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Crime: June 2009

Jamaican Double Cop Killer to be Released after only 7 Years!
Gay Asian Set Fire to British Boyfriend

Kai Orgles Stabbed Syden Pearson to Death

Hunt for Bangladeshi Killer, Abdul Salam

Asian Murders White Man, Almost Murders Another - Jury says Manslaughter

Christopher Folkes Murdered by Asians
Asian Who Stomped on White Man's Head Charged with Murder
Sandy Daniel Stabbed Fiona Newton to Death
Double Murderer, Mohammed Ali, Jailed For Life

David Grabowski Charged with Murder

Schoolboy's Killers Facing Life

Murdered for Confronting Drug Gang that Supplied His Brother
Kandeepan Balasubrahaniam "Manslaughtered" Craig Marshall

Mark Daniels Murdered by Elroy Otway and Unknown Gunman

Katsiaryna Komar Charged With Murder

Drunken Belgian Hit-and-Run Driver Jailed for 6 Years
Asian Admits Killing Mum-of-3
Indian illegal immigrant wives - Britain's biggest visa scam
Beza Mbeboh Admits Killing Diplomat Dad
Table Tennis Champ Jailed for Sex Abuse
Police release e-fit of Rapist and Murderer
Asian Killer 'May Have Raped Two More'

Arnold T. Ross charged with Murder and Rape of 8 month old Baby
'Night Stalker' Serial Rapist Strikes 9 Times in Fortnight

Muslim Rapes 13-Year-Old Virgin
Woman Raped and Robbed by Marek Musial
Pakistani Charity Worker, Sohail Ayaz, Admits Raping Boy
Mohamed Nasr and Mubaraj Abdulwali Charged with Raping 15-Year-Olds

Asians Dragged 'Random' Victim into Car and Raped Her

Javed Iqbal Charged with Raping woman in Ice Cream Van
Girl Raped by Black Man Black
Boy Arrested in Rape Inquiry

Black Savages Rape and Torture Couple

Man Raped by “Dark-Skinned” Cabbie
5 Immigrants Charged with Rape

Asian Raped Woman with Learning Difficulties
Four years for Rapist
Police seek Nigerian for Rape
Woman Raped in Cheetham Hill
Teacher Blames School for Putting Her in way of Rapist
Rapist, Nachman Stal, to be Extradited

13-Year-Old Raped by at Least a Dozen Men!

'Creepy Young Negroes' Rape Teenagers

Huseyin Cobanoglu: Savage Turkish Rapist Jailed
"Blonde with Blue Eyes" Raped by Immigrant
6 Muslims Groomed and Raped Young Girl
Adebayo Awosabya Raped Woman in Nightclub Toilet

Somali Immigrant Gets 10 Years for 5 Counts of Rape
Taxi Driver, Baber Khan, Jailed for Sex Assaults
Failed Asylum Seeker Jailed for Rape
Javid Iqbal on Rape Charge
Achim Ferar Jailed for Rape

Asian Sex Attackers Raped 16-Year-Old Girl at Gunpoint

Sadistic Rapist, Justin Georges, Faces Life Sentence

18-Year-Old Teaching in India 'Raped by Taxi Drivers'

Donovan Smith charged with car park Rape

Timofey Yarmak in Court over Alley Rape
Abdelsalam Hassan tries to Rape 14-Year-Old at Knifepoint

Police Errors 'Left Football Coach Rapist Free to Attack Women for 4 Years'

Appeal for Dark Skinned Man after Sex Assault

Asian Jailed for just 6 weeks for Sex Assault

Woman Sexually Assaulted by Asian Taxi Driver

12-Year-Old Sexually Molested

Asian Sex attacker still at large after CCTV blunder
Black Serial Sex Attacker Facing Jail

Tongue bitten off during attempted Rape
Girl, 14, fights off Dark Skinned Sex Attacker

73-Year-Old Sexually Assaulted by Asian

Asians Charged with Sexual Offences Against Schoolgirls
Police issue E-Fit of Ipswich sex attacker

Sex Attacker, Ekene Anoliefo, Jailed For 12 Years

Asian Exposes Himself to 12-Year-Olds

E-Fit Released of Sex Attacker
Black Sex Attacker's Sentence Reviewed
Hidden Surge in Classroom Sex Attacks

8-Months Pregnant she was Assaulted by Asian Pervert

Dr Chetan Somaiya Found Guilty of Patient Sex Assaults

Violent Black Train Robber Jailed

16 of the world's most wanted men are on the run in the UK

The Children as Young as 7 Forced to Carry Knives for Gangs
Dangerous Foreign Paedophile is Jailed
Zimbabweans Jailed after £1m Fraud 

International Manhunt Nets Paedophile Balazs Asztalos
Heroin Smuggler, Samantha Orobator, Jailed For Life in Laos
Woman 'Tried To Smuggle Cocaine Worth £40,000 Into UK Under Her Wig'
Illegal Immigrant, Rakhi Shahi, Guilty Of Biggest Visa Scam Seen Here

Asian Cricket Team Attack White Umpire

An Illegal Immigrant, His Two Wives and Britain's Biggest Ever Visa Scam
Black Woman calls Man 'White Pig' - HE gets Arrested!

40-strong Black Gang Terrorise Estate
Kardw Rustam Guilty of Indecent Assault
Father Attacked by 15 Asians
Rizwan Munir Dragged Shop Worker into Street at Knifepoint

Asian Thugs Threaten to Shoot Unarmed WPC
4 Serbs, 3 Jews and 3 Asians Convicted of Drug Smuggling

Table Tennis Champ Jailed For Sex Abuse
Champion Golfer Attacks Rival With 8-Iron
Terror Suspect 'Staked Out Mall'
Asian 'Pizza' People Smugglers Jailed

Asians Jailed for £650,000 Drug Smuggling Operation

Asian Drug Smugglers Jailed for 16.5 Years

Mum-of-2, Asima Faisal, claimed for 15 children she didn't have!
Ashley Burnel Gets 18 Years for Attempted Murder
Failed Asylum-Seeker, Hossein Hosseini, Shone Laser at Plane

Black Teen Roasted her Ex-Roommates Kitten in Oven!
My £440,000 Home Ruined By Gypsies
Police Hunt Black Muggers

Woman sexually assaulted by Asian

Pakistani Heroin Smugglers Jailed

Muslim Mum claimed benefit for 15 fake children

Negro sentenced for frenzied knife attack
Asian Masked Man Shoots at Wedding Car 
Hushen Ali Racially Abused Woman in Wheelchair
Black Gang Jailed for Kidnapping Woman

Britain's Most Prolific Phone Sex Pest, Badredean Barbar, Jailed

Six Black Men Jailed over Gun Plots

Junaid Abuhamza Struck Children
British Dad in Coma After He Was Hurled Off Balcony by Spanish Mob
'We Should Have Had Victim Raped,' Said Girl Gang Thug
Couple Beaten in Asian Road Rage Attack
Elroy Otway Jailed for Life for Shooting

Quarter Of Men in South Africa Admit Rape Survey Finds
Asian Student Sentenced Over Terror Bid
Pensioners Battered to a Pulp by 4 Asian Men
Woman, 89, Attacked by Asian/Eastern European Men
Asian Gang Charged with Attempted Murder of White People
Asian Man Tries To Abduct Boy Aged 10

15-year-old Schoolboy Battered and Slashed by 3 Blacks
African girls lured to vice by voodoo
Gang Rape: Is it a Race Issue?

89-Year-Old Woman Attacked by Asian Gang

Seized By Throat - Woman Who Asked For A PC's ID
Sons of Asian Councillor Smash Teeth of Teenage Girl
CCTV Images of Blacks Released in High Street Stabbing Inquiry
Conviction of Gypsy Family Reduces Crime Rate in County to 20-Year Low
Daniel and Matthew Mykoo Guilty Of Serial Muggings

Asian Gang Jailed After 'L' Car Pursuit
Asian Armed Robbers get 14 Years
'British' Baby-Stangling Mum Freed by Greek Court
East Europeans Jailed for Passport Fraud
Oxford's Most Wanted Criminal to Feature on TV

Charlotte Church's Ex Faces Heroin Charge

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