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Crime: March 2009

Black Savages Murder "Utterly Blameless" Man
Jason Spencer was Murdered by Reuben Valentine
Jake Fahri Murdered Jimmy Mizzen
How Jake Fahri Graduated From Schoolboy Bully To Wannabe Gangster

17-Year-Old Murdered by Immigrants in Hereford
Merrick Brown Charged with 2001 Murder
Lukasz Respondek branded 'cold and determined' murderer
Lithuanians Charged With Murder of 17-Year-Old Darren Loader
Unprovoked Knife Attack by Asians Left Oliver Paralysed for Life
Knife Murderer Jailed For 20 Years
Man Dies After Stabbing - A "Mixed-Race" Man was Seen Running Away

"Yeah Sweet" Said the Half-Caste Killer!
Nigerian Nut "Felt Good" about Stabbing PC Jon Henry to Death

NHS Chiefs Withheld a Damning Report into Black Cannibal Killer
Jonathan’s Black Nut Killer 'to go free'
Pakistani Nut Murderer, Rafi Ullah, Put Away
Foreign Gangsters Boast They Killed Jill Dando
Lord Ahmed Killed Martyn and Served Just 16 days in Jail!

Ali Walleed Jailed for Rape

Ardit Isufi, Wanted for Rape of Teenager

Illegal immigrant Raped 16-Year-Old Just Hours after Arriving in Kenilworth
Nightstalker Rape Cases: Why STILL No Charges?

Blundercops Believe Kirk Reid Committed at least 71 Sex Attacks
Rapist Facing Deportation Awarded Legal Aid to Fight For Estranged Son
Black Rapist, Paul Caesar, on Run from Nuthouse
Girl Raped on Indian Mystic's Advice!
Black Man Convicted of Rape and Acid Attack

African Immigrant, Mauro Patrice Lopes, Charged with Rape of 89-Year-Old
Irish Media Fails to Report on Lithuanian Rapists
Ramazan Mukalazi Jailed for Hounslow Rape
Eastern European Savages Attack Irishmen and Rape Woman
Police Hunt Rape Suspect Chidozie Nwamara
Dilal Uddin Jailed for Raping 11-Year-Old

Cops Seek Man of Mediterranean Appearance for Rape
Teenage Virgin Raped by Kurdish Immigrant
Abdul Rahman Charged with Sexual Assault of Oldham 12-Year-Old

Muslim Cab Driver, Nawab Khan, Guilty of Rape

Black Cult Healer, Michael Lyons, Raped Pretty Followers
Jahid Miah Wanted for Newcastle Rape
Afghan Asylum Seeker "Brought Terror to the Streets of Sneinton"

Blacks Rape 17-Year-old on her Birthday
4 Asian Brothers Accused of Years of Sexual Abuse
Young Woman 'Stabbed And Left for Dead' in Children's Playground

Black 'Hammer Horror' Thug Loses Jail Appeal
What the Doc said to X Factor Singer before he Died of Cancer

Younis Abdulahi Said Was Not Jailed!

Muslim Sexually Assaults Boy, 9 - No Jail Time
7-Year-Old Viciously Assaulted by Asian Girls in Bradford Park
Algerian Nut, Sahnoun Daifallah, Sprayed his Bodily Waste in Supermarket
Rochdale Men Attacked by 10 Machete-Wielding Asians
Asian Punches and Gropes Woman in Colindale
Asian PCSO, Asad Saeed, Dismissed for Beating up Homeless Man
Girl Sexually Assaulted by Black Asian
Sex Attack Knifeman in Peterborough

Teenagers Racially Abused and Threatened by Asians
Asian Brothers of Kriss Donald Murderers Face Jail Themselves!
Black Mama Left her Baby Daughter Alone and She Died in a House Fire
CPS Apologise Over Woman's Murder

African Arrested After Armed Siege

English Teacher, Saeed Ghafoor, Jailed for Threatening to Blow Up Hospital

Arkadiusz Slowinski on Southsea Sex Charge
8-Year-Old Shot by Gypsy, 10!
Muslim Steals £42,298 and DOES NOT GO TO JAIL!
Muslim Terror Gang on Benefits Bought Supplies for Afghans

Sexual assault: Victim Attacked by “Dark Complexion”Man
Woman Traumatised: Molested by Black African Knifeman
Asylum Seeker Admits Fraud
Teenager Attacked and Robbed by Asian Gang
Middle Eastern Punches And Sexually Assaults Girl
Muslim Drug Gang Murder

Black Gang Get Nothing Sentences for Murder of Freddy Moody

Government Advisor Arrested: Man Stabbed at his Home
Oliver Left Like Watering Can after the "Random Street Attack"
Black Man Kills Pensioner's Dog
Black Gunman Jailed for 9 Years
Hussein Hassani Hunted over £5M Car Crash Fraud


Shashi Bacheta and Jeffrey Cole Sailed World with Cash from Benefits Fraud 
Rita Acquah Jailed Over Sham Marriage
Man's Jaw Broken by Arab
Black-on-Black Murder
Asian Doctor Responsible for Baby's Death Struck Off
Man Shot in Back of Head by Black Man
Albanian Wanted for Torture and Kidnapping Living on Benefits Here!

Black tries to Kidnap Girl at Knifepoint
Damien Miller Shot and Stabbed by 5 Asians
Sexual Assault by Black in Blackheath

Knifepoint Sex Attack by Asian on Bury Girl

Black Man Attempts to Murder Policeman

Curtis Ojapah and Daniel MacGuire Jailed for Gun and Hammer Attack 
5 Black Savages - 2 White Victims

Sarah Anderson Murdered Dee Willis

Muslim Paedophile Candidate escapes Jail
Sex-Attack Romanians Plead Guilty

Manchester: Female Student stabbed by Black
Blacks Suspected of Bus Crash Attack
Sharmarke Madar Behind Bars After Train Station Heist

Hunt for Asian Assault Suspect

Vicious Attack on Men in Their own Home by Blacks
Romanian Gang Jailed For Ticket Machine Thefts
Rui Carvalho Accused of Shooting his own Daughter

Meraman Theba Stabs White Man with Screwdriver

Asian Paedophiles Arrested

Asians Subject Woman to Carjack Ordeal

Israeli White Slavery Gang Indicted
Asian Cancer Nurse Struck Off

Abortion Doc, Narendra Sharma, "Molested 3 Pregnant Women"
Lithuanian Rapist's Escape Attempt Fails

Huge Rise In Child Knife Victims!

Muslim kept her Sons' 3 Wives Locked up for 13 Years
Adrian Left with Fractured Skull after Asian Taxi Driver Clubs Him
Jack Dempsey Stabbed and Slashed by Razib Quraishi for No Reason
Prize-Winning Black Attacked Shopkeeper with a Mallet!
Respecting the Human Rights of Those Who Raped a 2-Year-Old
Social Workers Miss 200 Scars On Elodie Massacrier’s 3-Year-Old
Asian Muggers Leave Martin Buckley "too Scared to Go Out"!

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