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An Extremely Paranoid and Argumentative Killer

On New Year's Day 1995, Margaret Hatton, was murdered in Stockwell, London.

On 26 December, a 19-year-old paranoid schizophrenic called Wayne Hutchinson, a member of the notorious Brixton gang, Posse 28, blasted the bedroom windows of a house on the Stockwell Park Estate twice with a sawn off shotgun. After he was arrested, Hutchinson admitted intending to kill Delroy Thomas.

The next day, the sometime drug dealer went to a club called Mixes in Stockwell Road where Anthony Kellman worked as a doorman. Hutchinson shot him twice at point-blank range with the same shotgun and he was fatally injured.

On 29 December, Marlon Snape was visiting a relative on the Cowley Estate when Hutchinson arrived with various members of his ‘posse.’ They were chatting amicably when suddenly, for no apparent reason, Hutchinson drew a knife, slashed Marlon twice and stabbed him in the neck.

After he was arrested, Hutchinson said that Snape had been taking ‘great liberties’ and hadn’t been listening to what he was saying.

On 30 December, the police went to Hutchinson's home and interviewed him regarding the murder of Anthony Kellman and the attempted murder of Marlon Snape. Incredibly, after he denied any involvement in either offence, no further action was taken!

On 31 December, Paulo Pereira was walking along Stockwell Road minding his own business, when Hutchinson leapt out and stabbed him in the chest. Hutchinson would later say that Pereira had once insulted him.

On 1 January 1995, Clifton Mitchell was standing outside a shop in Landor Road, drinking a can of beer, when Hutchinson appeared and stabbed him in the head and neck.

When he was interviewed about this incident, Hutchinson said Clifton had bad-mouthed him and hadn’t shown him any respect.

Immediately after attacking Clifton, Hutchinson entered the shop on Landor Road and walked up to one of the customers. Then, without any warning, he stabbed Marie Hatton as well.

He was arrested at his mother's home a few hours after he killed Marie. He was asleep in an armchair when the police arrived.

When he was interviewed this time round, he said that he had the gift of knowing when people were ‘taking the piss’ and asserted that all of those he had harmed ‘deserved whatever happened.’ During this interview he also confessed to a December 1994 killing not cited above.

The police, subsequently, searched an address in Streatham and found a sawn-off shotgun and fifty-nine cartridges of the same type as those used in Anthony Kellerman's murder. They also found ammunition which matched that fired from a gun outside Mixes nightclub in November 1994.

Just a few weeks prior to the events described above, a psychiatric evaluation had described Hutchinson as ‘extremely paranoid and argumentative.’ Nevertheless, he was granted home leave from the South Western Hospital on 10 November by a locum doctor who was unaware of his psychiatric history. He was discharged in his absence on the 28th.

Hutchinson was convicted of two charges of manslaughter and attempted murder in January 1996 and given six life sentences. After the verdict, Margaret's daughter Louise said:

"I hope he suffers."
He didn't. At the Court of Appeal his life sentences were quashed and it was ruled that he should be detained indefinitely at Broadmoor Hospital. Which means that a psychiatrist can now release him whenever he deems him to be well enough to come hang out with the rest of us once again.

If you had the time or the inclination to read a report commissioned by Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham Health Authority, titled: Inquiry into the Care and Treatment of Wayne Matthew Hutchinson, you would gain a powerful insight into just how blasé and seemingly unconcerned those that run the psychiatric services are when it comes to protecting the public from murderous, black nutcases like him.

Those that give a damn are way in the minority. And even they don't seem to care to do much more than compile the requisite report years after the damage has been done. Which, once written, gets buried and ignored.

This is where we are now, folks. Utterly at the mercy of the psychos whenever they feel inclined to revenge themselves for some imagined sleight.

A question for you:

If the cops found a white British nut in possession of a handgun and then figured out that he regularly had access to such weapons, would they give him bail? And then forget all about him?

I don't think they would.

And yet, that's exactly what the boys in blue did in the case of a black loony-tune called Wayne Matthew Hutchinson, according to the Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham Health Authority's report.

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