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Crime: March 2010

Eastern European gang jailed for audacious fraud
Sukhdeep Singh Toor killed Keith Buxton, 57
Yamine Ladghem-Chikouche Stabbed 55-year-old John Duncan MacRae to Death
Turf War Fears After Teen Stabbed to Death
Chrisdian Johnson used his dog as a weapon before stabbing 16-year-old to death
Imran Raja in Court on Murder Charge
Larry Malone charged with south-east London shooting murder

Vikramgit Singh jailed for murdering ex-lover
Levi Bellfield (Gypsy) to be Charged with 13-year-old Milly Dowler's Murder?
Schoolgirls in murder gang

Njabulo Ndlovu and Hiruy Zerihun jailed for Manchester teenager's shooting murder
Victoria Osoteku charged with Victoria Station murder
MURDER: Black Gunman Rene Sarpong jailed for life
Post Office killer Anselm Ribera 'should have been behind bars' months earlier

Brett and Jordan Francis jailed for life over doorstep murder

Murderer Miguel Da Silva Finally Caught
Trinidadian, Paul Bristol, flew to London to murder Camille Mathurasingh

Psychopath 'killed young father at party' just weeks after release over brutal attack

Cyron Williams subjected Joanna Michael to a 'ferocious and frenzied' knife attack

Gavin Hustler-Brown’s killer, Lukasz Banasik, jailed for 5 years

Inspector Jamie Jones 'left student to die in road after knocking him down and driving away'!

David Alberto jailed for life for the murder of John Joyce

Gemma Dorman said ex-lover was stalking her before her murder

Killers Remanded over Shopkeeper's Murder

Rachid Riahi goes on trial accused of killing stepfather
Petros Williams made a 'farewell video' of his children before strangling them
Kobina Essel gets 20 years for murder - Maina, Osei-Owusu and Jumah convicted of manslaughter
Asylum-seeking murderer Fida Mohammed Utmanzi escapes from nuthouse
Dr Salawati Abdul-Salam wrongly diagnosed nine-month-old Aleesha Evans - She died the next day
Headmaster Lawrence Killer Learco Chindamo Bids for Liberty
Six Social Workers sacked in Birmingham after the starvation death of Khyra Ishaq

Julian Edwards and Mustafa Demirtas Murdered Michael McCarthy

Killer Kairan Greenwood Returns to Prison
Baby Died After Being Sent Home by Dr Salawati Abdul-Salam
Mikdat Sahpaz stabbed his wife to death
Omar Hussain charged over 'honour' murder
Samson D'Souza and Placido Carvalho charged over death of Scarlett Keeling

Simon Downer Gets 20 Years Jail for Murdering Wife

Mother of Son Killed by Failed Asylum Seeker Mossab Belhocine speaks out

No Jail for Zheng Fang who Killed Mark Pointer
Sahil Saeed Kidnap Gang suspected of 17 murders

Asian Police Chief Sultan Taylor Guilty of Rape?

Rafal Smucz Raped Teenager in Park

Woman raped by Darius Tatar
Chishala Bwalya Admits Rape
Walter Mwale and Elvis Taona Gave High-Fives after Raping 13-Year-Old Girl

Rapist Yai Kain Cheung jailed

Rapist Alphonse Semo escapes deportation! Judge says he 'has right to stay and marry!'
Boy, 13, raped toddler at foster family's home
Officers honoured for capture of violent rapist, Ishmail Sheriff
Girl, 15, raped in park by black man
Rapist, 14, who went on to armed robbery could be free in a year

Errol Hendrickson jailed for rape
Clinton Knight Guilty of Rape
15-Year-Old Raped Twice in Street by Ismail Ahmed
Jagdeep Chahal Gets 9 Years for Raping 18-year-old

Raja Chandi gets 8 years for rape of 44-year-old

Mohammed Ali Raped Partygoer

Ali Farhani 'drugged and raped teenager after paying for her to be brought to his Mayfair home'

Police hunt paedophile who filmed himself abusing young boys

3 years only for rapist Ernest Egoruvwe

Samuel Scott jailed for 1992 rape
Serial Rapist Ernest Egoruvwe Jailed for just 3 Years
Rezgar Zengana Wanted For Rape

Rapist Pours Boiling Water over Prison Guard

Nadeem Aslam Charged with 16 Counts of Rape
Carlos Yabarzvietcovich denies rape
James Angwenyi accused of rape
Disabled dad beaten with bricks and robbed
16-Year-Old Boy Raped and Beaten by Waseem Anwar
Mother raped outside nightclub by Christopher Singh
George Yousaf Dixon, who should have been sent home 15 years ago, guilty of rape
Nhalnhoa Monyai Appears in Court after Repeatedly Raping Woman

Aga Aji Alan Hunted over Party Rape

Yasin Mohamed charged with kidnap and rape of Oxford student
Adekunle Adeleye Raped Woman in Town Centre

Rapist George Yousaf Dixon Should Have Been Deported to Sierra Leone 20 Years Ago

Eight Years Jail for Rapist Mohammed Ali

Rapist James Rhule Returns to UK - He had been to see a Witch Doctor!
Asian Midhat Ramzi denies rape charge

Fugees video director Aswad Ayinde 'had six children with own daughters'!!!

Asians Jailed for Repeated Stamping on Man's Head

Raheem Nawaz Jailed for Frenzied Stabbing Spree

William Hutson Jailed for Part in attack on Youth by 20-strong gang

"Voices in Head" told Fosi Farah to Attack Man's Skull with a Claw Hammer

Police praise victim for speaking out against predatory paedophile Antonio Baraken

Brit Cycles Across Africa to Raise Money for Malaria - Gets Attacked by Blacks with Machetes

Natsena Quatome-Takab Shouted "Stab him, Stab him" to Knifepoint Mugging Accomplice

Jerome Carney Charged with Pushing Teenager onto Live Train Track
"My brother was kicked like a football"
Violent Stranglers Who Targeted Women Ordered to Repay £560,000

Two youngsters robbed, kicked, punched, bricked and stabbed by gang

Black knife attacker stabs teenager five times

Goths Viciously Attacked by Gang of 10 Asian Thugs
Young Man Beaten and Stabbed by Gang of 7
Teenager stabbed in stomachMan suffers punctured lung in park attack
E-fit of Man who inflicted 'Horrific Facial Injuries'
She asked the Romanian to stub it out - He pushed her on to the railway track
Man Denies Studley Green rape
Disabled Man Repeatedly Smashed in Face with Bricks
"Give me £1,800 or I'll send a Ghost to Haunt You" said Niem Mohammed
Teenage girl missing after going to meet a "gangster" named 'Sefa' on Facebook
Mum forced to watch as Romanian Gypsies threaten to cut throat of her 9-year-old

Boy sexually assaulted in street by Asian

Police seek black sex attackers

Sex assault investigation of Council chief Byron Davies
Zahid Hassan jailed for who sexual touching
Sgt Delroy Smellie cleared of common assault!!!

Jail for Ilkka Karttunen who broke into woman's home to frame husband for child porn

Algerian bag snatcher Hakim Benmakhlouf deported twice arrested here again!

Directors of rail firm Alstom arrested for bribery and corruption
Blind Man Has Face Slashed by MuggerRachid Riahi murdered stepfather, Kevin Francis
Bogus postmen Joseph Morrison and Marvin Jacobs get 16 years for armed burglaries

Dr Kanval Nagpal jailed for sexually assaulting patients

No Cure for Foot Fetish Paedophile Martin Rodriguez

Luis De Melo Sexually Molested 15-Year-Old Schoolgirl
Marek Nowakowski Admits Filming up Women's Skirts

Naim Yzdani Sexually Assaulted 14-Year-Old Schoolgirl

Fury as Locals Spot Foreigners Brutally Clubbing Swans to Death

Child Porn Lib Dem Admits Attacks on Women Dressed as Schoolgirl

Immigrant gang defrauded £450,000 from Benefits Britain
Woman Arrested for Keeping an African Slave!

Bad Guy Steals 87-Year-Old's Purse
Police link four robberies in Camden by Black Man
Wedding rings stolen by Eastern Europeans

Disabled athlete Vincent Onwubiko who won gold for Britain faces deportation

Kurdish immigrant who had sex with a sheep jailed again
Paedophile Dan Akinode Jailed
Woman Sexually Attacked by Immigrant
Nabil Daoud Sexually Assaults Woman
Knifeman Detroit Johnson Sent Customers Fleeing in Terror

Abbas and Ilyas Iqbal jailed for terrorist offences
Immigrant Steals Church Money Wanted fugitive,
Blonde Sexually Attacked by Black Man
Rablawaz Qureshi Sexually Assaults Teenager
Stockport woman attacked by African
Ajay Kaushal, dies in Indian jail

Asian/Mixed-Race Conman steals from woman, 87
Former Met Cop Michael Daly jailed for £200m drug plot
Asian police sergeant Salim Razaq charged with money-laundering
Immigrant Fred Osayande jailed over false papers
Illegal immigrants jailed after tax fraud plot
Bungling immigrant nurse Biju John can KEEP his job!

Pensioner Frank fights off Liyawo Kwada, Marshall Chagonda and Tungai Nyamukondiwa with a bottle
Taxi driver Muhammad Hassan denies sexual assault of teenage student with learning difficulties
Black Boys are too Feminised!!!
Violent Son of New Labour Councillor is Jailed
Sex Monster Claimed He Was a Swedish Somalian

Asian Paedophile Tries to Abduct 6-Year-Old

Bank clerk Bindi Dhanji, who stole from elderly clients, disappears
Judges fear prisons will burst
Duale Abdirahman "didn't know how Machete got down his Trousers"
Marium Varinauskas Fined over WCP Penis Assault
Flasher Mohammed Rafi Hassan Claimed "He was scratching his Nuts"
Bradeesha Evicted At Last
Gang Battle Between Bulgarians and Turks
Tatiana Bastos - Penis Stabber

Jonathan Lisumbu jailed for five years after cash and gun found

Wanted in connection with an Assault

Police hunt Britain's six most wanted fugitives hiding in Holland

Rajib Karim 'planned to use strike to become suicide bomber and passed on secrets to terror masterminds'

Abdi Samater faces prison for iPhone stabbing on Tube

Troublesome nightclub owned by Hassan Safaee shut down

Lib Dem Dentist 'groped breasts of four patients



Muslim gangs imposing Sharia law in British prisons!


Illegal immigrant landed a job in the Lords
Police Hunt Dung Thief

Muslims arrested in Ireland over plot to kill Swedish cartoonist

Pakistanis arrested 'within days of massive Al Qaeda terror attack on Britain'

Short-term prisoner re-offending 'costs economy £10bn'!!!

Hammer attack mother to meet PM

Judge praises Rottweiler who stopped Esmahil Adhami from raping woman in park
No Jail for Tory Thug who Beat Girlfriend
Corrupt ex-Met PC Mark Bohannan jailed for drugs for information deal

Mugging Victim Will leave After Savage Attack
Boy Attacked by 6-strong Gang
Teenager Sexually Assaulted on Train
Paul Hwang Has 'Medical Condition' - Being a Perv is not His Fault!
Asian pupil breaks nose of 14-year-old schoolgirl
14-Year-Old Sexually Assaulted by Asian

Asians Sexually Assault Woman - Judge Says No Jail

Teenager Sexually Attacked by Asian

Gypsy gang jailed for 'half UK's caravan thefts'
Lavinia Olmazu ('inclusivity outreach worker' for Gypsy rights) 'ran £2.6m benefit scam for Romanians'
Police Hunt 'Fat Craig David' over Sex Attack

Yannis Young gets 10 years for two-year armed robbery spree
Paul Powen Hwang Planted Spy Camera to Watch Female Students
Three men arrested over east London shooting
Dirty Cops' 'sex pest' shame
Threat of rape by Hertfordshire GP, Dr Kanval Nagpal
Thugs in brutal attack
Man injured in gang attack

3 men arrested over alleged terrorist fund-raising

Drug trafficker with 25 years left to serve wants to try for a baby with Thai girlfriend
Atta Ur-Rehman jailed for abusing boy

Armed Robber Claims He was Forced to Steal because His Thai Bride Sold Their Son!

Junel Ahmed and Victor Sousa De Freitas Threaten to Put White Man's Head 'On a Pole'

Premier League Footballer Marlon King Battered in Prison

Eric Kocabey jailed for drugs offences 

Judge condemns prosecutors as Bashier Hussein walks free
Precile Arbotante Made Sexual Advances to 2 Teen Patients - 1 Tried to Kill Herself
Ramon Rodrigues Threatened Woman with Knife

Care Home Assistant Ruth Ayinde-Azeez had Bentleys, Land Rovers, Plasma TVs and Lived in a Mansion

Police issue E-fit of East European Who Sexually Attacked Schoolgirl
Man with Big Nose Sexually Attacked Woman

Mariam Naeem Branded Girl with iron

Abdul Rajman admits two charges of assault
Dishad Ibrahim jailed for attacking girlfriend

Charaf Elmoudden Faces Jail for Handling Pictures of Robert Knox's Dead Body

Man Sexually Attacks Teenage Girls in Broad Daylight

Sean Andre Alleyne Jailed for Sexually Abusing Pupil
Ramon Rodrigues Threatened Woman with Knife
Church leader Anthony Quarco charged £4,000 a time to smuggle immigrants into country
Algerian Immigrant Mohammed Barkat Jailed For Bottling Marine

Fashion Student Groped
Care Home Nurse
Jafaru Buari Took Knife to Work Because he Feared Wild Animals

Hasham Syed Who Pointed Gun at Terrified Schoolkids Walks Free

Surgeon, Pierina Kapur, who removed baby's bladder guilty of misconduct

Terror suspect Tiger Hanif arrested
'Massive Attack' Robbers Jailed for 34 Years
Woman Has Gun Held to Throat by Jamaican

Dead Man Got Sexual Thrill out of Being Beaten Up
Chaotic fight between hordes of "black and Mediterranean-looking" youths!
Vicious Asian attack in Saville Town
Lib Dem councillor Adrian Whittaker Admits Spitting in Cop's Face

Fashion Student Groped
Former New Labour councillor guilty of laundering drugs cash
Muslim Leader’s Death Threat Calls Over Dress

Police tackle samurai sword man in West Hampstead
Judge sparks row after telling Chinese defendant to learn English

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