Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Crime: February 2009

Bernard Hegarty Killer, Chris Olokun, Charged with Margaret Muller's Murder
Zahed Khan Killed Thomas Hussel as he was Leaving School with his Mum
Killer Boasts on Facebook - Jail Is Just Like Being On Holiday!
Police Officer, Melda Weeks, Charged over Amy Leigh Barnes' Murder

Killer of Harry Potter Actor had no Remorse
Simon Bampton's girlfriend slams killer's sentence
Lord Ahmed jailed for killing Martyn Gombar
3 White Slags and a Black Murdered Ted Shaxted

3 Years for Killing Six Members of Same Family!
Greek Lorry Driver Stabs Three, Kills One

13 Asians Left a Schoolboy for Dead
Ahmed Gelle, Saaid Shire and one Other Raped a 14-year-old

Latvian immigrant Vadims Holostova Wanted for Cemetery Rape

Asylum Seekers Mohammed Ali and Alik Madi Raped a 17-Year-Old

East Europeans Rape Young Woman for 7 Hours

Caught On CCTV - The Moment A Women Is Stabbed by Asians

Career Criminal, Mohammed Bhatt,i Smashed Anne Marie Whelan's Jaw

Man Blinded in Acid Attack by Black Savage
Fireman Attacked by Gang of Asian Yobs

Asian Students on the Rampage

Two Dead in Somalis v Afghans Gang War
Asian Charged with Attempted Murder of White Boy after Gang Fight

Black-on-Black Murder

"Run white boy, run" Asians spared Jail

Polish Rapist, Jakub Tomczak, Appealing Sentence

Baby Killed by Doctor's car

Jahche Te Manawa Kaha Brougton Confesses to Karen Aim's Murder

Boiling Water Poured Over Man's Genitals


British Pensioner Murdered  for Microwavein South Africa

Asian Gang Left Gay Man Permanently Paralysed

Asian Pervert Ansar Hussain Had Sex with 13-year-old

Junaid Hussain and Mohammed Ishtiaq Jailed for Road Rage Attack

Boy's Fight to Prove Attack by Asian Gang was Racist

Asian Thugs Threaten to Shoot Female Vicar
Black Stabber Caged for 9 Years
CCTV Image of Mugger Who Threatened to Stab a Boy in the Heart

Rhio and Theo Walters, Nana Araku and Reece Patterson Mugged Students
Priya Ramnath Convicted of Manslaughter for Killing Patient

Asian Repeatedly Stamped on Soldier's Head

Swindon School Faces Inquiry After 'Racist' Attack By Asians

Sex Pest Jailed For Bus Attacks

Sex Pests Asad Mahmood and Haqnawez Razzaq Walk Free

Tahir Khan Kept Bullets and Body Armour at his Home

Cop Hunt Bogus Cabbie Rapist

Cop Hunt Gun Black Gunman Anthony Lee Perry
Zabheen Navsarka and Boyfriend Guilty Of Inflicting 107 Injuries On Child
British Woman Raped On Gap Year Work Scheme in Ghana

Serious Sex Attack on Young Woman by Black

Black Gang Wanted Their iPods so They Shot East Europeans Repeatedly

Cops Hunt Escaped Black Nut Killer Paul Caesar

Jabar Hussain Beat Up 93-Year-Old War Veteran

Hunt For Asylum Seeker On Rape Charge

'Terror Leaflet' Woman Pleads Guilty
Man Wanted After Race Attack

Latvians Jailed for just 32 months for torturing elderly Dorothy Hodgson

Blacks/Asians Put Caroline Johnson on Life support!

Man with "Dark Skin" Sexually Assaults 14-Year-Old

Two Black Men Shot at Woman

Asian Gunman Arrested after Shooting Himself in the Leg

Wannabe Doc, Naheem Zafar, Robbed a Shop at gunpoint

David Wells, 61, Kicked, Punched and Head-Butted in Bradford!

Black Gunman Jailed For 10 Years

Stabbed in the Back Walking Dog

Wei Cai Wang Jailed For Sexual Assault

Cops Seek Asian Sex Attacker
Women Targeted by Black Sex Attacker

Brazilian Sex pest, Adilson Cardosa, Jailed for 18 months

Arsonist Lee Sood Set Fire to Himself and Getaway Car!
Drug Dealers Wasir Hussain and Tammy Vinter get 14 Years

Half of London Teenagers Afraid Of Attack By Gangs

Foreign Gangs Net Thousands In Cashpoint Stings

Former Barrister Carol Castell von Castell Guilty of £80,000 Swindle

Another South African Airways Crew Arrested for Drug Smuggling!
Renewed Appeal For Black Ear-Biter

16-Year-Old "Traumatised" by Foreign Sex Attacker

Pregnant Woman Attacked by Violent Negress

Nigerian Defrauds Hampshire Woman of £70,000

Athletics Champ Daniel Lewis Drove Getaway Car in Robbery
Sex Assault On Teenage Girl

Black Gang Hold Up Family
Mohammed Jamil’s Deafness Causes Sentence Delay
Black Prison Officer Patricia Olivierre Ran Drugs Op in Wormwood Scrubs

South African Airways crew nicked for drug smuggling twice in one month!

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