Tuesday, 2 January 2007

The Death of Florence Tatton

On 14 June 2001, 79-year-old Florence Tatton was attacked, robbed and left for dead.

Richard Coker knocked Florence to the ground and her hip was fractured. She was left in need of constant medical care after the attack and, following a hip replacement and a tracheotomy which deprived her of the ability to speak, her mental and physical state gradually worsened. In October 2002, she died.

Coker was jailed for seven years after his plea of manslaughter was accepted. Her son, Alan, said:

"If you mug an old lady you should get 20 years end of story. This man has seven years for taking the life of my mother who had all her faculties and was in the throes of enjoying her life, her children and her grandchildren."
Investigating officer Det Insp Tim Grattan-Kane said:

"No sentence will seem sufficient for a family who has watched one of their loved ones die a painful, slow and horrific death."
Coker, a habitual criminal, had been released on licence from a prior prison sentence just a few days before he attacked and robbed Florence. A few weeks afterwards he was ebing sentenced to four years for another robbery.

Florence is pictured below:

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