught after rioting swept across UK ‘were foreign nationals and will be deported’
London riots: Police release more CCTV suspect images
Peter Lindsay and Leonard Carr bound and gagged elderly victims
Irish women murdered by teenage Turk
Lisa Fletcher denies offering pre-teenage girl to Adnan Mohammed for sex
Senior nurse, Yoosoof Assen, kicked a dementia sufferer in the back
RIOTS: 'You think you rule? Look who’s ruling now'
Police hunt black man over violent bus stop sex attack
Mother fearing eviction chooses £1m council house over son accused of looting
Learco-Chindamo: He tapped me on the shoulder. I stabbed him in the heart
Championship footballer Frederic Piquionne fined for dumping rubbish in neighbouring village
Leroy James murder: Two held over London killing
Kervin Kavuala charged with murder
Shervin Irvani and Ithai McPhee jailed for wheelie bin murder
Mother who shopped Olympic ambassador Chelsea Ives after riots weeps
Gangsta culture is a poison spreading among youths of all races
Teenager, 16, 'killed kindly OAP with single punch' during riots
She offered to help Abbas Ali before he raped her
Four Asian doctors suspended at Streatham practice
Afzal Arif, Saeed Hussein, Shahid Hussein, Sajjad Hussein and Ruqiah Begum charged with murder
Looters caught on camera pulling biker off his scooter and stealing it
‘Devil’ son raped his own mother and gouged out her eyes
Judge Farook Ahmed helps Jamaican drug-dealer stay in England
Bulbul Ahmed accused of sexual assault on a girl aged 13
Gordon Thompson charged with burning down historic furniture store
Suspicious "dark-skinned" man with "foreign accent" approaches Lincoln 10-year-old
Jealous soldier Robert Kariuki raped woman seven times in one day
Beware You NCOs! If you insult an immmigrant soldier and he retalliates violently he will NOT go to jail!
Thanusanth Navaratnarajah to stand trial over sex assault
Obinna Achogbuo sexually assaulted a nine-year-old girl during a game of Scrabble
Police want to speak to black man after Mitcham robbery
Ipswich: Police looking for black man after woodland sex attack
17-year-old dies after being stabbed at a party in London
Caught on camera: Looters mow down two police officers
UK riots: magistrates told 'ignore the rule book' and lock up looters
Cameron pledges to turn round 120,000 'troubled' families
National service for every teenager
'Tear up the sentencing guidelines and jail EVERY looter'!
BLAIR WARS: Tributes to young officer killed in Afghanistan
Now all convicted yobs will lose their benefits?
Damian Rzeszowski murders six, three of them children, in Jersey
London Blitz memorial defaced by 'racist' 'Kill the Brits' Asians
Christian riot rapist isn't from a ‘broken home‘
After 50 years of the most lavish welfare state on earth? What an abject failure
Semi-pro footballer Mario Quiassaca sacked by club after looting store and stoning police
Masked looters pose with their loot
Attila Ban held over murder of Alice Adams and Tibor Vass
Black bully, Luke Jolly, jailed for manslaughter of cycling champ, Ray Eden
I’m not responsible for my son, says 'devout Christian, Maite de la Calva
As thousands of youngsters are arrested cops issue pictures of 88 more suspects
600 rioters were on parole!!!
US Rapper Jayceon Taylor could face charges over 'flash mob tweet'
Rapist O'Nile Huggins attacked same woman at same place twice!
£70m of British aid 'paid to the Taliban'
African 'race hate' gang in Temple Bar orgy of violence
White Riot: Assimilation and Cultural Death in England
Legacy of a society that believes in nothing
The day the mob came crashing through Mary-Lu Cole's door
Black model Shonola Smith got six months for looting
In this multicultural ‘utopia’ why does one community demand to be treated differently?
Cult gang film Shank inspired Amed Pelle to riot
"Black, with a big build" left Richard Mannington Bowes, 68, critically ill
Richard Mannington Bowes dies after attack
HIV expert Rebecca Balira kept woman as a slave in Thamesmead
Perhaps the most astounding element in TV coverage of the riots has been the refusal to mention the race of most of the rioters!
Olympic ambassador Chelsea Ives 'hurled bricks at police car'
Tough sentences? Forget it. The yobs will be treated as if THEY'RE the victims
Terror of pensioner, 100, mugged for her pension by East European thugs
Riots reflect a society run on greed and looting
Cops 'ordered to stand and observe' as capital burned
THE RIOTS: ‘Immigrants love this country more than we do!’ Says Christina Odone
Boy accused of post office fire. Mum Makes ADHD excuse
Terror of pensioner, 100, mugged for her pension by East European thugs
African Charity director Memory Mafuta fraudulently claimed £31,000 in benefits
Russian senator blames failure of multiculturalism for UK riots
Name and shame: cops release more photos from the riots
London riots - Cops says: “We can’t cope. We have passed breaking point”
Primary school worker, Alexis Bailey, pleads guilty to looting
Irene Mitchell dies after being sent home by foreign doctor Ali Mehri
GP pervert, Haleem Bhatti, sexually assaulted 5 patients whilst examining them j
Years of liberal dogma have spawned amoral, uneducated, welfare dependent, brutalised youngsters
Young offenders taken on all-expenses trip to Alton Towers'
White man fights for life after beating by armed, black gang
Foreign thieves rob 100-year-old woman of money and bank book
RIOTS: Do you recognise these slags?
'This will be the most pleasurable experience of your life, Priyantha Kandanearachchi told pregnant patient
London Riots: Hasidic Jews jeer at police!!!
White people forced to strip naked in the street by Blacks
We ran for our lives as thugs ambushed bus
Stupid looter posts photo of himself and his booty online
Mark Duggan was no stranger to the police
8 violent foreign thugs escape deportation after series of Home Office blunders
Russian immigrant gets a year and a day for helping scam $105K in Holocaust reparations
Sex assault on 65-year-old, "mixed-race... tanned-skin" man sought
Multi-millionaire property tycoon Shiraj Haque lives in £135-a-week council house
Violence, drugs, a fatal stabbing and a most unlikely martyr
Reverend Nathan Ntege arrested on suspicion of conducting sham marriages
£750,000 for patients left in agony by surgeon and 'government advisor' Manjit Bhamra
Father dies and policeman hurt in 'terrifying' shoot-out
Maulin Patel jailed for Kartik Patel murder
Pervert with 'uncontrollable obsession with child pornography and torture' has sentence slashed!
Mohammed Sajid and Shasta Khan charged with terrorism offences
Teenager licked and sexually assaulted by Asian taxi driver
Thief Mounir Raki refuses to divulge his nationality so we can't deport him
Judge's fury as sobbing teenager branded 'wicked woman' by barrister Tayyab Khan
Bestiality with a goat at the Clarendon Fine Art gallery!
These 'animals' murdered 16-year-old Nicholas Pearton
85-year-old head-butted and robbed by African immigrant
£300million haul of cocaine seized from yacht at British dock
'Heroin CEO' Akbar Bukhari jailed for 18 years in £7m smuggling scheme
Website helps female students pay off debts by dating 'sugar daddies'
Fish stocks in River Wye being decimated by East European poachers
Polish cleaner Barbara Kuligowska stole jewellery worth £90,000!
Bus driver, Miroslav L, murdered student Kate
Owen Carl and brother Direece Roche murdered Adam Steele
School drugs counsellor Mahfooz Ahmed exposed as 'one of Britain’s biggest heroin dealers'
Stephanie Knight lured young girls for rape by Asians
Nottingham shop robbery police release CCTV of black men
Karim and Rahim Yazdani deny role in opium ring
Three hundred police officers swoop on Hackney gangs in dawn raids
Nurse Gilbertha Mutyoza jailed for £38,000 fraud
Black teenager exposes himself to 11-year-old girl
14-year-old girls sexually assaulted by man with "foreign" accent
Asian sexually assaults women during burglary
Imran Khan, Jaspla Kajla and Amjed Mahmood charged with conspiracy to murder
Zahid Ali jailed for 5 years over crash deaths
Shumsheer Ghumman tried to hire a hitman to murder Hannah Rhind's father
Pakistani + Latvian = Yet another sham marriage
Sex attacker we can’t deport Sarafa Salami gets £1,000 a month in handouts
Crimestoppers hunts UK's most wanted fraudsters
Deputy mayor of Lambeth Judith Best arrested over attack on Neil Potter
"Tanned-complexion" man strikes again!

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