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Crime: December 2009

Juvinal Ferreira Raped and Murdered Grandmother Elaine Walpole
Ikikibiya Manuel Guilty of Murdering 26-year-old Luke Brocklebank
Asian Youth Kicked and Stamped Christopher Folkes to Death
Black Thugs Murdered White Father-of-Three
Kieron Lawrence and One Other Charged with Murder of Edward Thompson
Anslem Ribera guilty of post office Murder
Martine Vik Magnussen was raped and strangled by playboy Farouk Abdulhak
Teenager 'murdered girlfriend, 17, by setting her on fire
Brandon Jolie and Kingsley Ogundele Jailed over Death Plot

Woman Stabbed by Raheem Nawaz says He Should be Jailed for Life
Prakash Odedara gets 4 months for killing 23-year-old Gary Lane
Stefan Stanko admits death by dangerous driving charges
Jerzy Derak will Serve Just 10 Months for killing Ian Murray

Ali Alunta Charged with killing Father-of-Three Jim Fleming
Britain's first female Asian magistrate admits road crash killing

Failed asylum seeker who killed little girl gets to stay in Britain!!!

Killer hit-and-run driver Mohammed Ahmed jailed

Asians in court over robbery killing
Dwight and Derrell Callender leave man in coma
Foreign Grzegorz Barcicki Charged with Killing devoted Father

Raheem Nawaz Stabbed and Slashed 7 Strangers

Mohammed Ibrahim Killed his daughter

'Bitter' husband Thaker Ramanlal guilty of murder
Blaize Lunkulu and Vikar Khan charged with murder and kidnap

Nasir Uddin jailed for murdering mother in row over family home

Harpreet Aulakh re-arrested over murder
'Honour killing' father given life for Tulay murder

Michael Ematuwo, 14, given six years for killing
Abdus Sabit gets Life for Killing Wife
Chef stabbed to death teaching assistant - 'he was in a bad mood'
Art student 'stabbed to death after Facebook row'

Raouf Mraidi killed Andrzej Karcz
Drunken Iraqi asylum seeker almost killed Steven Barnes
Woman raped by asylum seeker
Ahadullah Khughiani and 4 others gang-raped woman

Blacks Charged with Raping 13-Year-Old
Kumarlo McKoy and Donovan Reid Jailed for Raping Schoolgirl
Iftikhar Hussain Faces 11 Charges of Rape

Young Woman Raped in her Home

Umair Mehdi jailed over rape in hotel room
Rapist Daren Kibukamusoke is jailed

Paedophile Rapist Courtney Gordon is illegal immigrant

Sex charges against rapist, 12, are dropped to spare victim court ordeal
Asian Raped 18-Year-Old then spoke to her dad!
Immigrant Leonard Lindsay Raped School Teacher
Latvian Immigrant Oskars Burkevics Denies Attempted Rape
Two boys charged with raping 8-year-old girl
Adekunle Adeleye Charged with Rape
Celestino Gomes Raped 16-Year-Old
21-Year-Old Raped by black man
17-Year-Old's Rapist, Omar Omar, Gets Seven7 Years
Romanian Rapist George Arsu Repeatedly Punched 19-year-old Victim
Sutharsan Kunathasan charged with raping 15-year-old
Euro Rapist rode off on yellow mountain bike
Mohamad Caid on Trial for Gay Rapes
Misrak Eyob Blamed the Devil for attempted rape
Youth Charged with Rape
Antonio Domingo Baraken found guilty of raping girl, aged 11
Black Youth Raped 12-Year-Old on Her Way to School
HIV-positive rapist Victor Nkomo jailed for a decade
Eight Asians Charged with Grooming and Raping Young White Girls

Eastern European rapists on the loose

Rape charge Raja Abbas accused stays on bail

Teenager pleads Guilty to Raping Woman

David Simapuka gets 6 years for Brentford churchyard rapes

Bogus forensic scientist Gene Morrison jailed for child rape
Rapist gang 'not a threat to the public'!!!
Rapist Kazimierz Sadowski jailed for attack in 1999

Warning following student rapes - Rapist has "very dark skin"

Serial Rapist Reece Appleby in Court for Raping White Girl, 12
Asian/Middle-Eastern Man Raped Young Woman
Young Man Raped by black men in bogus Cab
Muslim Gang Who Groomed and Raped Young White Girls in Court
Rapist sentencing deferred

Pakistani rapist Imtiaz Hussain arrested

Rape at Canada Water Tube station

British woman complained of rape in Dubai - She was arrested!

Muslim Urged Son to Rape 12-Year-Old Cousin
Asah Shah DELIBERATELY Ran Down Stacie Stubley
Public Warning: Black Sadist, Andrew Delsol, About to be Released
Violent Asian Battered White Pensioner with Wheel Brace

Asians and a Dutchman involved in £33million drug deal
Violent carjacker Kevin Richardson jailed
David Turner Brutally Attacked by Elliott Ricketts
Illegal immigrant Thilan Fernando sexually assaulted a 9-year-old
Serial Paedophile Jason Hoyte Sues Council for Wrongful Dismissal
Bakary Danso Demanded Sex at Knifepoint
Drug Dealing Family Jailed

Ivan Hue's Ethnic Drug Gang Jailed for 200 Years
Video of Brutal Asian Beast Punching White Girl

Knife Assaults in Birmingham by Same Man
Former Cop, Khwaja Hasan, attacked 89-Year-Old John Davis
Abdul Farouk Umar Abdulmutallab Tries to Blow up Plane

Hasmi and Yadgari sold Cake Sprinkled with Human Faeces
Babu and Bharat Sarasia get 25 and 18 years for Heroin Smuggling
Burglar Set Free After 700 Raids is Arrested Again
Man Attacked with Baseball Bat by Asian Gang
Foreigner Jailed for Performing Sex Act on Drunken Woman
Sentencing for Foiled Terror Plot 

Turkish men held after discovery of loaded gun
Sex assault Koran tutor Yusuf Mangera jailed
Obadiah Marius who Burgled 10 Downing Street Finally Jailed

Ander Ely Becerra-Rivera Grabbed Women's Crotches
African Fraudster Nina Burmis Told to Repay Op Costs
Dentist Neel Uberoi and son jailed for £110,000 insider dealer scam
Pastor Alain Bhatupa Sexually Abused Members of his Flock

Woman has 3 Teeth Punched Out by violent black man
Hepworth Nxumalo Viciously Beat Boy - Walks Free
Cyclist Fights Off 7-Strong Gang
Child snatch attempt by dark-skinned man

Gun Terror At Santa's Grotto
Mother-of-5 Leyla Yusuf milked £70,000 to fund luxury life
Wesley Petrie caught with loaded gun in station jailed
Adelani Akamo accused of attempted rape
Barrister Gets formal 'Reprimand'
"Complete Menace", Byron Haines, Jailed for 4 Months
Teenager Knocked Unconscious with a Bottle by Black
Rhoda Sibanda has sex with Broadmoor Nut
Leyland Barrington Bit off Woman's Nose
Asbo Brothers Face Christmas in Prison
£10,000 Reward to Find Violent Negress
Jogger Hospitalised after Unprovoked Attack by Asian

Mahinder Saggu Jailed for Mental and Sexual Abuse of 14-year-old

Father-of-Ten Abdul Majid, Jailed for Benefit Swindle
Student's dream of flying an RAF jet shattered
Asian Conman Asking for Donations to Pay for Soldier's Coffin!
Ahmed Sharif Mohamed gets 18 Months for Benefit Fraud
Taxi driver, Mohammed Baig, Accused of Sexual Assault
Asian Pervert Masturbated Over Woman's Pop Socks on Busy Commuter Train
Care Worker Benedict Sanchez Sexually Assaulted Colleague

Violent Drunk Gets ASBO

Asian Drug Dealer Crashed Three Times

Dark Skinned Man tries to Lure 9-Year-Old into Car
Muggers went on Tube and Bus Rampage
Bilal Hussain Grabbed Woman's Crotch then Kicked Her
Church Leader Anthony Osei Sexually Assaulted Mentally Ill Woman
Woman Attacked by black man on walk Home
Choudhury Mohammed Shahran stole blue badge for free parking

Lord Patel gave glowing reference to brothers who framed drivers
Man robbed by black gang
Police try to recover millions from Gypsy burglars
Cocaine gang Olympic star James Waithe jailed
5 black men Sought for Vicious Birthday Attack
Young white Woman Spat at and Punched by Asian Gang
Illegal immigrant Khashul Alam admits sleeping mother sex attack
Ali Abdullah and Muqtar Nuren jailed over driving test scam

White Woman Racially Attacked by Gang of Asians

Man battered in robbery by two Asians and a black

Zaid Suar gets 39 months for sex attack
Paedophile Jahanghir Alam had 236 Images of Children

Asian Thugs Throw Bricks at White Residents
Woman has Teeth Punched Out by violent black man
Stripped, robbed and left in a bin by black men

Ashok Mahajan Threw Acid over White Lawyers

Kuganeswaran Annamalay Picked up Boy for Sex
Dolaver Atwal molested and threatened to rape 71-year-old
Eastern European Indecently Assaulted Ryde Woman
Burglars attack woman with bleach
Walid Salem say's he's untouchable as householder he tormented is jailed

Iranian Hossein Sabourian Sexually Groomed Teen Girl
Nischal Vaidya Sexually Assaulted 4 Women
Hope Not Hate's Oliver Skeete is a Thief

Police Appeal after Boy, 15, hurt in Vicious Asian Gang Attack

Zainab Akhtar Scammed Charity

Crime boss Ming Zhuang is jailed for 10 years but won't be deported
Illegal immigrants 'used loophole to create sham marriages'
Black youths Threw Snowballs at Him then stabbed him for complaining 
Drugs and guns gang jailed
Immigrants Jailed for Blackmail Plot
Thugs break man's jaw and steal Christmas presents

Sex attacker, 11, secretly sent to primary school
The Albanian immigrant gang pose with machine guns
White Family Viciously Attacked by Thirty Asians with Hammers

Violent Blacks Launch Unprovoked Attack Then Run Off Laughing

Man stabbed in Derby 'as feud escalated'
Women forced to strip by Reggi Said
Stabbed in Unprovoked Attack by Black Men and White Woman
Police in hunt for missing sex offender Davinder Singh
Muslim Father Kicked and Stamped on Son, 4, then Beat Pregnant Wife
Asian Sex Attacker Was allowed to Keep Job

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